Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Here it is the complete China Doll (so far). All 48 chapters courtesy of Cat-Chuga and Coolfour, I think it has been posted in full elsewhere Apologies for the duplication but I think this is the best place under a new title to get attention from readers as I want to know what people think and whether I should carry the story on

The China Doll 1-8

Chapter 1.

Louise and I met in the department store where she worked two years ago. I
had spent a totally fruitless 10 minutes looking for a particular item of
China for my parent's wedding anniversary and, as is normal in such places,
I couldn't see an assistant to ask, so I made my way to the cash desk. As I
approached I saw it was staffed by a very pretty girl in her early twenties
with blonde hair, a lovely smile and an equally lovely body, at least the
part I could see, wearing a white T-shirt. She was sitting on a fairly high
stool with her legs out of sight behind the counter. As I got closer I saw
she was wearing a badge with her name on so, ever the optimist where pretty
girls are concerned, I smiled and said, "Hi Jean I wonder if you can help
me please? I'm looking for a piece of Wedgwood but can't see it on

"No problem I know where they are, I'll show you," she replied, "but if you
buy it, you'll have to carry it."

I was totally mystified by her reply but before I could say any thing more,
she slipped off the stool and briefly squatted down behind the counter, and
when she stood up again she was putting a pair of wooden crutches under her
arms. She then swung out from behind the counter on just one leg, her left
leg having been amputated above the knee. I must have looked shocked or
just plain stupid as I bumbled.

"Oh I'm so sorry - I didn't realize, it's OK really, just point me in the
right direction and I'll find it myself."

"No it's alright, don't be silly, it's just that I can't wear my artificial
leg at the moment and I have to use these so I can't carry much. My boss
doesn't like it though so he puts me on the till."

I nodded stupidly as I tried to cover an erection as she swung off
gracefully towards the China section. She moved beautifully and amazingly
quickly so I was about one pace behind but seeing her from the rear just
that added to the enjoyment. She was wearing black trousers with a smart
black court shoe with a two or three inch heel on her right foot. Her
single leg was very long and she wore the empty trouser leg on the left
side folded and pinned up to the trouser waistband at the back. The empty
trouser leg hung loosely and I couldn't work out the exact length of her
stump at first but the cloth moved as beautifully as she did as she
crutched along.

She found the item immediately and handed it to me with a smile. I was
literally shaking and couldn't take my eyes off her stump as we went back
to the till. She slipped the crutches out from under her arms, propped them
against the wall behind her and with a little hop sat on the stool and rang
the item through the till. I felt the need to speak to her again so I said,
"Thank you so much for finding it for me, I would have been here all day."

She gave me another of her amazing smiles, "All part of the service, I'm
sorry if I shocked you but it's that time of the month if you know what I
mean and with water retention my stump is a bit swollen hence the

By now I was rambling like an idiot, at least it felt like it and my mouth
was bone dry, "That's OK you look... well really nice on them... sorry what
a silly thing to say... "

This time she laughed and her eyes sparkled, "I'm pleased you think so, I'm
a one-legged woman and I have to use them anyway so I don't think about it

Suddenly I realized that I had seen her before, not on one leg of course, I
would never have missed that. It was in a local club a week or so before,
she must have been wearing her prosthesis so I hadn't noticed but one of my
mates had pointed her out to me. I wanted to ask if it was her but it
sounded like a weak chat-up line so I said, "Well thanks I owe you a drink
or lunch sometime."

"I'd like that, my lunch is one till two and I'm free tomorrow if that's
OK? Can you meet me at the staff entrance?"

Could I meet her? Was I free? You bet I was, absolutely nothing was going
to keep me away.

Chapter 2.

I was of course early the next day after parking the car as near as I could
to the store in case she wanted to go out of town and I was standing
outside the staff entrance by ten minutes to one desperately hoping it
wasn't all a dream and that she hadn't changed her mind.

She appeared at the top of the steps at a minute or so to one. I was
delighted to see she was still on crutches and immediately felt a stirring
in my groin again as she came down the steps - crutches foot, crutches,
foot. She flashed me that amazing smile and swung over to me. Her hair was
loose on her shoulders and she wore the standard white store uniform T-
shirt once again minus the name badge but it was below the waist that blew
me away. She still wore trousers but on this occasion tight black ski pants
which accentuated the length and fabulous shape of her remaining leg. The
left leg of the pants was cut off and tailored to fit her stump, which I
saw for the first time, was about mid-thigh or even a little longer. On her
foot she was wearing a black stiletto heeled shoe with a heel of 4 or maybe
five inches - definitely not standard store issue!

"Hi, I didn't know if you would be here."

"And I wasn't sure you meant it either I've been here ten minutes
worrying" I replied.

"I know, I watched you from the staff room window," she giggled, "I was up
there changing my shoe." She indicated the first floor.

"Well where would you like to go?" I asked.

"I really do have only an hour so do you mind if we go somewhere nearby?"

"Not at all, anywhere suits me, the pub across the road?"

"I'd rather not, a lot of the girls from work go in there and they'd all be
asking about you. Can we go to the bar behind the church? If that's OK with
you, you might not want... " her voice tailed off.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well you might know someone in there and with me like this... " she
touched her stump with her hand and then lifted both crutches off the
ground. I reassured her "You look gorgeous," and never meant anything so
much in my life and I have never felt as great as we walked through the
town to the bar with her swinging smoothly along beside me. A lot of people
turned and stared as we passed. I was with the most beautiful girl in town
and the sexiest girl I had ever seen.

We found a seat in the small back bar, she slid into the seat good leg
first meaning when I sat next to her that her stump would be next to my
right thigh.

"Can you put these somewhere for me please?" she said handing me the
crutches. Just handling them gave me a strange turn on. I propped them
against the side of the cubicle and went to the bar to get the drinks but
almost spilled them in my excitement and haste to get back to her.

I returned to the table to another flashing smile and sat down. Much as I
wanted to I resisted my thigh touching her stump and we started to talk. I
called her Jean again but she explained that although Jean was her first
name, and therefore on the store badge, she preferred her second name,

She was 24, single and lived with a girlfriend in one of the new flats in
the old dock area after moving to the town with a (now ex) boyfriend two
years before. As we talked she turned towards me on the seat so her long
lovely stump was actually laid on the seat pointing at me and I'm sure, in
fact she has told me since, that I kept glancing at if whenever possible.

We talked non-stop for about forty minutes about work, places we'd visited,
likes and dislikes etc then she came out with a bombshell question.

"Why did you ask me out? It wasn't just because I helped you find the China
was it? She gave me a knowing look and a grin.

"I... I just thought you were nice, pretty and... well why shouldn't I ask
you out."

"Well lots of men might not want to be seen with a one-legged woman for a

"But you're lovely I told you so earlier," I replied weakly.

"With my prosthesis maybe but like this?" again she indicated her missing
leg this time by touching the tip of her stump.

At that point I just blurted it out, "But you look beautiful like that...
I... I really quite like it actually."

She smiled again and said casually "I thought so; pass my crutches will
you? I need the ladies' room."

With that she slid out of the seat and made her way gracefully across the
crowded bar, a vision on one leg I would die for and it appeared she knew

Chapter 3.

On the way back to the store I had asked Louise if I could see her that

"I'm sorry but I'm working until 7 pm, it's late night opening and then
Elaine and I are having one of our "girls nights in."

"Who's Elaine?" I asked.

"Sorry, she's my flatmate, she's not seeing Paul, that's her boyfriend
tonight so she's cooking a meal for us when I get home then we have a night
in front of the TV and stuff with a bottle of wine."

I must have looked as disappointed as I felt, but then she said, "I could
do with a lift home at seven though if that's OK, I know it's really cheeky
of me but otherwise I'll have to get a taxi, my car is in the garage for
repairs you see."

"Oh yes of course... I didn't realize you drove... " I was babbling again.

"Of course I can drive," she gave me one of her giggly smiles, "Lots of one
legged people do you know, I have an automatic car, no need for a left leg
at all."

I smiled and looked at her lovely stump and said "Just as well in your
case," and she laughed.

As we reached the store she had leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek
and I felt her stump gently lift and the tip touch me between the legs. She
turned and swung gracefully across to the steps, which she climbed in
reverse order this time, foot crutches foot crutches until she was at the

Walking beside her to and from the bar I hadn't had a chance, unlike the
day before, to see her from behind. As she crossed to the door the view was
fantastic, long slim leg encased in skin tight ski pants on her right leg
with that sexy shoe on her only foot and a long stump clearly outlined in
the tight specially cut-to-fit pant leg on her left. The other thing I
hadn't noticed the day before. as her trousers that day were loose fitting,
was her fantastic bottom.

She turned at the top of the steps and waved and went inside. I had spend
the afternoon in a dream just thinking about her but now I was once again
waiting outside but this time in the car, on a double yellow line, but who
cares, waiting for her to leave work She appeared at about 7.15 and swung
across to the car. I got out and took her crutches and as she sat in the
front I put them on the back seat.

"I hope they fit OK, elbow crutches go in the car better but I like
underarms" she said.

"No problem," I replied, dying to tell her that I liked underarm crutches
better too.

As we drove the short distance to her flat we talked about her flatmate and
how the two had met after Louis's boyfriend she had been with when she
moved to the town had left her.

I was desperate to get her talking about her amputation and why it had
happened but I didn't want to push it. She for her part made no more
reference to her lunchtime comments about my liking her as an amputee or
that touch of the stump in my groin. I stole glances at her stump as I
drove, but it was on the far side from me against the car door I couldn't
see it clearly. The journey was sadly over in 10 minutes and I parked
outside her flat at about 7.30. She looked up and commented "The window is
open; Elaine must be back already I must go, I hope you don't mind if I
don't ask you in?"

"Not at all," I lied and I got out and retrieved her crutches from the back
seat. She swung around in the seat and then stood on her single slender leg
and gave a little hop whilst putting the crutches under her arms.

She gave me another kiss and this time a much firmer push of her stump into
my very erect pe nis then turned and swung away. I called after her "Can I
see you tomorrow?"

"I'm off in the morning as I worked late tonight would you like to come for
coffee at say 10ish?"

"Yes please that would be great" I replied," and I can take you to work if
you want."

I watched her crutch across the courtyard and up to the doors of the
apartments where she turned and waved. Then she lifted her stump and
balanced her handbag on it while she found her keys and let herself in.

How could I wait until 10 tomorrow?

Chapter 4.

Needless to say I was early the next day after a night where I found it
very hard to sleep. I parked outside Louis's flat at about ten minutes to
ten. I waited until almost ten before crossing to the door. I suddenly
realized I didn't even know the flat number and Louise hadn't given me her
phone number but I needn't have worried, there next to the bell for no.12
were the names "Lou & Elaine."

I pressed the buzzer and a voice I didn't recognize on the intercom system
said "Hello."

"Oh... err.. hello, it's Matt for Louise," I must have sounded surprised as
I was expecting it to be Louise.

"Hi Matt it's Elaine, come on up, third floor."

The lock in the door buzzed and clicked open and I went in. As I reached
the third floor the door to number 12 opened and a gorgeous petite brunette
came out. She was no more than five foot three at the most with the most
fantastic legs and the shortest mini skirt I had seen for a long time.

She looked flustered and as she hurried past she said virtually over her
shoulder, "Hi Matt I'm Elaine, sorry, can't stop I'm late for work, we had
a great night last night and we overslept, Louise is in the kitchen, the
door's open go in, bye."

With that she disappeared into the lift and I pushed the door open finding
myself in a small hallway with a long corridor leading off presumably to
all the rooms. In the hallway I immediately noticed a pair of aluminum
elbow crutches propped in the corner.

I called out "Hello Louise it's me; are you there?" She appeared at the far
end of the corridor standing on her one leg and framed in the doorway to
the kitchen looking a little surprised.

"Sorry I didn't hear you arrive I take it Elaine let you in."

With that she started to hop down the corridor towards me. The effect was
fantastic, she was wearing a pair of men's blue striped pajamas, obviously
too large for her, which had the empty left leg cut off and simply hemmed
at stump level making the left pants leg into shorts while the right leg
was still full length.

As she hopped towards me, her stump flailed about to the side and backwards
and forwards as she used it to gain momentum. Her breasts also bounced
around unfettered inside the pajama jacket and her lovely blond hair was in
a ponytail. As the loosely fitting cut off trouser leg flapped about I kept
seeing the tip end of her stump, which appeared to be covered in a white
sock of some sort.

I just stood and admired rather than going towards her and when she reached
me she stretched up on her bare foot and kissed me.

"You look wonderful, so sexy" I said.

"I look a mess we only just woke up, come on let's get you a coffee while I

She started to hop ahead and I picked up the crutches and said, "Do you
want these?"

"No, it's OK. Come on this way."

I followed her as she hopped ahead of me along the corridor, what an
incredible sight, could it get any better than this. Here I was with a
beautiful one-legged woman who appeared to have no inhibitions about her
missing leg in my presence. In the kitchen Louise poured me a coffee before
taking yet another pair of elbow crutches from the corner.

"Make yourself at home, the lounge is in there," she said pointing through
an archway with her crutch. "I'll get a quick shower." With that she swung
off up the hallway and turned into what I later found was her bedroom.

It was a typical girls' flat with clothes scattered around and a basket of
clean washing in the kitchen. In it I noticed panties and bras plus a
number of white woolen socks that I now know were Louis's stump socks. I
walked into the lounge and looked around. The room was very light with a
huge window and glass door out onto a balcony overlooking the old dock now
a marina.

The room was nicely but inexpensively furnished. I went to sit on the
settee noticing as I did the wooden underarm crutches on the floor behind
it. In a chair opposite was a strange looking artificial leg what I now
know was a prosthesis known as a "C leg."

I heard the shower running and was hoping against hope that she would call
me to wash her back but it was another 20 minutes before she appeared
looking stunning as ever with still wet hair, no make up, the white store
T-shirt complete with name badge and the black trousers. The difference was
she was on two legs, well one leg and a prosthesis and wearing a pair of
the low-heeled court shoes.

She stood in the door smiling, "Do I look alright?"

"Alright? You look perfect."

She then walked towards me with just the barest sign of a limp and the
slightest "kicking forward" of the prosthesis, only a dedicated devotee
would have known, to anyone else she had a slight limp perhaps from
temporary sports injury.

"Sorry about the outfit - store rules I'm afraid," she said indicating the
trousers. I was puzzled, if plain black trousers, whether with crutches or
a prosthesis was the store rule then why had she worn the ski pants

Chapter 5.

I had arranged to collect Louise at about 8 pm to go to a restaurant at a
nearby resort on the coast. It was still stiflingly hot as I drove over to
her flat but a beautiful summer evening and hopefully it would be cooler at
the coast.

My hopes for a couple of hours alone with Louise at her flat earlier had
been dashed before she had finished drying her hair and putting on her
makeup with a call from the garage to say her car was ready.

The garage was on the other side of town so I had driven her over to get it
and she had then gone straight to work.

As we walked to the lift then across to my car I realized this was the
first time I had been with her when she was on two legs or rather one leg
and a prosthesis. All the other times she had been on crutches.

When we got to the car she sat in the passenger seat and then swung her
legs in, and I noticed as she did so that she slightly supported the
artificial limb behind the knee with her left hand. We chatted generally
all the way to the garage about the weather, her car (she hoped it wasn't
going to be too expensive), her work and Elaine. No mention of the subjects
I was desperate to get her talking about.

I looked closely at her amputated side as we drove along. Although the
trousers were not tight it was possible as she was sitting down to see some
outline of the socket at the top of the limb but when she got out and stood
up there was no trace of the false leg at all.

She flashed me that amazing smile and tossed her beautiful blonde hair back
from her face, "I'm really sorry about this morning, I was looking forward
to spending time with you."

"That's OK but when can I see you again?" I asked.

"Why tonight of course, I finish at five and I have my car back so I will
be home by five-thirty. I'll have to get ready of course, and change out of
these" (she indicated her work outfit but I wondered if she also meant the
artificial leg too) "but can we say about eight?"

