A hotel encounter

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A hotel encounter

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07 Jul 2024, 00:17

(another collab with AI. Fair warning: I blame AI for taking the story through some extremally raunchy and unexpected turns)

A hotel encounter

There's this hotel I always stay at when I travel for work. It’s like stepping back into 1900s Paris, except with more technology. They have the most gorgeous art deco design, soaking tubs, and super friendly staff. One evening while working late in the lobby bar, I spotted a woman who just walked in. She is tall, slender, impeccably dressed. She wears a white blouse, ivory jacket, shorts and a boot. A single boot, as her left leg is a peg leg. A prosthesis.

I notice because of my own arm. My left arm was amputated at a wrist. I'm insecure about it and always wear a cosmetic prosthesis. But this lady fascinated me, as she seems to be more than comfortable with her amputated leg, what some may think of a severe disability.

She looks around the lobby, smiles at me. "Do you mind if I join you?" I look up from my laptop and smile at her. "Please do."

She sits across from me, her peg leg does not bend, so it sticks out towards me under the table like a barrel of a gun. Oddly I find that to be incredibly hot! She grabs a menu and orders a glass of wine. I glance at her. She is covered in leather: jacket, shorts, boot on one leg, and a black shiny socket of peg leg completely covers her shortened thigh on the other side.

"I love your outfit," I tell her. "And your confidence." She smiles and takes a sip of wine. I see her eyes roaming over my body. "You seem pretty confident too," she says. I'm sure she has noticed my forearm prosthesis by now.

I point to my arm. "I lost my hand in a motorcycle accident, to be honest, I'm very insecure about it"

"Really? You don't show it." I laugh. "Thank you. It's hard for me to say that, but yes, I feel ugly with just one hand. "

She glances down at my hand, then back up at me. "It's actually super s*exy, for those who get it. "I bite my lip, not used to being told I'm s*exy. "Are you staying here at the hotel?" I ask. "Yes, only for a couple of days. "

She drinks her wine slowly, watching me as I manage my laptop and a drink with just one hand, the other staying uselessly on the table. I got accustomed to that: my prosthetic is only cosmetic, fingers don't move at all. I watch her. Her lips are red, she has long dark hair, green eyes, tiny breasts, long single leg and strong arms. What a combination. My heart starts pounding, suddenly.

She's so gorgeous. She leans forward and speaks softly, almost seductively. "Would you like to f*ck?" The words hit me like a bullet. f*ck. Me. She wants to f*ck me. Shit. I want to f*ck her.

Hard. I push my chair back and rise from the table. "Let's go to my room." She stands up, next to me and we walk to the elevator. The way she moves with her peg leg is a huge turn on for me. Her gain is not smooth, as she has to swing that prosthesis slightly out and around with every step. Yet I find that incredibly s*exy. We take the elevator up and stand outside my door, looking at each other.

I reach for the key card, fumble a little with my one hand, but get it open. "Come on in," I say. I wait until she enters, then close the door behind us.

I stare at her, wanting to touch her, lick her... f*ck her. But I don't know where to start. Or how. "Do you need help getting your jacket off?" she asks. I nod, still speechless.

She comes closer, unbuttons my jacket, and helps me take it off. I realize my face is flushed red and feel embarrassed: I only have a tank top underneath, and now my pathetic useless prosthetic arm is fully exposed. She takes a step back and takes the full picture in. "God, you are gorgeous, what else can I do for you?" she teases.

Instead of responding, I reach for the buttons of her jacket with my only arm, fumbling more than I need to. I finally managed to get the garment off her, and underneath there is only a flimsy top barely covering her tiny boobs. I don't stop there, and pull that top off her as well. Next, I struggle for a second with a button of her shorts and they fall down to her ankle. She stands in front of me completely naked, except for black panties, a boot and a peg leg. I can not believe my eyes, what a stunning beauty!

