How you became a devotee?

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Re: How you became a devotee?

Post: # 66554Unread post alloid_wann
16 Oct 2022, 19:09

It started when I went to school. We had a watchman on a self-made prosthesis. It was very interesting to me how it became a hobby and desire

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Re: How you became a devotee?

Post: # 67307Unread post Romka
04 Dec 2022, 21:03

So interesting. For me I am sure, fascination for amputees started by the age of 3 or 4. As others here mentioned, we still had many war amputees, mostly men. In my childhood, they were around 60-70. But there were also many younger, from the first wave of mass automotive mobility.
For years, I had the phantasy of amputee women, as I never met any. And I don't remember actually, when I saw the first one. She was surely out of her best years but still mind blowing.

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Re: How you became a devotee?

Post: # 70890Unread post carlosdevotee
09 Feb 2024, 22:17

The first amputee woman I saw was about 12 years old. I was so smitten, my mouth went dry. She was on crutches and missing her right leg. I found out that I lived near my house and every day I was waiting for her to pass by on my street. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Then I saw a movie with an amputee and I was curious. I asked an uncle and he said she had both legs and that he tied her leg inside her skirt to pretend.

After that, I started playing amputee, hiding in the bathroom, in a room at the back of my parents' house, and then in my house. I really like to pretend and especially to walk on crutches inside the house. I haven't been able to fake it on the street yet, but I'm still going to do it.

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Re: How you became a devotee?

Post: # 72021Unread post uyraamp1990
06 Jun 2024, 21:21

я с 12 лет притворяюсь ампути и скрываю это мне это очень нравится а вам

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