"Eight would be fine, we'll go to the coast if that's OK." I watched her
walk across the forecourt to the garage and realized that she had a more
pronounced limp than I had realized at the flat but I found it even more
attractive, there was no doubt she was an amputee and of course I liked

I worked a little in the afternoon then showered and set off arriving at
Louis's at about five to eight. I rang the bell, she answered and opened
the outer door. She was waiting for me at the door to the flat looking more
stunning than ever. She was wearing a white cotton knee length skirt and a
white short -sleeved blouse. Her hair was loose on her shoulders and for
the first time I noticed how tanned her arms were. She was on elbow
crutches and wore a white wedge-heeled sandal on her single foot. Her leg
was tanned and her calf was slightly muscular and she had a delicate gold
chain on her ankle.

She saw me looking her up and down and smiled, "Do you approve."

"Approve? You look fantastic!."

"I hope you don't mind me using crutches again but it was so hot today
wearing the artificial leg I just had to take it off as I was a bit sore."

"You know I don't mind at all in fact... anyway it's the first time I have
actually seen you in a skirt, your right leg looks real enough."

She laughed and pulled her skirt up above her knee giving me another sight
of the tip of her stump, which had what appeared to be a cut-off nylon
stocking on it.

"You like what you see then?" she said.

"Very much indeed," I replied referring not only to her good leg.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes but can you get my blue sweater from the bedroom while I put some
lipstick on?" she said indicating the hall mirror.

I went into her room and found the sweater lying on the bed. I looked
around taking in the double bed, the large mirror on the dressing table and
saw the second pair of elbow crutches standing neatly in the corner with
the "c" leg and the other prosthesis which she must have been wearing
during the day. It was still dressed in a dark hold up nylon stocking and
one of the black low-heeled court shoes. A pair of trousers was hanging on
the wardrobe door with the left leg pinned up to the waistband and the
adapted pajama trousers were folded on the pillow.

By the bed was a holiday photograph of Louise with four girls by a pool.
Louise was in a swimsuit with her stump bare and I saw for the first time
it had just the faintest scar across it's tip and was not otherwise scarred
or damaged in fact it was perfectly smooth and quite rounded.

I hurried back to the hall, she took the sweater and tied it around her
shoulders and we set out on our first real date. As she swung along beside
me, a tanned one-legged goddess in white, I was the happiest man in the
world. What would the evening hold?

Chapter 6.

When we arrived at the restaurant the table wasn't ready so we sat on the
terrace and had a drink. Louise laid the elbow crutches down beside a large
wicker settee and sank into the soft cushions. I chose to sit opposite
rather than next to her so I could look at her single leg and stump. I
ordered drinks and the waiter also brought the menus. I half studied mine
but kept looking at Louise over the top.

She saw me, smiled then leaned forward and said, "Put your tongue back in."

"Sorry I was just... well you look so beautiful and I've never seen you in
a skirt before," I replied weakly.

"And do you like what you see?"

"You know I do."

She smiled again and went back to her menu but the next time she reached
for her drink from the low table between us she slid forward in her seat
rather than bending forward and her skirt rode up clearly showing the end
of her stump, clad in the cut off nylon, and a lot more of her beautiful
single bare leg. She then sat back and smoothed her skirt with her hand
flattening the empty side on the left so it laid flat on the cushion
clearly outlining the length of her stump.

We ordered and about ten minutes later went inside to our table. As we
crossed the polished wooden floor heads turned at the sight of this amazing
one le

The waiter wanted to take her crutches once we were seated but Louise said
she preferred to keep then by her so she propped them up against the arm of
her chair. As we ate she chatted about the food, the restaurant, the
weather and other diners as I tried my best to bring the conversation
around to her amputation.

Louise went to the ladies room while we were waiting for coffee and as I
watched her wonderful crutch walk across the restaurant with her shapely
leg swinging in between I swear every male in the place was also watching
and wondering about her stump.

We left the restaurant and Louise said she wanted to walk along the
promenade. It was dusk and turning cool so she put on her sweater, hopping
on the spot to keep her balance while I held the crutches.

After about half a mile she stopped and pushed herself up onto the high sea
wall. She sat there facing me, her stump just inches from my chest as I
stood in front of her.

"Well go on," she said.

"What do you mean?" I replied quite puzzled.

"You want to ask about this," she said lifting her stump and smiling that
smile. "In fact I don't know how you have waited so long."

"Well... OK... you're right of course but first of all how did you know
that you being one-legged was a turn on for me?" I asked. "Not that that's
the reason I asked you out of course," I added quickly, "I think you are
absolutely beautiful, your amputation is well, a bonus."

I couldn't have blamed her if she had left me there and then, it sounded so
weak. I was sure she would be angry but as usual she smiled and put her
hand on my shoulder.

"You don't have to explain, you saw me before you saw I was one-legged. At
the till, remember? My leg was out of sight so you had no idea but you
started to chat me up even then, you used my name from the badge."

I breathed a sigh of relief as she went on, "I lost my leg when I was
sixteen, a cancer at the top of my shin where it joined the knee,
eventually it was in the knee and my leg was amputated a fraction below mid
thigh, but then you know that by now, you've stared at it enough and you've
had an erection for three days!."

I started to apologize again but she stopped me. "Its OK, if you must know
I don't mind, I'm a one-legged woman and will be for the rest of my life,
if it turns you on, great, that's a bonus for both of us. What I don't like
are the sympathy starers or worse the dirty mac brigade as I call them who
follow me around and watch me."

I swallowed hard as I recognized myself to a degree in her second example,
I had certainly followed leg amputee women in the street in the past, but
somehow Louise was different. I knew straight away she was approachable and
I could talk to her without upsetting her. I would never have brought up
the subject of her amputation had she not hinted at it that first day in
the bar. She went on to tell me about her rehabilitation and how she
preferred crutches in those early days as she found using the prosthesis so
difficult and it was while she was on crutches that she had first found her
one-leggedness attracted certain men. As she became proficient with her
prosthesis she gained confidence Her father had later paid for a "c" leg
but she actually preferred the older more conventional limb.

She explained how she had met and become engaged to John with whom she then
moved to the area when he transferred with his job but that they had split
up due to a problem with his family.

"He chose them rather than me," was all she said.

As we walked back to the car I still had a thousand things I wanted to ask
her and felt I should explain, or try to at least, why her amputation
attracted me. We walked in silence until we reached the car when she turned
and said, "I think there's something you should know."

I feared the worst expecting her to end the relationship but she leaned
back on the car and pulled me towards her putting her arms around my waist
and her stump firmly up between my legs.

"You should know that you are not the only one who is "turned on" by my
having only one leg, - I quite like it too, you know, why do you think I
emphasize it on occasions?"

My head was spinning, surely here was something even stranger than my
attraction but I had no time to think as she started to kiss me and pushed
my hand down towards her stump.

Chapter 7.

The moment on the promenade was just that, but as we drove back to town I
relived it over and over in my mind. We had kissed passionately as I had
fondled first the tip of her lovely stump and then up towards her crotch.
She had lifted her stump and rested it on my hip so her stump and thigh
were apart and I could feel the front her wet pants but as soon as it
started it was over.

"We must go, I have work tomorrow," she said and hopped backwards sliding
her forearms back into the crutches.

"Can we go back to your flat, there are so many things I want to say and so
many things I want to ask you and well... just now... "

"I know, Matt I feel the same but it's Elaine's night to have the flat,
Paul's there so we can't and anyway I'll go straight to my room, I don't
really want to see him."

"Why that, is there a problem?"

She looked upset. "It's me... it's this... the amputation, he doesn't like
it in fact he finds it all embarrassing that's why I tidied up all the
crutches and artificial legs this morning, Elaine is cool about it, but he
just isn't, that's all."

He must be mad I thought and I said, "Well come over to my place then, we
can't leave it like this," I was virtually pleading by now.

"But you live on the other side of town and as I said I have work at eight
in the morning."

"But I'll drive you home after," I said.

She grinned again, "After what, exactly?"

"Well can I see you tomorrow?" I asked.

"No I'm sorry it's another girls' night in but how about Friday? Elaine's
away for the whole weekend, she's going straight after work until Sunday
evening we can talk for days... if that's what you want... "

I parked outside the flat and Louise looked up at the windows, "They're
still up, there's a light in the lounge, can we sit here a while?"

We fenced around the subject for a while before she told me how she had a
friend when she was in her early teens who, when they were in her room
playing records and doing homework, occasionally pretended to be a leg
amputee, not a serious one of course, they were only 15, but Louise was
affected by it and in a way attracted to the idea. The friend had come to
see her in hospital after her amputation and had boosted her morale and
convinced her she now had something others did not have and that she should
enjoy it, if that were possible. As soon as she was walking again on
crutches she and the friend had gone out in the town where they lived with
Louise in the shortest skirt she could reasonably wear (her stump was still
bandaged) to see how much attention she got.

"Well now it's your turn," she said and I rambled on about how, as a child,
leg amputees on crutches, whether male or female, with the empty trouser
leg pinned up had fascinated me and then how after puberty I was highly
sexually attracted to one-legged women especially above knee amputees on

"And what level of amputation do you prefer do you like you prefer? High
amputations like hip disarticulations for example?"

"Well actually a mid thigh or longer stump is my favorite so long as it's
above the knee," I replied.

She smiled again, "That's convenient then isn't it?" she said.

"Well I did say you were perfect," I replied, it was my turn to smile.

"And artificial legs, do you like them too?"

"Well I prefer crutches but yes I think they could be quite sexy, but I
haven't really ever seen anyone wearing one, only in photographs."

"And what about wheelchairs or peg legs?"

"To be honest the whole thing just turns me on. I'm sorry Louise if that's
too much for you, but it's something that just takes over my life more
sometimes than others - there it's out now I hope you are not too shocked."

"No I'm not shocked as I told you it was obvious from the start, a one
legged girl has a feel for these things you know and not just because of
the bulge in your trousers." She laughed and half turned putting her hand
first on my thigh then on my erection. I leaned over and kissed her. She
pulled up her skirt revealing the stump and pulled off the nylon covering

"Touch my stump please, rub it for me... all over." The light in the flat
went out, "I must go in, call me tomorrow please and will you come over on
Friday?" she asked.

"Try keeping me away, I can't wait."

And how do you want me leg or no leg, underarms or elbows?"

"Whatever; you are beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have known"

She got out of the car and walked on her crutches to the door. I noticed
her gait was different on the elbow crutches, not quite so flowing but
still so, so sexy. She stood under the light to wave before opening the
door and disappearing from sight. I waited until I saw the light go on
before driving away to dream about the weekend.

Chapter 8.

Louise rang me on my mobile the next morning during her coffee break at the
store. I was still at home in the studio trying to work but all I could
think about was her. When I heard her voice I was terrified I had scared
her off the previous night and that she was calling to cancel Friday.

In fact I got the impression she felt the same and was embarrassed about
telling me she got turned on by, and almost enjoyed being one-legged. I
told her I had been thinking the same and was afraid I had put her off. In
the end we agreed that if nothing else we had lots in common. I actually
felt guilty for not revealing the full extent of my devotee attraction but
little did I know then that she had left even more things unsaid than I

We spoke again in the afternoon just before she left work. She was picking
Elaine up from her office for their "girls" night in." From what I gathered
they both ate and drank far too much, talked about men and laid around the
flat in dressing gowns and in Louis's case at any rate, "those" pajamas.

Friday went so slowly until Louise called at lunchtime, I wanted to ask if
I could see her but she said she was going shopping in her lunch break as
she was going to cook that night. In the best tradition I agreed to bring
wine and she said I should be there by seven-thirty.

As usual I was early but I knew Elaine had gone off straight from work so I
rang the bell and Louise answered, opening the outer door as soon as she
heard my voice. When I got to the third floor she was waiting at the door
to the flat. She looked more stunning than ever, if that was possible, in a
dark red silk blouse with a simple gold chain around her neck, a black
skirt that ended well above the knee, and artificial leg. The false leg and
her lovely right leg were encased in black nylons and she was wearing black
patent leather shoes with a small heel. Her hair was done in golden waves
(courtesy of Elaine the previous night I learned later) and her wonderful
smile finished it all off.

"Hi," she said kissing me on the cheek. She had to stretch a little to
reach and she held my arm to steady herself, "thanks for coming."

"Thanks for asking me, I thought tonight would never come."

"Me too, come inside."

A pair of crutches were in the corner of the hall as usual and as we passed
her bedroom door I saw the underarms on the bed and the other prosthesis in
the corner. I also noticed for the first time that there was a wheelchair
by her bed. It must have been in a cupboard or something the last time I
was at the flat.

"Come through to the kitchen and talk to me while I finish the meal"

She walked ahead with that sexy artificial leg gait made even sexier by the
shortness of her skirt showing the knee joint and part of the thigh socket.

"I was going to meet you on crutches in a see-through nightie or sexy
underwear but it wasn't a very practical outfit for cooking. Hopping around
is OK when you're just fixing a sandwich but for boiling pasta I had to
wear the leg"

"You look fantastic - and I love the outfit - very expensive and very
smart, if I'd known I would have worn a suit," I said.

"Are you laughing at me?" she replied.

"Not at all, you really do look a million dollars, we ought to be going out
somewhere really expensive so I can show you off. But you know that
whatever you wear you will look great to me."

"Urrgh, you sweet talker, show me where to be sick" she laughed.

She poured me a glass of wine from a bottle she already opened while she
served the starter and put the pasta on. We sat down at the table in the
lounge, she lit candles and we ate. After the meal we cleared the table and
I volunteered to tidy the kitchen and make coffee but Louise insisted I
left it and taking my hand led me back through to the settee in the lounge.

She sat to my left and leaning back into the corner of the settee put her
legs up across my thighs. Straight away I could feel the softness of her
lovely right leg compared to the hard plastic of the prosthesis on the left

She put her left hand on my arm, slightly opened her legs and said," Touch
me... please."

I ran my hand up her shapely right leg and under her skirt. I felt the
dampness at the front of her pants and the softness of the inside of her
right thigh. She was wearing a stocking with suspenders on her right side
but the false leg was clad in a hold-up stocking. I ran my hand up from the
knee of her artificial leg to her crotch where plastic gave way to soft
skin. She moaned softly and put her arms around my neck kissing me hard.
Then she swung her legs around and put her feet on the floor, pulling her
skirt right up on her amputated side she released something I could not see
but which was obviously securing the false limb which she then allowed to
fall to the floor complete with black stocking and shoe, revealing her
stump in some kind of sock which she hurriedly peeled off.

"Now touch me again please... quickly," she panted.

My hands were shaking as I touched her wonderful shapely bare stump. I
hadn't seen clearly the night before in the car as it was dark but it was
totally unblemished, other than the delicate faded scar running around it's
tip, smooth and rounded and perfect with no other scarring presumably as
she lost her leg to cancer rather than by a trauma injury.

She stood up hopping on the spot and offered me her hand, "Come on let's go
to my bedroom."

I reached for a pair of elbow crutches on the floor next to the settee but
she waved them away saying, "No, no, they'll need adjusting, I'll hop. You
like that don't you? Matt, come on, quickly."

Placing her left hand on my shoulder and using me as a support we made our
way up the hall to her room. The washing up would have to wait...

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Here is next chap 9 - 16

Chapter 9.

Louise hopped around to the far side of the bed her bare stump clearly
showing below the hem of the short skirt and swinging about wildly as she
hopped. She reached the wheelchair and using it as a walker came back
across to me.

"Can you put this out of the way in the hall cupboard please, it's the
second door on the left, I meant to put it away his morning."

She smiled and sat down on the bed as I took the chair. I noticed both the
footrests were missing so I assumed she used her good foot to help propel
the chair around as I recalled a one-legged woman I once saw in town doing.

When I went back in she was still sitting on the bed but she had drawn the
curtains and switched on the bedside lights. She patted the bed next to her
and said, "Come and sit here."

She then stood up and unfastened the skirt which fell to the floor around
her foot. She sat down again briefly and kicked her foot to remove the
skirt. She then stood on her single leg and with a small hop turned and
stood balancing on one foot now minus the shoe, in front of me. I noticed
her stump waving about slightly as she used it to keep her balance.

"Do you like what you see?" I couldn't answer, she just looked amazing, the
most wonderful thing I had ever seen, one long single shapely leg in a
black stocking with a suspender belt with suspenders only on the right
side, a long rounded stump, tiny black panties and the red silk blouse
which she had unbuttoned without my noticing, to reveal full rounded
breasts in a black bra.

