Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Amputee Devotee. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. RULES

    Dropping on this Forum you confirm your agreement with these Rules.
    If you do not agree with some clause of these Rules, please, do not use this Forum.
    Nick change is impossible. User accounts are not deleted, they can only be blocked, but the registration of the user whose account was blocked is prohibited.
    Forum administration assumes the right to update these Rules at amy time. As long as we have no possibility to notice all the users about
    updates we agree to look through the Rules periodically because updated Forum usage means agreement with updated Rules.

    These Rules are common for the whole Forum and obligatory for both Users, Moderators and for Administration as well.

    Please have respect for the Forum participants and be ethic with interlocutors.

    The forum has three locations - Russian, English French, German and so they Russian, English, French, German language.

    1. Forbidden:

    1.1. To place advertisement in any form (banners, partnership links, stories, articles, first hand simulation, financial aid demands, invitations to sites, commercial propositions etc.).
    On advertising contact the administration of the forum
    Not coordinated advertising threads deleted and their authors blocked.

    1.2. To discuss any country policy in any context, go in for any near-politics subjects in any context.
    1.3. To provite political propaganda and election campaign in any form (discussions, articles, links to articles, political parties and their leaders praising, political news placing etc.). Covert propaganda of any political party and any political direction are also prohibited.
    1.4. To spam through Personal Notices. Any text sent to unfamiliar participant including the site invitation and goods or sevices advertisement rated as spam.
    1.5. To place po rn and links to po rn resources.
    1.6. To appeal to national, class, social, religious intolerance or disagreement.
    1.7. To provoke discussion participants to statements arousing social, race, national or religious hate and hostility as well as publications of such a sort.
    1.8. To avoid ban using additional nicknames.
    1.9. To point to Forum Rules violation to other participants. If you notice some violation press "Complain" button to attract Administrator's attention.
    1.10. To discuss Administrator's movements.
    1.11. To use deteriorative names such as "rashka", "sovok", "amerikosy", "pindosy", "uzkoglazye", "moskali", "muslimy", "makaronniki", "negritosy" (Russian location), niggers (English location) etc.

    2. Rules of communication

    2.1. Forum is created for mutual aid, experience exchange and friendly relations.
    2.2. Religion and policy are not discussed at this Forum. Moderator is entitled to delete any topic that is able to call such discussions.
    2.3. At this forum addressing "thou" is accepted (in Russian location), John or Mary (not Mr Smith or Mrs Brown - in English location). All participants have the same status regardless their age and merits. Addressing "thou" is not a disrespect sign. You can address "you" but can not demand this from the others.
    2.4. Try to show tact while discussing.
    2.5. When criticizing interlocutor's opinion use citation and arguments. Remember that everybody has his own viewpoint to different problems that may not coincide with yours. To make fun of opinions differed from your own is rated as bad form and can be levelled as Forun Rules violation.
    2.6. Personalizing is forbidden. Some partisipant's specific opinion can be criticizing but not his or her personality.

    3. Inadmissible at the Forum

    3.1. Unprintable expressions, abusive language including euphemisms, abbreviations and codification in any context (e.g. f**k etc.).
    3.2. Rude and vulgar expressions in any context.
    3.3. Provoking of discussion participants, teasing, scandalizing discussion.
    3.4. Boorish and abusing expressions concerning some participant.
    3.5. Arrogant, magistral or deteriorative form, diagnosis distribution.
    3.6. Mockery and sneers concerning novices.
    3.7. Flame.
    3.8. Deteriorative mentioning of private life details and histories previously told at the Forum.
    3.9. Wholesale denial of all said by any participant (e.g. delirium, nonsense, foolishness, stupidity, idiocy etc) including published articles or link to the articles proposed for discussion.
    3.10. Resumptive and categorical expressions made in deteriorative form.

    In order the discussion do not develop into the scandals and conflicts it is strongly recommended:
    - Do not disfigure the author's sence of expression.
    - Do not use several question marks (e.g. Why did you go here ??? Whether you expected something else ???) - it looks agressive.
    - Do not abuse caps (e.g. Because I KNOW what I want and ask to AVOID your advices) - caps is rated as shout at the Forum.

    About keeping subject trend

    - In order the visitors could rapidly find necessary information the Forum is divided to subject sections.
    - It is desirable to keep subject trend and to avoid flood and offtop.
    - Flood and offtop is deleted without warning and notification.
    - Messages without citation, such as "cool photo", "beauty", "like" will be considered as flood and offtop and removed.

    All information on the site is for informational purposes only. The administration of the site is not responsible for the possible consequences of using the materials of the site, as well as for the information provided by visitors to the site. Copying of site materials is possible only in the case of written permission of the authors of the material. If you are the AUTHOR of the material or the COPYRIGHT HOLDER on it, and against its use on our website, please contact us.

    The Forum Rules violation, boorishness concerning Administrator and Users, public discussion of Administrator's movements and directions to the users (excluding personal notices) are punished.

    - After three warnings for flood and offtopic, provocation, trolling - banned for a month.

    - Indefinite ban (permanently) shall be made by resolution of the Board of moderators, if there are no other ways of influence. #
  • Information for those who wish to place the topic advertising on our forum.

    For discussion and approval of advertising on the forum write on where you specify the subject of your ad, all the necessary links to the site/products.

    The forum is an opportunity to place the topic in the theme section, and that it was "sticky", ie all the time was the first in the list of topics.

    In your theme you have the right to place links to goods/services, photos, leave your contact information, to maintain an active correspondence on the subject with friends, you can place graphic ads in my signature.
    It is desirable to answer the questions which have arisen in a subject in due time.

    Also on the portal possible banner advertising. #
  • RULES OF SECTION Amputee ladies pictures

    These Rules are obligatory to meet by all Forum users and moderators.
    Being not familiar with these rules can not constitute justification in the case of these Rules violation.
    Everything that is not mentioned in these Rules by any reason is left to the Forum Administration's discretion.

    1.This section is intended for placing photos (drawings, pictures, etc) and discussion of them.
    2.Do use search mechanism or filter to find similar topic. If the same topic already exists then new topic creation is strongly prohibited.
    3.Topic name must reflect its content (model name or amputation type).
    4.A post must contain up to 3 full size pictures or up to 8 previews. Links to previews must be separated by space in order to avoid their lining up to a long column.
    5.It is desirable to indicate model's name or nickname if known in the post.
    6.Use citations in your replies in order to know what post your reply has to do with.
    7.Posts without citations such as "great photo", "beautiful", "I like it" etc will be rated as flood and offtop and deleted.
    8.The general Forum rules are applied to all other activities in this section. #