A bad pirate

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A bad pirate

Post: # 70417Unread post Rdcwby
25 Dec 2023, 20:14

The two women strolled hand-in-hand down the boardwalk, unhurried and relaxed. It was late afternoon, with the sun setting and casting a warm glow. The scent of the ocean hung in the air, carried by a refreshing breeze that cooled them off. They had met at a costume party just hours ago, both dressed as pirates. Sandra, the brunette, had a pegleg, and Jessica had a hook for an arm.

"I think we may have had enough rum for one night. I was thinking about heading back to my hotel room and taking a shower. Would you like to come with me?" Jessica asked.

"I would love to," Sandra responded, smiling at the blonde-haired woman. "A shower and a massage are what I desperately need. I'm going to have a few bruises tomorrow from this stupid pegleg, but it was worth it."

Jessica returned the smile. She had only just met this wonderful pirate and was enjoying her company. "What do you say we skip the walking, and I'll give you a ride to my room?"

They hopped onto a golf cart, and Jessica drove them to the hotel while Sandra struggled to get her awkward pegleg situated in the cramped space of the golf cart.

Jessica parked the cart, and Sandra quite literally hopped out, trying to keep weight off the pegleg.

As they entered the room, Jessica closed and locked the door. Sandra was already sitting on the bed, working on removing her boot and the artificial leg. "Do you want me to help you with that?"

The blonde lifted Sandra's pegleg and began undoing the buckles and laces with her single hand and the hook. The process was slow and meticulous, yet strangely erotic. Finally, Jessica gently pulled off the wooden shaft of the pegleg and set it aside. She then looked back at Sandra's small leg stump, unable to resist bending over and kissing the end. The brunette's shortened thigh was slightly bruised from spending too much time in what clearly was intended to be a costume prop, and not a functional prosthesis. Jessica grabbed a bottle of lotion from a nightstand, squeezed a few dollops on her only hand, and started to gently pat moisturizer on Sandra's tired stump. Making sure not to miss any of the scars that seemed to be running everywhere, including her inner half-thigh.

"Oh, you're naughty," the pirate giggled, playfully smacking Jessica's bare butt. "You keep that up, and we'll never make it into the shower."

"Alright, I'll behave." Jessica stood up and offered her hook to the brunette.

Sandra took the help and hopped towards the bathroom. Balancing on her single leg, she kept rubbing her tired stump with the lotion as she stood outside the shower while Jessica struggled to turn the water on with her hook. Once the water was warm enough, Sandra hopped inside and let the spray wash over her. Jessica joined her, pressing her wet body against Sandra's.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," Sandra said, running her hands along Jessica's soft skin.

Jessica held Sandra around the waist with her single hand, letting the warm water cascade down their bodies. She looked into Sandra's eyes and leaned forward, kissing her passionately.

"Yeah, that is nice," Sandra responded.

They kissed again, their tongues intertwining in exploration. Sandra shivered slightly as she felt the cold metal of Jessica's hook on her back.

"I hope you don't mind. I'm a little possessive of you, and I don't want anyone else to have you."

"I don't mind that at all," Sandra replied, reaching down to caress Jessica's breast. "But I want everyone to know that you're mine too."

"Let's get this hook out of the way and claim what's ours, then," Jessica said, a mischievous smile on her face.

Sandra giggled and grabbed Jessica's hand, pulling her towards the bed.

"Sit down. Let me help you." Sandra balanced on her single leg in front of the blonde and carefully worked the hook off Jessica's arm. "There, all better now."

Jessica flexed her arm stump and smiled. Sandra was in awe of Jessica's long, slender forearm that ended at where her wrist used to be. Funny thing about stumps: they may seem to be tragic reminders of horrible events to some, but once you get to know and understand them, they can become the most sensual things.

Jessica watched as Sandra scooted over, using her single leg and lifting her short stump in an inviting manner, until her back rested against the headboard.

"Come here, my pretty blonde pirate," Sandra patted the bed beside her.

Jessica crawled forward and settled between Sandra's long leg and soft stump. They kissed, their tongues exploring and playing together. Jessica's hand on Sandra's neck and her arm stump moved down Sandra's stomach, reaching her thighs. Or a thigh and a half?

"Mmmm, oh baby, that feels so good. Don't stop," Sandra moaned as her hips moved in rhythm.

Jessica kissed and sucked on Sandra's breasts, her soft and flexible arm stump moving up and down. She could feel Sandra's fingers in her hair as she continued to play with her nipples.

Sandra got a hold of Jessica's arm stump and started kissing it gently.

"Gosh, it is so thin and long," Sandra uttered as she studied her partner's arm.

"Funny story, surgeons had to keep me awake as they were trying to save what was left of my arm, and they were about to cut it mid-tibia to form a proper stump. I told them to cut nothing, but rather remove the fibula and leave the forearm as long as it can be, just before I passed out. And so they did."

"Looks freakish to some, but I knew back then that I will need it to be this way," Jessica whispered as she slowly slid her beautifully odd arm stump between Sandra's thighs. The brunette was so ready: Jessica's handless, slender appendage slid right in.

Jessica fingered a girl before, but this was a completely different experience. She did not think her tiny remaining muscles around the wrist could move, nor did she think that she could feel anything there. But to her surprise, she could!

"I'm so close, baby. Don't stop. Mmmm, yes, oh God, yes. That's it. Ohh!" Sandra cried out in pleasure.

Sandra's long leg trembled as she climaxed and collapsed. Jessica opened her eyes and looked at Sandra.

"You're amazing. Thank you, my pirate queen."

Jessica very slowly pulled out her handless forearm stump, licked all of Sandra's juices off it, and switched to gently kissing Sandra's leg stump before snuggling against her, resting her head on the brunette's soft, pillowy breast.

"We need to take care of you now," Sandra whispered, her hand running down Jessica's shoulder.

"I'm alright."

"Oh no, we're not done. Get that gorgeous ass of yours up here," Sandra gave Jessica a playful slap on the rear.

Jessica looked down at Sandra's stump and knew that wasn't happening.

"You're cute."

"So are you."

"C'mon, you can ride me," Sandra grinned and patted the bed again.

Jessica blushed a little. She had never experienced this before.

"Alright. Here goes nothing," she said, slowly moving her body up and straddling Sandra's head.

Sandra's hands immediately found their way to Jessica's supple butt cheeks, guiding her down.

"Oh, wow," Jessica gasped, placing her hand on the wall to steady herself as her arm stump tried to steady her breasts.

Sandra licked slowly, catching Jessica's clit with every movement.

"Mmm, baby, don't stop."

The brunette continued licking the warm, wet folds in front of her, feeling her nipples harden. Jessica's moans grew louder, and her body started to shiver.

"Oh yes, don't stop," the blonde cried.

Sandra held onto Jessica's trembling thighs as her tongue moved faster. Their bodies shivered in pleasure, and they collapsed in a heap. Sandra's long leg still wrapped around Jessica's head.

"I guess now I owe you one," the blonde said, giving Sandra the most passionate kiss.

"You're a bad pirate."

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Re: A bad pirate

Post: # 70418Unread post Rdcwby
25 Dec 2023, 20:21

*full disclosure: this was an experiment of a collaborative story writing with several AI content generating tools. Hence "storyline" is meh, flat and undeveloped, I just gave AI a starting point and then tried to bring us back to the surface whenever I could. Surprisingly AI did not mind our sexual angle (yet, naturally, could not fully embrace it due to a limited learning experience), but in my opinion this is worth sharing...

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