She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward so her body came close
to my face and gently lifted and rested her stump on my right shoulder.


"Louise I can't tell you I don't have the words you are beautiful, one leg,
two legs, no legs... "

She moved the tip of her stump against my cheek and I turned my head and
gently kissed it.

"Oh yes don't stop, that's great, don't stop!" she said pulling herself
even closer to me. I put my left hand up between her legs and inside her
panties and gently touched her. She suddenly pushed me backwards onto the
bed and started to undo my trousers and shirt. I hurriedly finished the
task as she removed her blouse, bra and pants. She started to undo the
suspender holding the single stocking but I said, "Oh no please can you
leave that on, it's so sexy."

She smiled that smile "Oh so you're into stockings too?"

"Only when they come with single legs," I replied.

She pulled back the duvet and slid her beautiful pale one-legged body into
the bed and moved across so I could get in the same side.

She laid on my left with her stump up across my stomach while my left hand
explored between her leg and stump once again. She then pushed herself up,
on top of me and then astride me guiding my pe nis into her as she did so.
She sat back with her buttocks against the front of my thighs and with her
stump outside my right thigh and her single right leg bent at the knee
alongside my left thigh. Then placed my right hand on the tip of her stump
as she moved gently around making me penetrate her as deeply as possible.

"No don't move, just touch my stump, oh that's fantastic it's so deep."

The excitement was too much for both of us and it was quickly over.
Afterwards as she lay on her side next to me, again with her stump resting
over my left thigh, she said, "That was nice"

"God Louise I wanted you so badly I'm sorry it was so quick but... "

"I wanted you too, that's the first time since John left me, I have had
lots of opportunities of course, lots of men reckon it must be easy to get
it on with a one-legged woman and then tell their friends about it like a
trophy, but I never felt right about it... until now, I feel safe with you,
and you like me for what I am, you do don't you?"

"Louise my darling I love you just as you are, and making love with you was
the most perfect moment." I said and we kissed passionately.

We laid quietly for a while as dusk fell and the street lamps came on then
she said, "Come on. Get up we have a kitchen to clear up yet don't forget."

"Of course; I'll do it before I go. I promised."

"Go? But I thought you understood, Elaine is away until Sunday evening, I
want you to stay all weekend. You can stay Matt, can't you?" she said as
she put on a bathrobe and slipped the crutches under her arms.

I reached out and touched her stump up under the robe, "You try stopping

Chapter 10.

I lay in the bed and watched as Louise crutched across to the chair in
front of the dressing table. She sat down and, opening the bathrobe, she
unfastened the stocking on her single lovely leg and took it off. Then she
unhooked the suspender belt and took it off too. Via the mirror I could see
her bare breasts and she caught me looking and smiled.

She opened the drawer and dropped the suspender belt inside taking out a
pair of clean white panties as she did so. She then swung across the room
with the stocking collecting the black pants from the floor as she passed,
an athletic feat when on one leg and crutches and I noticed how her stump
stuck out at the back of the robe as she bent down. She slipped her foot
into one of the white wedge-heeled sandals she had worn the night we went
to the coast and turned to me, "Come on you, get dressed, I'm off to the

"If I'm staying I'll have to go home and get some clothes and a toothbrush
at least," I said.

"Let's go together in the morning, you're not going to need many clothes
tonight are you?" she giggled, "There's a dressing gown in the wardrobe
that should fit you, I bought it for John but never got to give it to him
and there are new toothbrushes in the bathroom cupboard."

She always looked sad I thought whenever John's name was mentioned. I was
afraid to ask and knew nothing more than the "he preferred his family to
me" comment.

She went out into the hallway and I went to the wardrobe. It was all very
neat, Shoes in both pairs and, I noted, singles, lined the floor. All the
pairs were fairly low heeled presumably for wearing with the prosthesis but
many of the single shoes, worn I guessed with crutches, were very sexy high
heels indeed with two really spectacular strappy sandals, one in silver and
one in black, with heels of at least five inches.

I took down the robe from the hanging rail which was full of dresses,
skirts and trousers, many of which I noticed had the left leg cut and sewn
to fit her stump.

As I removed the robe I saw a peg leg in the back corner of the wardrobe.
It was probably the most sexually exciting appliance I had ever seen. It
consisted of the lower half of an aluminum crutch, with the holes and studs
to allow the length to be adjusted. This was attached to a large brown
leather corset arrangement that formed the socket for the stump with long
leather laces running through at least twenty eye-holes down the front to
allow for a tight fit. The whole thing was attached to a leather belt about
three inches wide which presumably went around her waist. It was obviously
specially made, no modern health service or prosthetist had provided this
item and I was intrigued.

Suddenly she was behind me laughing, "If you're really good I'll wear it
for you some day."

"I'm... I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in, I wasn't being nosy I just saw
it," I replied weakly.

"And did you like what you saw?"

My erection as I closed the robe around me answered her question.

"Come on - kitchen," she said and swung off on her crutches and single bare
foot out of the bedroom. I followed enchanted as always just watching her
from behind.

She washed standing on one leg and leaning against the sink. I dried
putting the crockery on the worktop for her to put away later. When she
finished she turned around and, leaning back against the sink, she opened
the robe to reveal the tiny white panties and her stump now clad in a white

"Do you really like it?" she asked.

"Louise you know I do, why do you ask?"

"No I don't mean my being one-legged I mean do you like my stump like

"But of course I do it's... well it's superb."

"I think it's too long, I sometimes wish they had amputated my leg at the

"What on earth for?"

"Oh lots of reasons really. I can't wear really short skirts or shorts
without my stump showing and although I'm not that embarrassed anymore, it
shocks and upsets some people like Paul for instance. I have to be really
careful every time I'm sitting down while wearing a skirt that it doesn't
ride up and show my stump... "

"Oh like it did in the restaurant the other night," I grinned.

"That was deliberate as you know, but sometimes it happens by accident. I
know the longer the stump is, the better it is for wearing and using an
artificial leg. When I was being fitted I made friends with a girl who lost
her leg below the knee and having the knee joint intact made things so much
easier for her, but my leg was amputated above the knee so it might just as
well have been at the hip, after all I don't like wearing a prosthesis that
much, I prefer crutches anyway."

"Wow that was some speech," I said, "look I think your stump is, well
beautiful so just don't say any more!" I walked across to her and took her
in my arms. She pressed herself against me and I lifted her up so she was
sitting on the edge of the kitchen worktop. I opened my robe then put my
hand between her legs noticing her clean pants were already wet and, moving
them aside I entered her again. She moaned and then wrapped her leg and
stump around my waist as we rocked backwards and forwards until she
shuddered to orgasm.

She put her head on my shoulder and I noticed she was crying, "That was
wonderful, I thought when John left me that I would never feel like that
again, thank you for wanting me."

I lifted her chin and kissed her gently, "How could anyone not want you my
amputated China Doll?"

She smiled and taking my hand, hopped into the lounge and dropped onto the
settee indicating a tray with drinks on a side table, "Lets snuggle here
and talk, bring the brandy over." I poured the drinks and turned to find
her leaning back in the corner of the settee, with that beautiful stump now
bare and poking out of her robe, waiting for me.

Chapter 11.

By the time I woke, it was already nine thirty, I turned to my left but the
bed was empty, Louise had gone.

The curtains were drawn back bathing the room in bright sunlight and the
window was open letting in the warm air of what was obviously going to be
another scorching day. I heard the shower and noticed the pajama top laying
discarded on the floor (she had not worn the trousers with the cut off

I had a crushing headache, we had stayed up until about three, talking and
drinking with her bare stump across my lap and then we had made love again
before falling asleep. The talk had all been about her one-leggedness and
my feelings and I had that sinking feeling as I tried to recall just how
much I had confessed about my devotee and occasional wannabe thoughts and
my clumsy teenage pretending. I remembered telling her I preferred crutches
to a prosthesis, that my favorite was a woman with an above knee amputation
wearing trousers with the empty leg simply pinned up and that peg legs,
wheelchairs and double leg amputees had always interested me too. Perhaps I
hadn't told her anything she didn't already know. I was sure she made a few
admissions too but for the life of me I couldn't remember them.

The bedroom door opened and Louise swung into view on the underarm crutches
wearing just a bra and pants with her beautiful blonde hair wet and stuck
to her neck. She stood in the doorway, a vision on one shapely leg which
looked longer than ever with no skirt, trousers or robe to hide it and her
long beautiful stump slightly lifted towards me.

"Good morning," she said, "I thought you were going to sleep forever."

She crutched across sat on the bed and kissed me, her wet hair touching my
face. I reached across her right leg to touch her stump but she pulled

"Come on - up! I work three Saturdays out of four so I only get one full
weekend off a month and this is it so get moving. We have to go to your
place remember?" with that she stood up and poked me with the end of one of
her crutches.

"OK, OK I'm coming," I replied, "and after we get back from my place, what

"Well the possibilities are endless judging by your confessions last
night," she smiled as she teased me, "but I'm afraid I have to do the
supermarket shopping, sorry. Elaine normally does it as she is off every
Saturday but as she's away it's up to me or we don't eat."

"We'll eat out," I answered.

"Oh no, well not for the whole weekend we won't, I rather fancied spending
the evenings here with you and, how can I put it, exploring a few fantasies
and anyway Elaine and I need food for the week."

"Alright let's get going," I said getting out of the bed. I was naked and
the sight of her on crutches in just her underwear had given another
erection. "I'll shower at my place, just let me have a quick wash and brush
my teeth and I'm with you."

"What do you want me to wear?" she asked, "anything special? Its going to
be hot again today so I don't want to wear a leg in fact I try never to
wear a leg out of work unless I have to and I know that suits you."

"Well that depends what we are going to do I suppose, crutches are
fantastic but if we are going for a hike you'll have to model that c-leg
for me."

"Well unfortunately as we have to go to the supermarket I'll have to wear
one of the legs, shopping with a trolley and crutches is hard work."

"You don't have to, I can push a trolley and pick up groceries you know, I
do it for myself all the time and anyway I can't think of anything nicer
than having a beautiful one-legged woman on crutches with me in Tesco."

She laughed and sat down on the bed reaching for the hairdryer in the
bedside drawer.

"Off you go! I need to dry my hair and rub some cream into my stump, it's
sore from yesterday, it was so hot it sweated and I have to be careful and
before you ask, no you can't do it for me!."

When I came back from the bathroom, feeling unkempt in the previous days
clothes she was standing with the aid of the underarm crutches with her
back to the window like a vision in a thin cream linen trouser suit. The
jacket was thigh length with three quarter length sleeves showing her
strong tanned forearms with their down of faint golden hairs. Underneath
the jacket she wore a yellow T-shirt with a silver necklace. Her hair fell
shining in the sun on her shoulders but once again it was below the waist
that simply blew me away, the matching trousers were a very loose fit and
the left leg hung down empty from mid thigh. On her foot she was wearing
the five inch heel silver strappy sandal I had seen the previous night.
With the sun behind her, the trousers were completely see through, allowing
me to see her stump beautifully outlined against the light.

"Wow! You look fantastic, so, so beautiful," I gasped.

"I need you to pin the trousers up for me please, will you do that?" she
asked holding out her hand with two safety pins. I crouched behind her and
gently lifted the bottom of the empty trouser leg and pinned it up to the
waistband at the back above her beautiful rounded left buttock leaving the
loose material to hang below her stump.

"OK let's go, I thought we could eat at the supermarket if that's alright?
Can you get me a pair of the elbow crutches please, I'm sorry but full
length underarms are not ideal for a crowded Saturday at the supermarket,
elbow crutches are much more easier." I brought the crutches from the
lounge and she slipped her forearms into them.

"Damn, they need adjusting, it's this high heel, it won't take a minute. If
they're long enough that is, you might have to get the other pair." She
made the necessary adjustment but not before I noticed just how short the
crutches had been and how much she had to lengthen them to make them fit.

"Come on then let's go and turn some heads."

She swung past me towards the front door of the flat. One leg, trousers
with empty pinned-up leg, crutches and a high heel and absolutely stunning
with it, how could one man be so lucky?

Chapter 12.

As I walked to the car with Louise swinging along between her crutches next
to me, I noticed how much faster she seemed to move on elbow crutches and
although her gait was not as graceful as it was with my favorite underarm
crutches, it was still so sexy. The material of the loosely pinned-up empty
left trouser leg moved around her stump at each step as she swung through
and that fantastic high heeled sandal seemed barely to touch the ground. It
was a baking hot day and the lightweight linen suit which had appeared
cream indoors seemed much whiter in the sun and I noticed she had folded
back the cuffs of the three quarter length sleeves to elbow length, above
the level of the forearm part of her crutches showing more of her tanned
and muscular arms.

The old dock was busy with lots of people visiting their pleasure boats and
between the apartment and the car Louise was the subject of many wide-
mouthed stares followed, I like to think, by sideways glances at me and
"lucky devil" muttered under the breath of many. We drove across town to my
house. It was Saturday, so it was very busy and it was after ten-thirty
when I parked on the drive. My neighbor Bob was in his front garden and
stopped what he was doing as I drove up.

"What time do you call this to get home Matt?" he said as I got out of the
car. I smiled, but before I could answer Louise opened her door and
swinging her stump and leg out, stood up, flashed him one of those smiles
and gave that little hop before I handed her the crutches.

Bob sounded and looked as shocked as I must have been the day I first saw
Louise, "Oh hello... I'm sorry I didn't mean... that is... " he blustered,
as his eyes followed every move of her leg and stump as she swung towards
the front door.

"Alan, that's the guy who rents the top floor, is away for six weeks, so at
least you won't turn anyone else into jelly!" I joked.

She laughed "I do hope he'll be OK I thought he was going to have a heart

"I'll shower and change, please go into the lounge."

"Where's the kitchen? I'll make us coffee, you left the flat without

"Straight ahead," I said pointing as I went up to the first floor and I saw
her swing along the hallway as I went up the stairs. I showered, shaved and
changed in record time and joined her in the kitchen. She was sitting with
a cup of coffee on one of the high stools at the breakfast bar with her
stump hanging over the front edge.

"Sorry I couldn't bring yours up to you. This is really nice," she said
indicating the door to the garden, "I miss the garden living on the third
floor. By the way, are you sure there's no woman's influence here?"

"Far from it, you should see the lounge and my bedroom then you'd realize
it's very much a bachelor house."

"I'd like that, your bedroom I mean," she said smiling.

"The kitchen and garden is just as it was when I bought the place, so
everything is the influence of the previous owner who was a woman."

She pointed to the sink full of dirty dishes and grinned, "Apart from those
I presume."

"Yes sorry I was in rather a rush to get over to your place last night."

We finished the coffee, I packed a few clothes to last until Sunday evening
and I drove us to Tesco's. On the way I noticed Louise ease the sandal off
her foot.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"This shoe looks really sexy which is why I wore it for you, but it's
really for wearing around the flat rather than walking about."

"Sorry, I didn't realize, you wore a high heel that first time we went to

"Not as high as this and not a sandal, my foot slips forward and out in
this hurting my toes, they can't in an enclosed shoe. I usually wear the
white wedge sandal with this suit." She bent down and massaged her foot.

"I'll get you one of the wheelchairs when we get to the supermarket." I

"You will not, I'm not a cripple and anyway this suit and the crutches
would be wasted if I used a chair. I dressed like this to please you and to
turn a few heads as I know that's what you like. We should have come in my
car with my disabled parking badge then we could have parked right outside.
Park as near as you can to the door or drop me, I'll go without a shoe."

With that she turned the right trouser leg up a few inches and as I stopped
the car, she got out and swung on the crutches and her bare single foot
into the store. If anything she looked sexier than ever, her stump in
trousers from behind and the bare foot was sensational.

"Lets eat first, it's already eleven thirty," she said so we went to the

I took the tray and moved it along as she slowly crutched along in front of
me. Heads were already turning as husbands (and wives) noticed this one-
legged goddess. One woman with a small child clearly dug her husband in the
ribs and whispered "look at her" nodding towards Louise. I was greatly
excited, not only with the pride of being with her, but because of the
looks and reactions she was getting which was what turned me on in my
occasional wannabe days and when, as a boy I wanted desperately to be seen
out in public as a one-legged man.