"Wow!" I say, shaking my head. She giggles. "See something you like?" she asks. "You have no idea," I reply. She comes closer and touches my face with one hand, another pulling down my skirt and peeling off my top. I lean into her touch, feel her softness against my skin. Now I'm naked as well, except for my artificial arm.

She runs her hands all over my body, touching my chest, belly, legs, and at last, reaches for my crippled arm still covered by a prosthesis. I gasp. All of the sudden I have an urge for her to touch and kiss my arm stump, so I let her pull off my artificial arm and throw it on the bed. My arm stump is very thin and long. After the crash they could not save my wrist, but they preserved the entire forearm. Well, almost. My ulna, the thinner bone, was shattered in so many places, they had to remove it completely, leaving my stump very skinny. Yet it is smooth, hardly any scarring. Before this evening IJ always thought that my arm stump was ugly, and no one, except for doctors, ever saw it.

She starts exploring my stump with both hands, fingering the slight scars at the tip, kissing my upper arm, running her tongue down my biceps. All of the sudden I find it extremely erotic! What happened to me? She puts the tip of my stump in her mouth: I've told you that my stump is very thin! I feel that my nipples harden: who would've thought that my crippled useless arm would ever give me such pleasure! I pause her for a second, now it's time for me to return the favor.

I kneel down on the floor, grab her leg prosthesis and peel it off her. She is now defendless, she can not run away even if she wanted to! I love that sense of control! I sit back and admire her naked leg stump for a second. It is about mid thigh, very nicely tanned, just like the rest of her body. A few pale scars criss cross the end of her stump creating a unique pattern that breaks down smooth soft skin in a brutal, yet delightful way. She lifts her stump prompting for me to explore it closer. I reach out with my only hand and grab the tip of her stump. It feels unreal. Very soft, squishy, almost like a boob, only better. run my tongue along the scars, tasting her sweat, the saltiness of her skin, it's so fucking delicious.

I noticed that her bone must end a good few inches from the end of her stump, living tip of this marvelous creation drooping down a bit when she points stump forward. I move my lips to the bottom of her stump, sucking on it above her healed scar, sucking harder and harder, feeling her shudder underneath me.

I lift my head to see how she reacts, and notice she is biting her lip, so I proceed, sucking and licking every inch of her stump, driving her crazy. I stop for a second, noticing her panties are completely wet. I noticed something else unexpected though. Her panties have a substantial bulge up front and at the bottom. What the actual f*ck?

I am very curious, but before I do anything, I make sure to drive her absolutely crazy first. I bite her stump, just enough to leave a little mark. "Ow! Stop!" she says, wiggling her hips.

But I don't stop. Instead, I lick the mark I just left. She is starting to whimper, then she screams: "That's it! I can't stand foreplay anymore, let's f*ck, but before we do that, before you take down my panties, I have to warn you!"

she says, moving her hips in such a way I can barely resist the urge to dive in, "Warn me about what?" I ask, lowering my voice toa threatening growl. "Don't be shocked when you tear off my panties. What you see there will shock you, but don't worry, it is just my clit. I'm a woman through and through, but my clit is just very different from what you have ever seen" she whispers.

I'm trying not to show my surprise, but I want to see that clit so bad right now! So bad I can taste it. I slide her panties off her stump and they fall down on the floor. "Holly mother of all fucks!", I exclaim out loud. That is not a clit, it is a full blown dick and it is hard too. She told the truth about being a woman though, underneath and behind this clit or dick, hiding a gorgeous soaked wet p*ssy.

I could die now. As much as I want to play with this combination of dripping p*ssy and an enormous clit, I need to have her hard clit cock inside me now.

Now! I get up, grab her cock with my good hand and drag her towards the bed. I forgot that she only has one leg, so she has to make long hops to keep up with me.

She giggles a little bit, but she seems determined to keep up with me. We land on the bed, and she climbs on top of me. I do not let go of her dick even for a second and guide it to my tight p*ssy. Itis a perfect fit, a match made in haven! She starts thrusting, but her stump struggles to find support, so I let go of her dick, it is already inside me for the most part, and grab her stump to give her something to push against.