Louise knew little of this of course, or so I thought. We ate a late cooked
breakfast and then did her grocery shopping. I saw a number of people I
knew, including girls on the tills and the deli counter and I made sure
they realized Louise was with me and that they noticed she had only one

On the way out, Louise spotted a pair of trousers, a skirt and some shoes
she liked. As she walked on the crutches to the changing room the assistant
opened the door and asked if she needed any help, staring sadly all the
time at her one-leggedness. Louise flashed her that radiant smile and said
it was OK.

I stood outside and a moment later she emerged hopping in the trousers
which were skin tight with the empty leg hanging loose "Do these look

"They look great" I replied.

Next she emerged in the skirt. I gasped, but the young girl assistant, who
I suspected was a student working there as a Saturday job, obviously did
not know where to look, as she had clearly never seen three or four inches
of bare amputated leg stump before. Louise too looked embarrassed and I
remembered she had said she worried about upsetting others who were shocked
by her amputation. She bought the shoes and the skirt.

I wondered when and how she was ever going to wear it, and we left the
store. I loaded the shopping into the car and took her crutches. She hopped
to the passenger seat and got in.

"Lets get home," she said in a determined way that made me wonder what she
had planned for the afternoon...

Chapter 13.

When we got back to her flat from the supermarket, I carried the shopping
upstairs and unpacked it while Louise, on crutches and still barefoot, put
it away.

"It's very hot, come on I must change," she said indicating I should follow
her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and took off the linen jacket and
trousers putting them, after unpinning the left leg, on a coat hanger.

"Can you hang this up for me please, I need to wash and bathe my stump, I
won't be a minute," she said handing me the suit and swinging out of the
room in just white panties and the yellow T-shirt.

I went to the wardrobe and noticed that the "c" leg and the pink plastic
limb she wore regularly were in the wardrobe with the fantastic peg-leg I
had seen the night before. The plastic leg was still dressed in the hold-up
stocking and shoe as it had been when she took it off in the lounge the
night before. She must have tidied it away while I was still sleeping. The
three legs together was a strange yet fascinating sight, I found that the
more basic and cruder the limb the more it excited me.

The whole place was a little like an orthopedic store with another pair of
elbow crutches in the hall, the underarms in the corner of the bedroom and
the wheelchair in the hall cupboard but I supposed she needed the different
legs and to always be within reach of a pair of crutches. The fantastic peg
leg however remained a mystery. Louise came back into the room "Come on,
don't stand there ogling my legs," she joked, "pass me a pair of jogging
pants from the second drawer, I just feel like lounging around for the
afternoon if that's OK with you... "

I opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of black jogging pants but as I
went to pass it them to her I noticed that both the legs were cut off and
stitched up at about knee level. "No no not those!," she looked flustered
and blushed, "the gray ones please."

I passed the gray ones to her and she put them on. As she stood to pull
them up and tighten the cord I saw the empty left leg was cut off and
simply sewn up at about knee level making her stump appear longer.

She put a white sports shoe on her foot and, picking the elbow crutches up
again, she crutched down to the kitchen. Once again she looked fantastic
from the rear, her leg thanks to the jogging pants, appearing to be off at
the knee.

"There are beers in the fridge, open a couple will you please?" she asked
as she swung through the arch into the lounge and opened a door next to the
large window which I saw for the first time led out onto a small balcony
with two chairs.

I joined her on the balcony overlooking the marina, and moving my chair
closer to hers I rested my hand on her stump. "You look sensational this
morning; I was so turned on at the store just being with you."

"I noticed," she smiled.

"And I'm sorry about suggesting you used a wheelchair at the store but I
saw you were in pain and as you use a wheelchair here I thought... "

She smiled again, "It's fine don't be silly and actually I don't really use
the chair, not when I have one leg anyway." She gave me a sideways look and
giggled, "You look confused."

"Well actually I am," I confessed.

She thought for a moment then said "Stay here I'll show you," and picking
up her crutches she stood up and went back inside. I sat on the balcony for
a few minutes drinking the beer and wondering what was going on. Suddenly
she called, "Matt come in."

I stood up, turned and stepped into the lounge as she appeared in the
doorway from the hall. She was in the wheelchair and my mouth fell open and
went dry when I saw she had no legs. She was wearing the black jogging
pants I had picked up by mistake earlier and while her left leg was missing
at mid thigh as usual her right leg was also gone and had been replaced by
a knee length stump.

"Well now you know the secret," she smiled, "do you like what you see?
Judging by the bulge in your trousers I suppose you do."

I was almost speechless, "But how... why... what's happened to your right
leg? Oh I know you're sitting on it but wow it looks so realistic and you
make the most beautiful double amputee ever!."

"Thank you kind sir," she mocked, "and actually it really turns me on too,
it's why I have the wheelchair." Suddenly it all fell into place, the pants
with both legs sewn up and both footrests being missing from the chair, my
one legged China Doll was also a pretender!

"It looks so realistic, how have you done it?" I asked.

"Well I've just quickly doubled my leg up and put an elastic bandage around
my thigh and ankle and put on these pants but normally I wear girdles and
stuff to hold it firmly and to hide the bulge of my foot. It's easy in the
wheelchair as no one can see it anyway providing I put this extra thick
foam cushion under my left buttock and stump so I sit level."

She wheeled herself into the room, took the left arm off the chair and
using her arms slid herself out of the chair onto the settee. "I can't do
this for long, as my leg goes numb and the foot hurts badly if I am sitting
on it for any length of time, it's not so bad if I am standing of course."

She explained how she had seen a double above knee amputee at the limb
fitting center and had found it excited her, and she been pretending to
have also lost her right leg ever since.

I tentatively touched both her real and fake stump. The fake one was much
fatter of course but looked realistic in the baggy jogging pants and felt
right at the tip as I could feel she had a stump sock pulled tightly onto
it as she often did with her real stump. "Louise, it's fantastic, what a
turn on."

"You must try it sometime," she said, then she half turned towards me and
laid back on the settee opening her stumps wide so my hand could explore
her crotch through and then inside her trousers. My head was still spinning
thinking about two of her comments: "you must try it sometime" she had said
and what did she mean by, "It's not so bad if I am standing."

The China Doll was getting more exciting and mysterious by the minute...

Chapter 14.

Louise and I, not surprisingly perhaps, ended up in bed until late
afternoon. I so wanted to make love to her as a double leg amputee but
after wheeling herself back to the bedroom in the chair she quickly
released her strapped up leg.

"I'm sorry but it's the only one I've got, I have to look after it," she
joked, "I like pretending to have no legs but that's as far as it goes and
I've started to lose circulation in it by sitting with my whole weight on

She rubbed her thigh and made circles with her shapely ankle while sitting
on the edge the bed in just her panties and the yellow shirt with her real
stump bare. As we made frantic love I could think of nothing but seeing her
as a double amputee for the first time and the jolt it had given me.

Much of our lovemaking surrounded her stump as I touched and kissed it she
moaned loudly and eventually shuddered with orgasm. Afterwards we lay
quietly for a while simply cooling off. She laid once again on her right
side with her stump across my abdomen so I could rest my hand on it's tip.

"What's it like?" I asked.

"What is what like?" she replied.

"Having one leg or no legs for that matter."

"Well I can only really say what it's like to have one leg. I wouldn't
choose to be one-legged but I am, so I make the best or should I say most
of it - you should try it sometime."

"What? How do you mean?"

"Pretending of course," she laughed at my stupidity, "not for real." I said
no more but deep down her suggestion excited me so much but totally shocked
me too.

"You'd make a fantastic one-legged man you know, tall, slim; I can just see
you on underarm crutches."

"We'd make a great couple that's for sure," I agreed but before we got that
far there were a lot of ways I still wanted to see the real leg amputee
such as wearing that peg leg for a start and I also had a desire to make
love to her while she wore a prosthesis. Why I was afraid to ask given what
I had just seen and the enormous secret she had just shared with me I don't

"Come on you - up!," she said nudging me with her stump," let's shower, you
can help me stand up in there." She got out of the bed and hopped naked
across to the elbow crutches, her stump and breasts moving about madly as
she went and crutched out of the room.

In the shower we soaped each other and I took her slippery stump in my
hands and massaged it all over. She lifted it and rested it on my hip and
held onto the bar on the wall on which the shower head was mounted for
support, so I could make love to her again. Eventually washed and dried, we
dressed. Me in a pair of denims and a sleeveless shirt, Louise in a skin
tight sleeveless black vest and a pair of equally tight white trousers with
the empty leg pinned up and the white wedge heel sandal. It was a stunning
outfit even for her with her golden hair loose around her shoulders and the
underarm crutches.

We returned to the beer and the balcony, sitting quietly together for a
couple of hours watching the sun disappearing between the masts of the

"This is nice," she said eventually, "I don't think I have ever felt like
this with a man before, I feel totally at ease."

"Me too, in fact I don't want this to end."

She wiggled her stump under my hand, "Well it has to, for now anyway, we
have to eat."

I had forgotten all about food, in fact I had forgotten about everything
except the most beautiful one-legged girl beside me with the slightly
darker side I had yet to fully explore. "I'll make a start on dinner," she
said, standing and slipping the crutches under her arms.

"Must you? We could still eat out it's only eight."

"But I said I wanted to eat in, I fancy lunch out tomorrow but let's stay
here tonight."

"Well let's ring for a takeaway then, don't waste your time in the kitchen,
and anyway you have to wear your leg to cook remember?" I teased.

"OK then there's a good Chinese we use if that's OK," she said offering me
a menu from the kitchen pin board, "special fried rice and sweet and sour
chicken for me."

"Where is it?" I said, reaching for the car keys. "No no they'll deliver,
just phone the order through, I'll put a bottle of white in the freezer for
a few minutes."

I rang the order through and was told it would take about half an hour.
Louise laid the table and I watched, As she bent over to set out the
cutlery she deliberately allowed her stump, clad in the loosely pinned up
empty trouser leg, to stick out at the back. I moved behind her and fondled
her stump through the extra layer of material and she pushed it back into
my groin. "Don't! he'll be here soon with the food," she said.

"There are ages yet."

"Go and get two beers, the wine won't be cool yet and behave yourself, I'm
going to change."

She disappeared to the bedroom and returned a few minutes later in the
white bathrobe still wearing the white wedge heel and using the underarm
crutches. The robe fell open as she came in revealing she had also put on a
white frilly suspender belt with suspenders at both sides unlike the one
she had worn with the artificial leg. The suspender belt was holding up a
sheer 15 denier flesh colored stocking on her long single leg and a
matching stump-length stocking that had been knotted at the tip of her
stump and the excess cut off.

"Wow! What brought this on?" I exclaimed feeling stirrings yet again in my

"I was hot and restricted in those trousers and anyway I thought I'd get
comfortable and a little sexy of course for the rest of the evening."

Soon after the buzzer on the intercom sounded and a voice announced the
food had arrived. She pressed the button, "Come on up Lee," she said using
his name. Picking up her crutches she started to walk towards the door.

"I'll go, I have the money ready and anyway if you answer the door like
that," indicating the open robe, tiny white panties, stockings, suspenders
and stump, "he's likely to drop our meal all over the floor."

"I have my purse and he doesn't shock that easily," she called back over
her shoulder, Elaine and I often have Chinese delivered on our "girls
nights," he's seen it before." I didn't realize the significance then, I
was still wondering how I might get a job delivering Chinese food if the
customers were like Louise...

Chapter 15.

I woke first on the Sunday morning and gently extricated myself from her
arms and stump to go to the bathroom. I then went to the kitchen to make
tea. Louise had consumed the majority of the wine, whether it was because
she was hoping to forget letting me into her huge secret or perhaps because
it was a great release to tell someone, I didn't know but I had always felt
my childish pretending was a massively heavy secret so perhaps she felt the
same. Alternatively she could simply have been tired as our frantic
lovemaking had gone on long into the night.

My ability to concentrate on drinking and eating had been somewhat affected
by sitting opposite a beautiful scantily clad one-legged woman in stockings
and suspenders who kept touching my crotch with her foot under the table!

I returned to the bedroom with a tray of tea to find her lying on her back
sleepily rubbing her eyes. Her golden hair and tanned face and arms
contrasted beautifully with the immaculate white bed linen.

"Hello you," she whispered smiling that perfect smile.

"Hello sleepy," I replied and kissed her gently on the forehead, "I've made

"Get back in bed a minute, it's only seven o'clock."

"It's a great day out there," I said.

"It's rather nice in here too," she joked. I slid back next to her under
the duvet. She was naked and her smooth skin felt so nice against mine as
she gently rubbed her stump across my belly and pe nis.

"Stop it and drink your tea."

"Can't you stand the pace then?" she giggled. "I want to make us breakfast,
we could sit on the balcony, it's shaded and cool at the moment."

"OK you get breakfast while I shower," she said.

"I need a shower too, you know," I replied.

"I thought you were bound for the kitchen, if you join me in the shower we
will never eat. You can shower after breakfast while I clear the kitchen."

With that she threw back the duvet and stood naked on her single leg before
hopping to the underarm crutches and crutching out of the room. I made
bacon, eggs, toast, coffee and juice and had just put it on the small table
on the balcony when she appeared in the lounge. She was wearing a tiny skin
tight short light blue top that left her midriff bare, dark blue shorts and
blue canvas deck shoes and she was using one of the pairs of elbow
crutches. Although the shorts were not that brief, a good three inches of
her stump was clearly visible as she came out onto the balcony. We ate in
silence, Louise looking out across the old dock and me looking at her stump
and how she occasionally held it or rested her hand on the tip.

"What do you want to do today?" she asked.

"I thought you wanted to go out to lunch."

"Well that would be nice if it's OK with you, there's a really nice country
pub I know that does great Sunday lunches."

"That's fine with me, do we need to book?"

"Mmm yes I think so," she replied," it's the Royal Oak, the card is on the
board in the kitchen."

"What time should I make it for?" I asked as I stood up.

"Say one o'clock and we can have a walk first if that's alright."

"Louise, providing I'm with you anything and everything is alright," I said
bending down to kiss her cheek.

"Go away you soft thing, get your shower and have a shave while you're
there," she chided me, "it's too early to call the pub anyway."

"Shall I take the plates into the kitchen as you're... "

"On one leg and crutches you mean? Don't be afraid to say it, there's no
need to be embarrassed. Anyway I can manage, I'll hop."

I showered shaved and dressed as quickly as I could. She was in the kitchen
standing at the sink washing the dishes. I noticed how she leaned up
against the sink for support and to help her balance. The crutches were
still on the balcony.

I went up behind her and nuzzled her neck. She responded by turning on her
single foot to face me and pushing her stump up between my legs.

"Mhmm you smell nice," she said and she stretched up and kissed me. We sat
in the lounge and read the papers and drank coffee until about ten thirty
when I called and booked the table. "I need to get ready," she said and
crutched out of the room. She was only gone a few minutes and I heard her
returning down the hall. There was no metallic click as the metal elbow
crutches hit the wooden floor or that slight squeak or creak as she swing
through on the rubber tips of the wooden underarms so I knew she was
wearing a prosthesis but I wasn't really prepared for what I saw as she
came into the room.

I should have realized that the flesh colored plastic suction leg she wore
daily was not really suitable unless she wore trousers or a skirt and
stockings and that on such a hot day she would not want to do that.

"Well what do you think?" she said standing in front of me with her hands
on her hips, "do you approve?"

She was still wearing the blue top that showed her bare stomach and the
dark blue shorts but in place of her bare stump tip was the "C" leg with a
matching blue deck shoe on it's foot. I was totally and utterly stunned yet
again as this one-legged beauty continued to shock and surprise me.

It was obvious she had chosen the outfit to match the prosthesis which had
a two tone blue plastic socket that enveloped her stump with six inches at
least of it showing below the shorts to where it joined the mechanical

I had tried to research "C" legs on the Internet having seen Louis's a few
days before and I read that the socket could be made to any specification
or choice of color. I also knew that the knee joint in particular was a
mechanical and electronic miracle with sensors which made it perform like a
real knee and that the leg generally performed like a real leg.

The technical operation of the limb was however the least of my concerns.
It was it's appearance that held my attention. She was not wearing any
cover of any sort on the limb and there was therefore no effort to disguise
it in any way. From the stump socket through the high-tec mechanical knee,
down the metal shaft and titanium shin to the high-tec but crude looking
foot in the deck shoe, this leg was sexually magnificent, a miracle of
prosthetic engineering yet strangely so obvious and primitive looking like
a peg leg to anyone who knew nothing about prosthetics.

"I take it from your speechlessness that you like it... " she said.

"Like it? My God Louise it's out of this world, it's amazing. Please,
please walk around and let me see it."

She did a twirl and walked past into the kitchen. "Come on that's enough
let's go or you'll be wanting s*ex with me while I'm wearing it and we'll
miss lunch," she joked and I gratefully followed her along the long hall to
the door.

Her gait and the view from behind were just wonderful. What would our
fellow diners make of this? There were going to be lots of stares and
nudges that's for sure but my fantastic one-legged goddess seemed oblivious
to it all... or was she?

Chapter 16.

As we crossed to the car I was amazed at the way Louise walked with the
"c" leg. Her gait was so natural that, had she been wearing trousers with
the bare titanium lower part of the leg hidden from view, I doubted anyone,
maybe even a serious amputee devotee like me, would have realized this
beautiful woman was one legged.

She reached for my hand as we walked in the sunshine to the car. Once again
people stared I suspect at the amazing looking leg. The incredibly
technologically advanced knee seemed to be so delicately attached to the

"You look fantastic," I said.

"Actually I feel fantastic, I ought to wear this leg more often, it appears
to appeal to you," she laughed.

We were very early, arriving in the village where the pub was. before

"Stop here," she said "let's walk a while."

We left the car and walked around the village green then along a signposted
public footpath down to the river. About halfway along we came to a stile
and I was concerned so I said "Do you want to turn back or should I help

"Turn back? What on earth for?" With that she stood up on the step of the
stile on her good leg and swung her prosthesis over then amazingly took her
weight on it as she lifted her real leg over and virtually jumped down the
other side.

"Come on," she said giggling again, "or do you need help?"

I climbed over the stile and took her in my arms, "Louise you are
amazing," I said and ran my hand quickly down the outside of the top of the

"Not now naughty, you'll spoil your lunch," she teased and walked on
towards the river.

We sat for a while on a grass bank and she allowed me to touch and explore
the limb then we made our way back, via the stile once again to the pub.

It was extremely busy in both the bar and the restaurant but I swear that a
hush fell over the place as we walked in. All eyes turned first to the
stunning blonde lady on my arm and then slowly down to her shapely right
leg and sexy prosthesis. At least two wives hissed at their husbands not to
stare and there were unnecessary sympathetic looks as she walked
beautifully and confidently across to our table. I felt a million dollars
with an erection to match.

After the meal we drove quickly back to the flat. As we went in I noticed
she was limping on the leg and that she appeared in some discomfort.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"It's my fault I shouldn't have walked so far. My stump is sore, I haven't
been looking after it properly with you being here."

She went on to explain that she should have been wearing an elasticated
sock on her stump while she slept to make sure it did not swell up,
especially as the weather was so hot, so that her prostheses fitted
correctly but she had slept on both nights with me with her stump bare.

"This leg has a specially shaped inner silicone liner made to fit my stump
exactly so it's not too bad but I must bathe and put cream on, it's
sweating and rubbing in a couple of places or I might not be able to wear
my other leg to work on Tuesday, I'm sorry it's the less attractive side of
being an amputee."

"I'm sorry it's my fault you should have said something."

"Don't be silly, anyway I hate wearing a sock on my stump at night
especially if it's hot that's why I wear the pajamas with the left leg just
cut off but not sewn up, it's so I can put a sock on or take it off in the
night without having to take the trousers off."

She sat down heavily on the bed.

"That's better, it's OK when I take my weight off it, I'm sorry has all
that turned you off?" she looked concerned.

"Of course not, sweaty stump or not, you are a sexy lady," I joked.

She laughed again and swinging her leg and the prosthesis onto the bed she
laid back.

"You got pretty steamed up by the river, has it worn off?"

"What do you think?" I replied.

"In that case help me get undressed and to get this thing off"

I desperately wanted her to wear the prosthesis while we made love but
didn't know how to broach the subject so I tried to joke.

"I'll help with the clothes but I don't know about the leg."

She looked at me and her eyes twinkled, "Oh I see you want me to keep this

"Well not if it" too painful but you did say it was OK if you were not

"Go and fetch a couple of beers while I get ready," she ordered and I left
the bedroom.

My hands were shaking as I opened the bottles in anticipation but nothing
could have prepared me for what I saw when I went back in the room. Louise
was lying totally naked on the bed except for the prosthesis. She had
removed the foot so the leg ended at the bottom of the titanium shin.

I stared and she explained giggling again, "Don't laugh but although it's
hi-tec like the knee, the foot looks so stupid naked and even more stupid
with a shoe on the rest of me is naked."

She was obviously highly embarrassed but I found it the sexiest thing I had
ever seen and told her so. The absence of the foot actually made the limb
look more like a peg leg and excited me even more. She laid there leg and
prosthesis slightly apart with beautiful full rounded breasts and a
delicate triangle of golden pubic hair between her thigh and stump.

"Darling please don't worry you look... well you look... incredible."

"Well come on get into bed quickly, I want you too you know."

She took up her usual position throwing the prosthesis across my abdomen so
that the socket was firm against my flesh. The lower half of the limb lay
between my legs and the metal was strangely warm against my right calf.

My hand explored between her leg and the stump and she moaned as my fingers
touched her wetness.

We made love, she lay on her back and put first her good leg and later her
sexy footless prosthesis around my waist. As we lay exhausted and sweating,
she unfastened the leg and I gently pulled it away from her stump. She
peeled off the sock and I saw for the first time a hint of redness on the
delicate smooth skin.

"Touch my stump please, gently just let your fingers run over it... yes
that's nice."

We laid for what seemed like hours before she got up and hopped naked to
the bathroom leaving me on the bed with her discarded prosthesis. Then she
called me and I went to the bathroom and soaped and washed her stump in the
shower before gently drying it with the softest of towels.

She hopped back to the bedroom and when I rejoined her she had already put
cream on her stump and had changed into the pajamas. I could see from the
away and she picked up a pair of the elbow crutches and swung out of the

"I'll make some food, Elaine will be home by eight," she said.

I stood in the doorway still naked watched her wonderful one legged figure
move away down the hall to the kitchen and realized our amazing weekend was
coming to an end wishing I could spend every day with this fantastic woman.

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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And the next 17 to 24

Chapter 17.

I desperately wanted to see Louise the next day but she explained that as
it was her only day off until the following Sunday, she had washing and
ironing to do and that in the evening she intended to "catch up with Elaine
about the weekend". Quite what she intended to tell her I didn't know. She
might have meant Elaine's weekend but somehow I doubted it.

I saw Elaine as I went out to the car the previous evening, she was just
coming in the outer door. Her boyfriend I found out later was the guy
driving out of the car park in a sports car. She said hello and, looking at
my overnight bag, smiled and knowingly asked if Louise and I had had a nice
weekend. Nice was an understatement and instead of working on the Dutch
contract I had now spent all Monday morning thinking about Louise, the time
we had spent together and above all her pretending and her throw-away line
about me trying it some time and how good I would look on one leg.

I called Louise at lunchtime and asked again if I could see her, she said
she was busy with housework but I could call round for coffee "and a
surprise" at about four.

I knocked on the door and heard her coming down the hall on the underarm
crutches. She opened the door and stood there on one leg.

"Hi, you couldn't stay away then?" she said and swung an extra step to kiss

She was wearing a long cotton top with short sleeves and no bra, white
baggy pants and a single white sandal. The empty leg of the trousers was
loosely pinned up in the way she knew I liked so much but I was totally
shocked and literally speechless when I realized it was her right leg that
was missing from about the knee.

"Well say something," she said," I thought you might like it."

"Like it? It's... it's well what can I say, it's incredible."

"Come in don't stand there, the neighbor thinks I've lost my left leg, if
he sees me on my left leg and with my right leg off he'll never get his
head around it."

"That makes two of us," I murmured following her into the flat.

"Anyway I can't stand still for long on just the prosthesis."

She was obviously wearing her "work" prosthesis on the left side with the
knee locked in some way and was once again pretending to have lost her
right leg. As I walked down the hall behind her I expected to see the bulge
of her foot at the back but apart from the "stump" being a little wider
than it should be, and even that was well camouflaged by the baggy
trousers, there was no obvious sign of her doubled up leg beneath the long

In the seven short days I had known her I had already seen her walking on
crutches and prosthesis, in a skirt, shorts and trousers and on each
occasion found it the most exciting thing I had ever seen but this was
quite different and a bigger sexual turn-on than ever if that were

The way she swung through the crutches with the empty pinned up trouser leg
was as before but on the "step" when her foot was on the ground and her
weight was on the rigid prosthesis, her body and "stump" rose up before she
swung the crutches forward again. Even now having seen her walk as a right
leg amputee a thousand times, I still find it difficult to describe.

"The coffee's in the pot, can you pour two and bring them through please?"
she said going into the lounge.

When I went into the lounge she was standing facing me between the

"How do you like your right leg amputee?"

"It's the most fantastic thing I have ever seen."

"Well I did promise you a surprise."

"Yes but why, what is it about, doing this?"

"I like it, it turns me on too I suppose, I often pretend around the flat
but not for long. All my weight is on my real stump on the edge of the
stump socket of the limb but if I keep moving and taking my weight on the
crutches it's OK."

"Its amazing I can't see your foot at all, how do you do it?"

"I told you it's practice and the right combination of panty girdles and
roomy trousers, I'll show you when it's your turn."

"My turn? What do you mean my turn?"

"Look I know it does something for you, you told me and anyway I rather
like the idea of going with a one legged man and you would make a great one
legged man."

By now I had an erection almost bursting out of my trousers and she saw it
and smiled, "I can see you agree," she giggled, "come and sit here on the

She sat down and through the trouser leg released whatever was holding the
prosthetic leg rigid at the knee. For some reason, I think because of it's
knee length or maybe because I knew she was pretending, I found her right
leg "stump" even sexier than her real one.

Her hand went to my trousers and I realized she was as turned on by it all
as I was as she took my pe nis in her hand.

"Can we go to bed with you like this? I asked.

"Quickly pass the crutches," she was almost panting now and she tried to
stand on just her left artificial leg holding on to me for support. She
somehow locked the knee again and slipping the crutches under her arms she
crutched out into the hall.

Suddenly I heard keys in the lock and looked at her in panic.

"It's OK it's only Elaine," she said as the door opened.

"But... "

"Its OK she's seen it all before. Hi Elaine," she said swinging to meet her
apparently totally unperturbed while I stood open mouthed and disbelieving.

"Hi there you two, having fun I see," said Elaine walking past into the
kitchen," any coffee going, I've had a shit day."

"Louise what's happening, she saw you on the wrong leg, she must realize...

"Of course like I said she's seen it before but I'm afraid her arriving
early means that somehow we'll have to postpone our "other plan," she said
squeezing my crotch, "can I see you tomorrow evening?"

If I can get my head around all this by then I thought to myself...

Chapter 18.

I was either so shaken, or so excited, about Louis's pretending for me and,
it appeared, quite openly in front of Elaine, that I did no work once again
that night or the next morning on the Dutch job.

I called Louise on her mobile the next day at around what I knew was her
lunch break.

"Hi it's me," I said.

"Hi you"

"Can I see you for lunch? I can be there in ten minutes," I asked.

"You want to see me again after yesterday? I thought I had gone too far,
Elaine said I had overdone it."

"No not at all you know how much it turned me on, I was just shocked that's
all, especially that Elaine knew."

"I'm just having a sandwich in the gardens behind the store, I'm the sexy
one on two legs," she joked.

I arrived about fifteen minutes later having had a problem parking the car.
She was sitting on a bench in the sunshine in the store uniform of white T-
shirt and black trousers and she was wearing her "work" prosthesis with the
two inch heeled court shoes. Her hair shone in the sun and she looked

I sat next to her and we kissed.

"We need to talk Louise"

"I know I'm sorry I went too far but... "

"No no you didn't," I interrupted her, "I was well shocked that's all, you
know how much I liked it but I don't understand why you enjoy it., I would
have thought that being a real amputee you would hate the thought of any
further disability."

"But it's not like that, it's like, well I can't explain but it's like you
liking me on crutches best or with a crude peg leg, the worse or more
obvious the amputation is seems to turn me on sexually," she was obviously

"Hey don't worry as far as I am concerned it's great, oh, and by the way I
haven't seen you on that peg-leg yet don't forget," I joked, "but what was
all that about me pretending too?"

"I told you, you would look good as a leg amputee and I quite fancy a one
legged lover plus if we were both one-legged, well, in a way I wouldn't
feel so unattractive I suppose."

"Unattractive, you? Louise you are beautiful and in my eyes even more so
because of your amputation". I put my hand on her left thigh and felt the
hardness of the prosthesis. She put her hand on mine and smiled.

"Thank you. Thanks for being lovely, thanks for not being too disgusted and
thanks for being a devotee," she giggled and was the old Louise once more.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" she said.

"Let's drive out into the country for a drink."

"OK that sounds nice, I'll drive so you can drink. How do you want me
crutches or limb? Skirt or trousers?" she asked mischievously.

"Trousers and underarms please," I replied with a grin.

"I'll pick you up at eight thirty" she said and, kissing me on the cheek
she stood and walked across to the store just noticeably kicking the limb
out as she went.

I drove home with so many questions still unanswered especially about
Elaine and Louis's pretending in her presence but quite excited about
pretending to be one legged myself and the thought of doing it in front of
her front of her added to the anticipation.

As I walked up the drive Bob put his head up over the hedge.

"Hello Matt, on your own today" he asked unnecessarily.

I looked around sarcastically, "It appears so Bob."

"Is she your girlfriend the... you know the girl with?..." he asked.

"The girl with one leg you mean? Yes she is actually and she's beautiful
don't you agree?" I said rather defensively.

"Yes she is but what's it like? You know her having only one leg? The poor
girl I feel so sorry for her."

"What's what like?" I answered brusquely.

"Well everything I suppose, getting around and stuff."

"Wonderful mate absolutely wonderful and don't feel sorry I think she likes
it, I know I do," I replied and with a stupid grin on my face, I walked
into the house.

I was of course ready to go and looking out for her by eight fifteen. It
was mid-June so still daylight and I saw her car turn into the end of the
road. My first thought was to rush out to meet her but I watched as she
parked across the end of the drive and got out on her one slender leg. She
hopped towards the back of the car while steadying herself with one hand on
the roof, opened the rear door and took out the underarm crutches.

She turned and started to swing slowly and sedately towards the house. She
saw me standing in the window watching and smiled. If anything she looked
more fantastic than ever and she was wearing what was to become my favorite
outfit, a blue pinstripe ladies business suit with a white silk blouse. The
jacket was cut quite long which accentuated her figure and height and the
trousers were immaculately tailored and pressed to a knife-like crease. The
empty left leg was as usual loosely pinned up to the trouser waistband at
the back out of sight under the jacket. The weight of the expensive cloth
coupled with the immaculate crease complimented the loose hanging of the
empty leg so it looked sexier than ever. A black ankle high boot with a
three inch spike heel, a black leather shoulder bag and a simple gold neck
chain completed the look. Her hair was loose on her shoulders and she wore
light make up.

I opened the door as she was about to ring.

"Wow you look sensational," I said as she kissed me.

"You approve then?"

"Yes very much."

"You don't think it's over the top? I wasn't going to wear a jacket but it
is going to be cool later."

"Louise it's perfect and those trousers pinned up like that and the boot...
well... are you sure you want to go out?"

"Come on sexy let's go, time for that later maybe."

I picked up a jacket and followed her out to the car. As always when using
crutches she looked fantastic from behind, her crutch and stump movement
always excited me.

She got in the car and I put the crutches on the back seat. The car was
automatic so there was no need for her to change gear so I was able to put
my hand across and rest it on her stump as she drove.

"Mhmm that's nice," she said pushing the stump harder against my hand.

She chose a well known country pub, crowded at weekends by smart "thirty
something" couples from town but on a Tuesday, apart from a few young
couples in the beer garden outside, the lounge was almost deserted and the
majority of customers were local playing darts in the bar.