After a couple of seconds, she has the rhythm under control and starts pounding me like she has never done before.

The sounds we make, the lust in our eyes, the smell of her, the taste of her, it's all too overwhelming, too much to bear. I moan loudly, shout some random word, I don't know what, and start coming in waves, one orgasm right after another.

She slows down for a moment, probably thinking she hurt me, but I tell her no, please, faster, harder, more. And she does. Oh god, I'm coming again. I feel her dick swelling in my p*ssy, ready to come. Can she come? She has no balls, but I find out soon enough!

She comes, deep in my p*ssy, then pulls her throbbing cock out and sprays her juices everywhere, leaving me covered in cum. We both lay there for a moment, catching our breath, still holding each other tightly.

A great satisfied smile spreads over her face. "That was amazing," she whispers, “you have no idea how long I have been waiting for this." Her clit dick gets softer, shrinks down as it pushes out a final few drops of come. I reach out and taste it. Not a sperm, not that I expected it from the woman. Her come is feminine juices, delicate and delicious. I get immediately curious, does her p*ssy taste the same? It has to. There is only one way to find out. I gently push her away from me, lay her down on her back and climb down. First I suck her clit dry. By now it is less than half the size, but still the biggest I have ever seen.

Then I gently push her clit out of the way and start kissing her p*ssy lips softly, carefully. The taste is the same! Amazing. Sweet, tangy, a little sour. Just like a real p*ssy should taste like.

I could do this forever, spend hours exploring every fold of her p*ssy, but then she whispers softly: "Do you think you can f*ck me with your arm stump?" I never even considered that. Again, I always thought that my stumpy is totally gimpy, but now I just realized that it certainly can be used for one thing! Just the right size, maybe a bit too thick, but she is soaking wet, so I gently slide my crippled arm stump in her.

She gasps at first, but then relaxes and tells me to keep sliding. I push in a little deeper, and then she is really breathing heavily.

She holds onto my shoulder and guides my stump inside her. I'm going slow, because I have never used it for anything like this before.

This feels so fucking incredible. She hugs me with her good leg, while her thigh stump is helplessly pulsating, as if it is trying to help. I find a perfect rhythm with my handless arm inside her and twist it just right, when suddenly she comes so loudly and violently, I'm genuinely afraid her p*ssy muscles will trap my poor stumpy inside!

When she finally comes down from the high, she laughs. "Oh, that was... wow!" she says, breathing heavily. "I don't think I have ever come so hard. You are definitely keeping that trick up your sleeve! Pun, of course, intended" We barely make it to the tub and spend what feels like hours cleaning each other from the mess we just made with our juices. Cleaning up, drinking wine and talking.

She tells me about herself and revelations shock me, but help make sense of what I just experienced. Turns out she is incredibly wealthy and had an extreme case of body integrity disorder. She wanted. No, not wanted. She needed to be a leg amputee, and until she found a surgeon, she was in deep depression for years. But the doctor did good and once the leg was gone, she found happiness. She made a few ‘small’ tweaks to her body afterwards: reduced her breasts and enlarged her clit. She also had that doc make one of a kind experimental surgery where she could come and pee out of her new dick. "It is not only wildly pleasant, but super convenient at times", she adds and giggles. "You see, I always wear the peg leg and it does not bend, so if I had to go ‘the girly way’, I could not sit down in most of the bathrooms. This new way makes things just easy and neat. Watch!" She hopped out of the tub, stump and dickclit swinging just a bit, got to the toilet, lifted the lid, held her cock and let out a small neat stream of piss out of it. Doing that while standing. Like a man! While being elegant like a woman.

While this was extremely erotic, and we were still hungry to explore each other's weird bodies further, we were both out of steam. We just relaxed in bed, talked for a very long time, way past midnight. And before I fell asleep in her arms, I softly asked the question that has been bothering me for the last couple of hours: "Say, do you still have the phone number for that doctor?"

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