I was disappointed as I really was looking forward to arriving at a crowded
place with this beautiful one-legged goddess and just watching everyone's
reaction to her knowing she was with me. The idea that the men were
probably wondering what it was like to have s*ex with her excited me.

As it was we still got a few stares and nudges as we walked through the
beer garden but she was so stunningly beautiful even without her amputated
leg that she would attract stares anyway from any normal red blooded male.

The lounge was furnished with easy chairs and settees around a large open
fireplace in traditional country pub style. She sat on a comfy settee and I
fetched the drinks. As I walked back across the room towards her she looked
so perfect sitting there, long right leg, stump on the left, tiny waist and
full breasts, immaculately dressed with golden hair and the must beautiful
smile I had ever seen.

I sat next to her on her amputated side of course and soon felt her stump
press against my right thigh, beautifully innocent she may have looked but
my China Doll had hidden sexual depths even I had yet to discover.

Chapter 19.

Louise dropped me off that night but declined to come in as she had a long
day the next day stocktaking at the store. We had spent the whole evening
talking, about my family, about hers, about my work and briefly once again,
about her amputation and my feelings about it. I was dying to ask her about
how and when Elaine had seen her on crutches and the prosthesis as a right
leg amputee but somehow I wasn't able to get the subject around to it and
she didn't volunteer the information.

We had left the pub at half past eleven and I had followed her across to
the car once again watching her glorious gait on the underarm crutches with
the empty leg of the immaculate trousers pinned up over her stump, it felt
so good just to be in the company of this sexy woman.

I didn't see her on Wednesday or Thursday due to the stocktaking and her
weekly "girl's night in" with Elaine so I made good progress on the Dutch
designs and almost got back on schedule. I called her every day and we
agreed to go out on Friday evening.

"Let's go to that new club in the town center, there's a restaurant and a
quiet bar as well as the main dance area," she said.

"OK by me but I'm no fan of dancing in nightclubs."

"Well I'm no medal winner either, a prosthesis isn't the greatest accessory
for dancing you know," she replied.

"Oh Louise I'm so sorry I didn't think as usual."

"Don't be silly I thought you would realize I am pretty cool about it all
by now, it's not often I am embarrassed about things like that it any more,
actually I'm quite a mean dancer of the slow ones anyway, you can hold me

Friday came and I pushed the intercom button at exactly nine o'clock.

Elaine answered," Come on up Matt, she's not ready I'm afraid."

As I approached the door Elaine opened it and smiled, "Come in, she's still
getting dressed, I have instructions to get you a drink."

"Thanks but make it non-alcoholic, I'm driving."

"Of course," she replied and walked to the kitchen. She looked tinier than
ever without shoes and I watched her shapely figure disappear down the
hall. She was an extremely pretty girl, with her auburn hair done in waves
reminiscent of the 1930s. There the 1930s look ended as she was wearing a
mini skirt that was even shorter than the one on the first occasion we met
if that were possible.

We sat in the lounge while I waited for Louise.

"I hear you had a nice weekend," she asked with a wry smile.

"Yes thanks," I grinned like a village idiot, "and you?"

"OK we went to my boyfriend's parents on the Saturday - always a dull
moment," she giggled.

I heard the door open down the hall and Louise appeared hopping in the
lounge doorway.

"Pass me a pair of crutches will you please," she asked a little
breathlessly, "I only had the underarms in my room and I think elbow
crutches might be best tonight if it's going to be crowded."

I reached for the pair propped up on the settee but Elaine said, "No, not
those, they'll need adjusting, I'll get the ones in the kitchen."

"Wow you look sensational again, let me look at you," I said. She hopped to
the settee and rested her hand on it to steady herself.


"Fantastic, just fantastic," I replied.

Elaine returned with the crutches.

"Down boy, you two are going out remember? Keep it under control till
later," she laughed and looked at me knowingly. Just how much had Louise
told her on those "nights in" I wondered?

"Fantastic" was an understatement. Louise was wearing a tiny strappy top in
gold which accentuated her breasts and matched her hair but it was below
the waist that almost literally took my breath away. She was wearing the
tightest light blue denim jeans I had ever seen which, with the spike
heeled ankle boot made her single leg go on forever. The left leg was cut
off and beautifully tightly tailored to every contour of her stump.

She slipped her arms into the crutches.

"I take it I look OK? I was going to wear my leg tonight but it's been so
hot all day and I've been on my feet at work so I opted for crutches, I
hope you don't mind."

"Mind? Why should I mind?" I asked.

"He doesn't mind in fact he loves it," Elaine added, clearly with some
knowledge of my thoughts.

"Well I thought you might see some of your friends at the club and you
might not want them to see me like this," she started to look upset.

"But you look incredibly sexy and gorgeous to me and those jeans are...
well... intended to show off your amputation surely."

"Of course they are," said Elaine, "she's just looking for compliments,
here's your sweater now off you go before this poor boy blows a fuse or

On the way to the car Louise said, "I meant it you know, you may like being
with a one legged woman but I bet your friends will have something to say
about it."

"I don't give a damn what anyone says and judging from those jeans neither
do you, it's clear you're going to shock someone tonight."

"I'm wearing these for you and you only as I knew you would like them. As I
couldn't wear the leg and had to use crutches anyway and as a mini-skirt
was out of the question I thought these were next best but yes, if I'm to
be on one leg with crutches then why not flaunt it, no point in hiding it."

"As far as I am concerned I'm with the prettiest sexiest girl imaginable
and I don't care who knows it or sees you are an amputee and by the way,
what's wrong with a miniskirt, you'd look sensational."

She giggled and pretended to hit me with one of her crutches.

Louise wanted to go to a pub first but by the time we got to the town
center it was nine-thirty and being Friday evening everywhere was totally
packed. I was concerned but I needn't have worried, she was fantastic on
the crutches, edging and moving sideways through the crowds to the bar. On
a couple of occasions seeing the crutches people moved apart to make way
for her then noticing her missing leg either looked sadly at each other or
admiringly at her long single leg and gorgeous bottom in the tight jeans.

There were no seats and we had to stand at the bar. Again I was worried but
she made nothing of it, using just the left crutch after hooking the other
one by the elbow grip on the edge of the bar. A group of young men on a
stag night spotted her and were clearly discussing her missing leg. She saw
them and smiling, gently lifted her stump and pushed it into my groin.

We left the bar and went to the club just before eleven. It was a cool
outside and she stood on one leg, hopping slightly to keep her balance
while she put on her sweater. I handed her the crutches and we joined the
queue. A few girls she knew possibly from work spotted her and spoke but
most of the people around us had obviously never seen her before, on
crutches anyway as we were clearly the subject of hushed whispers.

"Anyone would think they had never seen a one legged woman before," I said.

"They probably haven't," she laughed, "just think what a stir we would make
if you were one legged too."

I looked at her in amazement. She giggled "Only joking."

But was she...

Chapter 20.

I woke about eight thirty the next morning alone in Louis's bed as she had
already gone to work.

We had left the club at about two in the morning and I had driven her home.
She had had quite a lot to drink whilst I was totally sober. After much
fumbling in the car outside the flat she had made it obvious she wanted me
to stay and after an evening of watching her magnificent one-legged body my
erection made it obvious what I wanted.

I helped her undress and she lay back on the bed as I pulled off her tight
jeans and tiny white pants. I had kissed her bare stump tracing the line of
the faded scar that ran around it's tip and then ran my tongue up the stump
to her wet crotch. We had made frantic love with her single leg locked
around me like a vice while her stump stuck out to her left and thrashed
about as we climaxed.

The jeans with the tailored left leg lay on the floor with her underwear
from the previous evening and the elbow crutches.

Suddenly there was a tap on the door and Elaine came in wearing a bathrobe.

"I've brought you some tea, Lou said I should look after you but make sure
you went home and did some work."

I was somehow embarrassed laying there in her friend's bed surrounded by
her friend's clothes and crutches.

"I'm sorry I overslept I'll get going."

"It's OK no rush, I'm not surprised you overslept after last night," she
said giving me a knowing look.

I was even more embarrassed and she must have realized as she said.

"Don't worry I'm just pleased she has a man in her life who really cares
about her and anyway you didn't keep me awake too long" She giggled and

I dressed and used the bathroom then went back into Louis's room. I tidied
up the underwear and crutches and went to hang the jeans in the wardrobe.
The peg leg was there in the corner and as I touched the leather lace up
socket and aluminum shaft I noticed the socket also had two straps with
buckles in addition to the laces in order to tighten it. It obviously
needed much adjustment as it looked far too large for Louis's slender

I went through to the kitchen and returned the mug. Elaine was having

"Thanks for the tea, I must go."

"Do you want breakfast?" she asked.

"No thanks I must get home shower, shave and as Louise said do some work."

"Its OK you know."

"What's OK"?

"You and Louise and her being one-legged."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't feel comfortable with me, here, knowing you slept with her, me
seeing her crutches and undies in the room and stuff and you are wondering,
worrying what I think about you for having s*ex with a one legged woman."

"No, no it's not that it's... "

"Because you like her being an amputee? I do know you know, she told me.
Look, I live with her. I've seen her naked, I've seen her on crutches, on
one leg, wearing the prosthesis, hopping, powdering her stump and I've even
seen her sewing up the trouser legs. It doesn't embarrass me at all but I
know, despite her outgoing act, that being an amputee is hell for her as
far as relationships are concerned. Her boyfriend John was a shit to her.
You seem different like you really care for her and are attracted to her
for herself even if her amputation is part of it too. She dresses to please
you, take last night. Just enjoy it but do not shit on her or you'll have
me to deal with."

I felt like a schoolboy being read the riot act by a teacher and all
thoughts about asking Elaine about Louis's right leg amputee pretending,
which she clearly knew about, or the crude peg leg, disappeared.

"Elaine I won't, I think she is the loveliest girl I have ever met not to
mention the prettiest and the sexiest and not just because of her leg
either. In fact I think I love her."

"I just hope that's true and you're not just going with her only because of
her amputation, bragging to your friends or doing it for a bet. Pretending
to be an amputee is great fun but a real amputee the missing limb is
forever, it doesn't grow back."

"Elaine please it's OK, I would never hurt her and it's nice that you look
out for her but I won't do anything to upset her."

In the end I was pleased to escape to my house. I showered and shaved and
rang Louise at lunchtime.

"Oh Hi, you woke up eventually then?" she joked.

"Why didn't you wake me, you were the one who had loads to drink, you
should have been the one who overslept."

"You looked so peaceful sleeping so I didn't wake you. I wanted to stay
with you and touch you and have you inside me again but I had to work - I'm
sorry," but it was a fantastic night wasn't it?"

"Until Elaine told me my fortune this morning yes."

"Oh no, she didn't. Matt I'm so sorry but she's so protective towards me
after John."

Later I went shopping to the store we had gone to a week ago. The girl on
the deli counter I had been keen on for months served me with a smile and

"Do you mind if I ask about that girl last week? Are you and her... you
know, a couple?"

"Yes as it happens we are."

"She's so beautiful such a shame she's... like that."

"Like what?" I asked innocently.

"Well she's had her leg off, all the girls were talking about her after you
left. One or two of the girls had seen her in the pubs and clubs but didn't
know she had had a leg off."

"Had a leg off" sounded so basic and crude so I said.

"Well it's true she's had a leg amputated, haven't you ever seen anyone
with one leg before?"

"Not a young woman and not... you know... on crutches. I knew a lady in her
fifties who had an artificial leg and then there's another lady who comes
in here in a wheelchair who has no legs right up here," she indicated her

"Well I'm very lucky then aren't I?" I said, "anyway don't tell me you've
never been with a one legged boy?"

"Oh no, in fact I've never seen one and I couldn't fancy anyone with a leg

I smiled to myself and turned away. You don't know what you're missing I

Yes, my China Doll was one in a million.

Chapter 21.

I had arranged to pick Louise up that night but she called me about four
o'clock and asked if she could come round to my house straight from work as
Elaine had invited her boyfriend to the flat for the evening. I hurriedly
tidied the place up and she arrived at just after six in her work clothes
and wearing her prosthesis.

"I hope you don't mind but Elaine and I got our wires crossed and it is her
turn to have the place to herself tonight," she said.

"No problem I'm just pleased to see you."

She walked into the lounge with some difficulty.

"Sorry but this leg is agony, it's been so busy I have been on my feet all
day, do you mind if I take it off?"

"I think you know the answer to that already," I smiled.

"I need to use the bathroom anyway I'll take it off in your bedroom if
that's OK."

The stairs in my house, a three storey Victorian terrace, are very steep so
I went up the stairs behind her in case she slipped but I needn't have
worried as she managed perfectly despite her discomfort.

"The bathroom is straight ahead and my room is the one at the front."

"Thanks can you do me a favor? There's a pair of crutches in the boot of my
car can you bring them in please?"

When I returned with the crutches she was in my room sitting on the bed
with her trousers back on but with the empty left leg hanging loose. Her
artificial leg with a knee length black nylon sock and still wearing the
shoe stood in the corner. The liner was draped over the edge of the socket
of the limb.

"Thanks. I haven't got anything to pin the trousers up with I'm afraid so
I'll have to just tuck it in."

"I can help there, I got lots from when they pin on the tickets at the dry
cleaners, look in the drawer in that cabinet I usually throw them in

"Can you do the honors please?" she asked producing two safety pins.

She stood and put her hand on my shoulder for balance while I pinned up the
empty trouser leg. She then put her arms in the crutches and swung out onto
the landing and went to the top of the stairs.

"Mhmm maybe I should have taken the leg off downstairs, it's a bit steep."

"Well in that case you'll have to stay in my bedroom for ever," I joked.

"Later tiger later, it's OK I'll come down on my bum but first I have to do

She went back into the bedroom and emerged with a stump sock and the socket
liner from the leg and disappeared into the bathroom.

"Sorry it's not very sexy I know but I have to wash and dry these for
later," she said, rather embarrassed over her shoulder.

I went downstairs and shortly afterwards heard her coming down on her
bottom so I went out to meet her in the hall just as she stood up on her
single leg and put her arms in the crutches.

"So what do you want to do this evening?" I asked.

"I've got a clean pair of knickers and a spare stump sock to sleep in
otherwise I'm just in my work clothes," she said apologetically.

"Do you want to collect some clothes?" I asked.

"No Paul will already be there, they might be in bed already," she laughed.
"do you mind awfully if we stay in?"

"Not at all, I'd love it. I'll cook some steaks."

"Wow, you can cook as well?"

"Just steak and salad, is that OK?"

"That would be great."

"Sit down I'll get you a glass of wine."

She sat on the settee putting the crutches on the floor at the front then
settled back and took the glass of wine while gently, almost absent
mindedly, rubbing her stump with her left hand.

"That's better now I can relax," she said.

"I'll do the steaks."

"No not yet come here," she patted the settee next to her.

I sat down and we kissed. As usual my hand was drawn to her stump and her
hand to my groin and soon we were undressed and making love on the floor of
the lounge. As we lay together afterwards I had a sudden thought.

"I hope my neighbor wasn't looking in the window, he'll never get over it."

She giggled and pushed her stump into my side, "Get to the kitchen and
start cooking". She started to dress and a few moments later she came into
the kitchen on crutches.

"Have you got a pair of tracksuit trousers and a T-shirt I can wear this
evening instead of my work clothes?" she asked.

"Yes but they will be rather large on you," I replied.

"That's OK, all the easier to get out of," she laughed" where do I look."

"On the top shelf in the wardrobe."

I heard her going up the stairs and into the bathroom then a few minutes
later she came down again barefoot and wearing a black sweat shirt that
would almost have made a short dress and a pair of my tracksuit trousers
with the waist cord pulled really tight so they didn't fall down. I am not
much taller than Louise, six foot to about five foot nine, but considerably
larger around the middle. The empty leg was pinned up but hung looser than
ever and moved around as she crutched into the lounge where I was pouring
more wine.

"That's better," she said, "now I can relax," and she dropped into an
armchair as I handed her a glass of wine.

We had a marvelous evening, watching TV and talking as we sat together on
the settee, my hand on the tip of her stump.

"I must leave early in the morning," she said.

"Must you, it's Sunday no work to go to, I rather hoped we could lie in bed
and make love until lunchtime."

"Sorry but it's my only day off I have things to do. Come round in the
afternoon if you like."

I woke about nine the next morning. Louise and the prosthesis were gone
leaving my training pants, with the left leg pinned up, on the bed and her
crutches propped in the corner with a note on the handle "A spare pair for
you to practice on ready for your "amputation" Love Louise."

I felt a strange thrill of anticipation. What had she got in mind for me?
Was she really going to get me to pretend to be the one-legged man she
apparently desired?

I slipped my arms into the crutches and stood in front of the mirror...

Chapter 22.

I arrived at Louis's flat at about two in the afternoon feeling
increasingly confused and with my mind in a growing turmoil. I still hadn't
plucked up the courage to really ask about her pretending especially the
fact that she was apparently quite happy for Elaine to see her pretending
to be a right leg amputee. Had she ever pretended to be a double amputee
when Elaine was around I wondered and how serious was she that I should
pretend to be one-legged too? Deep down the thought of pretending to be a
leg amputee in front of her excited me tremendously but her concentration
on it somehow frightened me at the same time.

I didn't actually know whether I was supposed to return the crutches from
the previous night so I had put them in the boot of the car but once more I
couldn't discuss it or bring the crutches into the flat with the
explanations that would entail as Elaine was home. She answered the door in
a short sexy sun-dress.

"Hi Matt, come in, she's ironing in the kitchen," she said and went into
the lounge. I walked into the kitchen where Louise was standing at the
ironing board in shorts and wearing the C-leg with white sports shoes.

I walked up behind her and putting my arms around her waist, kissed her
neck through her hair. I lifted my left thigh so it came in contact with
the socket of the c-leg and immediately felt it's hardness. The socket was
in my view the sexiest part of the limb, enclosing her perfect stump. The
uncovered knee and shin with it's strangely basic looking foot was less

"Get off, I have to finish these," she said, "go and talk to Elaine for
five minutes."

Elaine and I made small talk, with me trying to look up her skirt as she
sat with her legs crossed on the settee, until Louise joined us. She had
removed the prosthesis and was on elbow crutches with her stump naked and
protruding some six inches below the shorts. I could see another pair of
elbow crutches in the corner of the lounge so the ones she had left at my
house were obviously a third pair which I later learned she always carried
in her car boot.

Louise sat down next to Elaine and handed her the crutches which she put
down by the settee. Sitting opposite I had a view of her stump with it's
faint scar line horizontally crossing it's tip I had not had before and I
wished I was sitting next to her so I could touch it and gently rub it for
her which I knew aroused her tremendously but instead it was against
Elaine's thigh.

Elaine must have seen me looking or read my mind as she stood up.

"I'll make coffee, come and sit next to Louise," she said going to the
kitchen. I didn't need to be asked twice and as I sat down next to her I
whispered to Louise.

"I don't know how long I can keep my hands off you."

"Well you'll have to Elaine is staying in tonight and I still have stuff to
do before tomorrow."

"That's OK just as long as I can see you I'll fight it somehow."

The evening passed all too quickly. We chatted for a while then Elaine went
to take a bath leaving us alone. Louise went to her bedroom to put the
ironing away which I had to carry for her as she was on crutches. As she
was putting jeans and sweaters into the wardrobe I again saw the peg leg
and couldn't resist asking.

"So when are you going to model that for me?

She sat down in the wheelchair which was once again by her bed and
discarded the crutches.

" There's plenty of time yet, you have to be one legged before we use that
and anyway you haven't seen me in this chair with one leg yet, what do you

I admitted I quite liked it and I told her so adding that I would also like
to see her as a double amputee again. All this discussion gave me a huge
erection and I moved over and stood in front of her as she sat in the
chair. She saw the bulge in my trousers and unfastening them, she took my
pe nis first into her hand and then gently into her mouth. I ejaculated
almost immediately and she then stood up and, holding my shoulder, hopped
to the bed attempting to unfasten the shorts as she went.

In a moment she lay on the bed naked from the waist down and parting her
beautiful right thigh and stump to reveal her wet vagina.

"Kiss me there, quickly, now please," she moaned and as I did so her stump
moved around frantically beside my face and on my shoulder.

As we lay together later I finally asked her about my pretending.

"Are you serious?"

"Well you want to don't you, I mean it's a turn-on for you isn't it? You
told me you had pretended before."

"Well yes" I confirmed a little embarrassed," but just with a belt and
tight jeans. My foot stuck out at the back and I had to hop around I had no

"Well thanks to a real one-legged woman now you have and don't worry about
how to do it, leave that to me, I'll get what I need from the store you
just need to turn up with the widest fitting trousers you have."

"Not tight jeans?"

"No definitely not, tight jeans may help to hold your leg up but show your
foot bulge, no roomy trousers please either training pants or a loose
fitting lounge suit and I'll do the rest."

I looked at her, she was deadly serious.

"You really mean it don't you?"

"I sure do, I'm going to turn you into a beautiful sexy one legged man,
heads will turn when we walk into the pub that's for sure."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"You mean you expect me to go out as a leg amputee?"

"Not to start with of course you need to practice on the crutches so it
will be here or at your place to start with but eventually, why not?
Somewhere where you're not known of course."

She giggled and rolled over onto her right side, putting her stump across
my abdomen so I felt her wetness against my left thigh.

"Wait a minute," she said and getting out of bed she hopped to the dressing
table and returned to the bed with an elastic bandage and a long-legged
panty girdle. She sat on her right foot and expertly bandaged her right
shin and ankle to her thigh almost up into her groin then she struggled
into the elasticated girdle which I helped to pull fully up around her

"There, you said me being a double amputee turned you on, do you like it?"
she said pulling off her T-shirt to reveal her beautiful rounded breasts.
She lay back, her two stumps encased, except for the tips, in the white
elastic girdle, the left one shorter and slimmer than the right but for all
the world a double leg amputee.

"Make love to me like this... please... I want to try it as much as you"
she said touching my erect-again pe nis.

The panty girdle had been cut in the crotch allowing me to enter her and I
made love lying on top of her while rubbing the end of her "stumps".
Afterwards she quickly took off the girdle and bandage to release her right
leg and, after putting on a bathrobe, she picked up the elbow crutches and
swung sexily out to the bathroom.

I lay in her bed, exhausted and still buzzing with excitement and wondering
what surprises my China Doll had for me next.

Chapter 23.

I wanted to see Louise the next day but when I went to the studio the next
morning there was an Email from the Dutch client asking me to deliver the
first designs of their new logo to the Amsterdam office before the
company's annual shutdown just three weeks away in late July.

Since meeting Louise two weeks before I had hardly done any work and now
our potentially biggest client had brought his deadline forward by a month.
I decided I had to knuckle down and actually produce something so I reached
for the phone to ring Louise to cancel our lunch date but literally as I
touched it, it rang.

It was my mother asking if I would go over for lunch the following weekend
which was my parent's anniversary for which I had been shopping when I met

"Bring the new lady in your life," said my mother, "I'd like to meet her"

I was shocked. Did she know there was "a new lady in my life" or was it
just my mother fishing as usual? If she did know was she aware she only had
one leg? If she did she gave no indication.

"What new lady mum?" I stalled for time trying to find out more.

"Oh come on I'm sure there's someone, a beautiful blonde lady who lives
down by the marina for instance?"

She knew and more than that it sounded like she had actually seen Louise
for herself! The thing was had she seen Louise on one leg or did she know
she was an amputee?

While I was frantically thinking my mother was still talking.

"Come over for lunch about eleven on Sunday, I'm dying to meet her."

I had been about to say we couldn't make it as Louise worked Saturdays,
even though the next Saturday was her weekend off, but the invitation for
Sunday neatly prevented that.

"I'll ask her Mum and her name is Louise by the way."

"That's nice dear, please let me know you can make it, Pat is coming over."

I worked for a couple of hours then called Louise later during her lunch
break. When I told her my mother had invited us over there was a deathly
silence on the phone then she said, "Can we talk about it tonight?"

"Of course, is there a problem? I really should go and I would love them to
meet you."

"I told you we'll talk tonight."

I found it difficult to concentrate that afternoon and I was at Louis's
flat by six thirty. She greeted me at the door on her one leg and the
underarm crutches and wearing a knee-length denim skirt and tight white
top. Her hair was in a pony-tail and she was barefoot.

"Hi, you look nice," I said as we kissed. As usual as we did so she
instinctively lifted her stump up into my groin.

"Hello," she replied, "come in," and she turned and walked on the crutches
down the hallway. If I live to be 100 I will never tire of watching her
from behind using crutches, it is the sexiest most beautiful thing I have
ever seen with her flowing gait and single slender leg swinging through
between the crutches.

We sat in the lounge, "You really are a sexy lady you know especially on
the underarm crutches, are you trying to excite me?"

She smiled weakly," I much prefer crutches to the leg and I don't want to
wear the leg ever again outside work now I know you like it too and are not
embarrassed at being seen with me. I only wore it to appear "normal" and
because I have to at work of course."

"That suits me so why the sad face?

"It's your mother's invitation, what did she say when you told her?"

"Told her what?"

"That I was a one-legged woman, an amputee, a cripple. That my left leg is
off above the knee and that I have a stump and limp around on a plastic leg
or on crutches, you know damn well what I mean."

"Hey don't get upset, it won't matter to her or my Dad, if they know I like
you then they'll like you too. You don't have to feel embarrassed in front
of my parents."

"You haven't told them have you?"

"Well no not yet," I admitted, "but not for any reason I just didn't
mention it."

"Didn't mention it!" she almost shouted then burst into tears. "I can't go
I won't go I'm sorry. It's like John all over again."

"But I didn't see it as important, they want me to go to lunch and to take
you, they don't care if you have two legs, one leg or no legs. Anyway
what's John got to do with it?"

"I told you once he chose his family before me. We were getting engaged,
I'd never met them, I know now it was because he was either embarrassed
about me being an amputee although he didn't seem to mind being with me or
he was ashamed. Anyway his parents were horrified and just didn't want
their precious son to marry a one-legged woman. They thought having a
disabled wife would hold him back in his career or stigmatize him or
something and to cut a long story short, he agreed with his mummy and ended
our relationship."

"It sounds like you had a lucky escape, he obviously didn't love you". (I
nearly added "like I do") "and you deserve better than that. Look I promise
my parents won't be like that and anyway it's a meal for their anniversary
not to introduce you as their daughter-in-law to be."

"That's not the point though," she replied, "you have to tell them and your
sister Pat too before we go and before they see me and notice it's a false
leg, I just can't do it otherwise and promise me it's OK... please."

"I'll call her tomorrow."

"No, call her now please," she said, "I'll be in the kitchen, Elaine left
the washing up this morning."

I rang the number and my mother answered.

"Hi Mum it's me, look I've spoken to Louise about Sunday but she's worried,
there's something we want you to know before we agree, you see... "

"About her amputation you mean?" my mother replied, "we know she only has
one leg if that's what she's worried about. Tell her not to be silly, I
just know she's going to be a lovely girl and if you like her then that's
enough for us. I understand she's also extremely petty."

"But how did you know?"

"She works with my friend Mrs Thompson's daughter, Jane you remember her?
Anyway she told her mother a workmate was going out with you and her mother
mentioned it to me."

"That my girlfriend had only one leg?"

"No not at all. Jane did tell her mother Louise was an amputee but she also
said she was beautiful and a really nice girl and it appears crazy about
you. Jane's mother mentioned it to me but only when I asked what Louise was
like, if you told me about your girlfriends I wouldn't have to ask other

"She is lovely Mum, in fact she's the nicest most beautiful girl I have
ever met," (I thought it best to omit any details of my interest in or
Louis's apparent enjoyment of her condition and our pretending games!).

"I'm sure she is and we look forward to seeing you and meeting her on

"Mum please can you make sure Pat knows before we arrive, Louise doesn't
want to embarrass anyone."

"Of course don't worry, tell her we are dying to meet her."

I went into the kitchen, Louise was standing on one leg at the sink
scrubbing a plate as if she was trying to erase the pattern, the crutches
stood against the fridge. I went behind her and put my arms around her.

"It's OK, she already knew and it's you she wants to see not your

Louise spun around on her single foot, "She knew all the time?"

"Yes, a girl at work - Jane Thompson apparently, her mother knows my mother
and Jane it appears knows me, but I don't recall her I'm afraid. Did you
tell her about us?"

"No, no, she's in a different department, she must have seen us meeting, "
Louise said.

"Well anyway, my mother already knew and was not shocked, embarrassed or
anything else other than pleased I had found someone I like a lot and who,
it appears, likes me," I joked. "Incidentally how did Jane know you liked
me if you haven't spoken to her?"

"Eileen, she's a friend at work who knocks around with Jane. I told Eileen
about you and how I liked you. She must have told her."

"What a tangled web, anyway my mother knows you have one leg and it doesn't
matter a jot, in fact if you had two heads she wouldn't even blink if her
little boy said he loved you."

She looked shocked," Love?"

"Yes my beautiful one-legged China Doll, I love you."

The door opened and Elaine came in.

Chapter 24.

I wasn't supposed to be seeing Louise at all on Tuesday as she and Elaine
were having yet another "girl's night," Elaine was not working on the
Wednesday and Louise had a late start at the store so I imagined lots of
wine was going to be consumed (and "girly talk" would no doubt abound). All
this meant I was able to get in a full day and an early evening session in
on the Dutch designs, sufficient I hoped to make up lost ground on the

I had called Louise at lunchtime and she appeared to be much happier about
the visit to my parents than she had been the previous evening which,
although it had ended once again in her bed, had seen her doubts about
meeting my family, raised again.

"I'll have to wear the false leg of course," she had said as we lay
together after making love.

"Not if you don't want to and you know I always want to see you on
crutches," I replied trying to lighten things up.

"I know and like I told you I prefer the crutches and outside work I want
to use them whenever I can, especially as you like them, but seriously I
can't on Sunday, "Hello I'm your sons one-legged girlfriend and as you can
see I use crutches and my leg has been amputated at mid-thigh" is hardly a
good intro to your mother."

"OK OK I just want you to feel OK about it that's all. I told you that you
have nothing to worry about from my parents or my sister."

"Well that's easy for you to say, you're not the one on one leg. Although
now I think of it, I'll use crutches if you do," she joked and smiled.

Somehow I don't ever see me doing that I thought.

When I called late in the evening Elaine answered sounding a bit tipsy.

"I'm sorry I know it's your girl's night but I wanted to speak to Louise,
" I asked.

"Hi Matt yes of course no problem," she giggled, "I'll just get her to hop
to the phone."

After a pause Louise answered sounding breathless, "Matt? Sorry about that,
I'm in the middle of sewing up the leg on a new pair of jeans. I want it to
be really stump-hugging and sexy for you but we've done it wrong twice
already, too much wine I'm afraid, at this rate I'll have to have a hip
amputation before it fits". She giggled madly and I heard Elaine call out
in the background.

"Ask him to come round Lou," it'll be a laugh."

"Did you hear Elaine Matt, do you want to come round?"

"I don't know it sounds like you two are having a great time without me
turning up," I replied, "but I would like to see you."

"Come on over then and bring the suit trousers, we'll measure you up for an
amputation while we're at it."

"Oooh no you don't, not with Elaine there, I don't want her to know, please
keep it quiet," I was embarrassed and almost begging.

"I'm only joking silly, Elaine can't hear me and anyway I don't want her to
see you until you are a really convincing one-legged man," she giggled
again, "just come over please - I want you, sexy."

"But what about Elaine," I asked.

"Oh she's so drunk she's off to bed in a minute, come in half an hour."

I arrived at the flat at about ten and Louise answered the door. She looked
magnificent as she stood there on the underarm crutches. She was wearing
the new denim jeans she had mentioned earlier with the empty left leg cut
off and sewn up so tightly and closely as to show every contour of her
stump. She wore the right leg tucked into a knee length black boot with a
two inch platform sole and at least a four inch heel making her at least
5"11"" or even 6" tall. The boot made her lovely right leg look even longer
and her amputation higher. On top she was wearing a skin tight black vest
with obviously no brassiere as I could clearly see her nipples.

"Wow you look fantastic!" I gasped, "I love the boot."

"Me too, I can't wear them with the false leg of course so I'm glad you
like just the one, I think it's quite sexy, it really turns me on."

"Me too," I added.

"I can see that," she said pointedly looking at my crotch, "come on in,
I'll make coffee unless you want wine?"

"I think you're a bit too far a head of me on the wine and anyway I'm
driving and I can't stay, I have to go to London early tomorrow with some
designs. Coffee will be fine."

She turned and as usual I left her swing ahead of me down the hallway, I
never tire of watching her walk on crutches and tonight with the platform
boot she looked sexier than ever if that was possible.

As I walked behind her past Elaine's room I noticed the door was ajar and I
saw the wheelchair, with a pair of elbow crutches laid across it, was
parked just inside her door rather than in the hall closet. The sound of a
gentle female snore told me we wouldn't be disturbed.

I joined Louise in the kitchen and gently touched her stump from behind,
She responded by pushing it backwards against me before turning on her
single foot.

"Must you go tonight?" she asked pushing her stump up in between my legs as

"I have to be in London by nine, it's important and anyway I wasn't
expecting to see you tonight. If all goes well I have to go to Amsterdam
next month, I was rather hoping you'd come."

"I'd love to if I can get the time off and if a one-legged woman fits into
a business trip". She sounded insecure and defensive again.

"The business will be secondary if you come, we'll have a great time and
you'll knock "em dead in Amsterdam looking like that."

"Then of course I'll come," she said kissing me cheek, "Now carry this
coffee to the bedroom immediately and get into bed while I go to the

A few minutes later she came into the bedroom still on the sexy wooden
underarm crutches but minus the jeans and the vest. She was dressed in just
the knee length black boot with a suspender belt holding up a full length
stocking on her right leg and a cut off beautifully tailored shortened
stocking on her stump.

"Do you approve?" she asked swinging across to the bed and standing above
me. I reached out and pushed my hand between her legs. She opened her legs
lifting her stump and resting it on the crutch handle so my fingers could
explore more deeply.

I rose to my knees and put my other hand on the tip of her stump.

"Approve? You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen Louise," I

"And next time will you be my one-legged man?" she asked reaching for my

How on earth was I going to refuse my China Doll?

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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And the next 25 to 32

Chapter 25.

I eventually slipped out of Louis's bed at about five-thirty leaving her
warm, naked and beautiful, lying on her stomach with her leg and stump
spread apart and sleepily asking me to stay. I drove home, showered and ate
breakfast before catching the eight fifteen to London with the designs on
my laptop.

As usual all I thought about was Louise and I spent the entire journey
imagining her sitting opposite to me in a crowded train in the dark
business suit with the empty trouser leg pinned up. There were many
attractive ladies on the crowded train that morning although none were as
beautiful as Louise and all had both legs as far as I could see.

Louise called about nine thirty as I was walking to the Underground. She
was working at eleven until seven in the evening and I arranged to call her
during her afternoon break to decide if we could meet that evening.

The meeting went well and the Dutch company's UK rep liked the designs but
wanted the original artwork in full size available for Amsterdam in the
second week in July. Clearly he didn't trust the computer images so I had a
lot of work still to do especially as he requested the designs in
alternative colors.

I get to the station after a pleasant lunch paid for by the Dutch customer,
hopefully a sign of things to come in Amsterdam, and went for a drink while
I waited for the train. Old habits die hard and I was casually scanning the
crowd of afternoon drinkers for any sign of crutches or a prosthesis or an
empty sleeve when I saw instead an old school friend who unfortunately also
saw me and came over.

"Matt! Hi mate how are you?"

"Simon long time no see, I'm fine how are you," I attempted a "pleased to
see you smile."

"Great and dying to know about your new girlfriend, I saw you in the club
last Friday with err... "

"Louise, her name's Louise," I prompted him.

"She's a real stunner, where did you meet her?"

"In the town she works in one of the stores."

"I think I've seen her around but not... you know... I've never noticed...

"That's she's only got one leg you mean?" I replied rather shortly.

"Well yes, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you mate it's just that you
know... "

"I know what?"

"Well she's beautiful but, well, I've never seen a one-legged girl before,
not knowingly and on crutches anyway," he said apologetically.

"Well you have now Simon, and she's gorgeous and I'm pleased to say she's

"Tell me more, do you want another beer."

I declined claiming I had to do some shopping and left. It was only a
matter of time before he asked me if I had had s*ex with Louse and what it
was like.

I called Louise around four, her break was later than normal as she was
working until seven. I told her the meeting had gone well and that if I
could get the work done in time we were on our way to Amsterdam. She was
pleased and asked which train I would be on. I didn't want to run into
Simon again so I told her I would catch the five o'clock which would get me
to the station at ten past six.

To my surprise and delight the first person I saw on the platform when I
got off the train was Louise. She waved and made her way towards me through
the crowd of commuters with that amazing smile and her beautiful yellow
hair blowing around her face. She was dressed in her working clothes and
was wearing the prosthesis and in her hurry to get to me her limp was more
pronounced as she hurriedly kicked the leg out in front of her.

"Hi what are you doing here?" I said kissing her on the cheek.

"I got off early, it was a terrible headache - really," she giggled," I
wanted to meet you. Elaine's already gone out for the evening with Paul, a
concert or something and they wanted to eat first so the flat's empty.

She turned and fell in step beside me holding my hand. A couple passed us
obviously watching Louis's limp and wondering what was wrong with her. I
smiled inwardly, I was with the most beautiful woman in the world and I
knew that under those trousers she had just one beautiful leg and a stump
that she would soon want to share with me.

"My car is over there," she said "in the short stay."

"My car is here too, in the other car park, are you going home and I'll be
round as soon as I shower and change?" I asked.

"No I'll follow you to your place then we'll go on to my place in my car
and I'll drop you off in the morning on my way to work."

"So I'm not driving tonight?"

"No absolutely not," she smiled.

We got to my house by six-forty five and I went straight up to the shower.
Louise asked me where the crutches she had left were as she wanted to take
off her artificial leg. I took them out of the wardrobe and handed them to
her. She was already taking off her black trousers and was releasing the
suction on the limb.

"I hope you have been practicing" she asked with yet another mysterious

"Well yes actually I have," I admitted, somewhat embarrassed for some
reason, "but just with my leg held up with a belt so I get used to being on
one foot, nothing very involved."

She pulled up her trousers and as always asked me to pin up the empty left
leg. She knew that this particularly turned me on and sure enough I get an
immediate erection. I took her had and put it on my crotch.

"See what you've done now?" I joked.

"Get in the shower, preferably a cold one while I pick out some trousers
from the wardrobe for you."

I looked at her quizzically but I knew exactly what she meant. She turned
to look at me, magnificent on one leg and crutches with the smart shoe on
her foot and the loosely pinned up empty trouser leg hanging on her left

"I've got everything we need, tonight we're going to turn you into a leg

She turned her back and lifting her stump, she rested it on the crutch
handle while she looked at my clothes.

"Hurry up Matt, I can't wait."

I didn't say anything but secretly neither could I.

Chapter 26.

We must have looked a strange combination as we left my house to get into
Louis's car. Louise led the way on crutches and one leg and I followed
carrying an overnight bag in one hand and Louis's artificial leg, complete
with shoe and knee high nylon sock, in the other. I laughed to myself at
the thought of my neighbor Bob spotting us on one of his "nosy neighbor"
appearances which seemed to happen every time he heard my front door close.
I really couldn't decide how to carry the leg and after initially carrying
it by holding the edge of the socket I eventually held it by the ankle and
put it to my shoulder like a soldier's rifle. Louise saw me as she got to
the car and collapsed into the driver's seat in hysterics.

We eventually arrived at Louis's flat at about seven thirty after
collecting a pizza. I offered to go in and order as Louise was on crutches
but she insisted on coming into the pizza shop with me as she didn't know
what pizza she wanted. The shop was quite full and we had to queue during
which time all eyes, both male and female were on the beautiful one-legged
lady and her stump. Louise seemed either oblivious to it all or totally
unconcerned. She was of course from another town so knew few people and had
not gone to school locally plus she was now a regular crutch user in public
and was less self conscious about it especially as she knew I liked it so
much. I liked it so much that, like the others in the shop, my eyes were
also glued to her stump covered in the sexy pinned up trouser leg and I
soon had an embarrassing erection.

When we got to the flat Louise immediately went to change while I served
the pizzas and opened some wine. I laid the pizzas and wine out on the
table in the kitchen and called her.

"I'll be a moment - I have to adjust these crutches again now I'm not
wearing a shoe," she replied, "it's one of those tiresome things I'm afraid
and I'm leaving the underarms for you."

It was something I hadn't really thought about until Louise left me the
crutches a few days before. They were too short and I had to adjust them
for my use just as Louise had to adjust her crutches to suit her footwear
especially those spectacular high heels and the platform boots. The spare
elbow crutches from the hall always appeared too short and needed extending
every time Louise used them.

I put my head around the bedroom door just as Louise started to crutch
towards it. She was barefoot and dressed in a loose sleeveless top and an
equally loose pair of jogging bottoms with the left leg cut off and sewn
up. She had put her beautiful blond hair into a ponytail and as usual she
looked fantastic. The artificial leg I had carried back lay on the floor
with her right shoe and her work trousers were hanging on the wardrobe door
still with the left leg pinned up. Behind her on the bed I saw two panty
girdles, a bandage and the wooden crutches laid out.

She saw me looking at the items on the bed and smiled., "All ready for your

I gulped and moved to let her pass so I could watch her crutch walk down
the hall. As usual I had an erection from watching her on one leg and
crutches but this time the thought of being one-legged myself was also
clearly contributing. It wasn't just the thought of pretending to be an
amputee, I had, after all, done that myself in an amateur way for years,
but now I was to use real crutches and most importantly I was to be one-
legged in the company of a beautiful woman.

We ate pizza and drank two bottles of wine. Despite my excitement I was if
I am honest dragging things out t
would take place. I was also quite happy sitting opposite Louise just
looking at her stump and the way it moved and she occasionally put her hand
on it's tip.

"Why don't you go and get undressed and make yourself more comfortable, "
Louise said, "put the bathrobe on while I make coffee."

I was in the process of changing when Louise came into the bedroom. She
crutched up behind me, reached round and took my pe nis in her hand. I
reached behind and felt her groin through the training pants.

"Mhmm that's nice," she said briefly letting go of me as I turned to face
her. I put both my hands down her trousers feeling her wetness as realizing
she was not wearing pants. As I touched her she moaned and started to move
her stump backwards and forwards. Her hand went back to my pe nis as she
threw the crutches off her forearms and put her other arm around my neck
for balance.

"Make love to me Matt," she whispered and she let go of me again and hopped
to the bed. She pulled off her top and allowed the training pants to fall
around her single ankle revealing her stump clad in an elasticated stump
sock. She kicked off the training pants and lay back on the bed naked but
for the stump sock and pushed the underarm crutches and items she had
assembled to make me an amputee to the floor while opening her leg and
stump allowing me to enter her.

We lay together afterwards with her stump across my abdomen as usual.

"That was fantastic," I said.

"Mhmm yes, God I wanted you so much tonight and that's before I make you

"Well I'm ready and waiting," I replied, another erection threatening just
by thinking about it, "make me an amputee Louise."

"First I have to use the bathroom," she said," get the wide leg suit
trousers out of your bag and the tracksuit bottoms I packed for you and
borrow the safety pins from the leg of my work trousers on the door there,
I won't be long."

With that she stood and putting her arms in the elbow crutches, she swing
magnificently naked and one-legged out of the room.

I did as she asked after putting the bathrobe on. As I unpinned the trouser
leg of her work trousers I saw the fantastic peg leg again inside the
wardrobe and I reached inside to touch the heavy laced leather socket
complete with it's straps and buckles.

"You like that don't you?"

I spun round to see Louise in the doorway still on one leg and crutches but
now wearing a white bathrobe hiding her stump so just her one beautiful leg
was in view.

"Yes I do," I admitted, "like everything, the crutches, the wheelchair, the
prostheses, it all turns me on."

"And me?" she asked.

"You turn me on more than all of them Louise, you know that."

"And does the thought of having only one leg turn you on too?"

My erection answered the question for her.

"In that case get yourself over to the bed, make your mind up which leg you
want off and sit on it.

Louise then sat next to me on the bed and prepared to help me to
"amputate" my left leg...

Chapter 27.

Just five minutes later I was standing, with the aid of Louis's suitably
adjusted underarm crutches, looking at myself as a leg amputee in the full
length wardrobe mirror. My left leg was "amputated" at the knee and the
empty leg of the suit trousers I was wearing was neatly pinned up at the
side of my "stump". The transformation was amazing and the "stump" although
obviously slightly fatter than my right thigh, looked, from the front view
at least, realistic in the very spacious loose-fitting trousers Louise had
chosen, so much different to the tight denims I had worn when pretending at

Louise stood behind me on the underarm crutches with her beautiful real
left stump hidden beneath a bathrobe.

"God you look amazing," she whispered, "so so sexy, I just knew you would
make a great one-legged man, now I know what you like about me in trousers.
Your stump looks great and I like it being knee length."

She reached around to my left and bending down slightly she touched the end
of my "stump."

"How does it feel," she asked.

"Marvelous I just can't say, it's... it's well a dream come true really,
it's so fantastic but of course it's not real, I can be two legged again if
I want, you can't."

Somehow I felt pretending in front of a real leg amputee was rather cruel.

Louise obviously sensed my unease, "Hey don't be silly, you can be one-
legged on demand, that's all I ask and I was an amputee before we met, you
have made me feel attractive and wanted again, I like you liking me as an
amputee, if that makes any sense."

She giggled and ran her hand up my "stump" towards my groin.

"Come on, walk for me... please."

As I turned sideways to the mirror I immediately saw how wide the stump

"It's so obvious I'm pretending though Lou, doesn't my foot show badly at
the back?"

"No it's not, I can hardly see any bulge at the back at all. Using the
panty girdles holds your leg and foot tight against your buttock, so it's
not the tight trousers or jeans which are keeping it compressed and in
place. I will pad out your other buttock a little and no one will see

"But the stump is so wide on the side view compared to my other thigh."

"But no one is going to see that either, you're not going to be wearing
shorts and a T-shirt you know. If you wear a longish jacket or even an
overcoat and let the weight of the folded up leg swing it forward a bit the
foot won't bulge at all, your stump will be more obvious as well and if the
empty trouser leg is loosely pinned it will help to hide the size and shape
of your stump from the side."

"Well if you're sure, it certainly feels better than when I tried
pretending with just a thin leather belt and tight jeans, I can't move my
foot at all like I could before, apart from the bulk and weight I really
feel like my leg has gone. How come you're such an expert at this anyway"?

I saw a hint of a smile around her lips, "I'll tell you some day and anyway
don't forget I'm a pretender too. My other leg remember? Now I told you,
you look sensational, very realistic so put your shoe on and the bathrobe,
but leave it untied and walk up the hallway, it's my turn to watch you on
one leg and crutches."

I had not expected the result to be so convincing when Louise had started
my transformation just a few minutes before. She had me sit firmly on my
left foot as close to the edge of the bed so much of the length of my
intended "stump" was clear of the bed. Louise had taken a four inch wide
elastic bandage and made five or six really tight turns around my thigh and
shin as far up and as close to my groin as possible. It had already felt
more secure and firm that when I tried to hold up my leg with a narrow and
uncomfortable belt.

At this point Louise had told me to position my foot exactly where I wanted
it as once she had taken two or three turns of the bandage across my ankle
and flattened foot and around my pelvis and abdomen and put on the first
girdle it would be difficult to move. She had suggested I put my foot
towards the outside of my buttock which I did and, as I lay on my stomach
on the edge of the bed with my knee and "stump tip" on the floor. she had
bound it tightly and fastened the bandage. My foot was still movable and
stuck out slightly but was securely bound to my buttock.

Louise then gave me an elasticated "tubigrip" support, designed for an
injured calf or elbow and helped me with great difficulty to stretch and
pull it onto my "stump" and right up to my groin. The elasticated support
was longer than my "stump" so Louise pulled the surplus and twisted it at
the tip of my "stump" and pulled the excess back up over my "stump" again.
The effect was fantastic, further securing my bound up leg and compressing
my bulging calf and thigh muscle and actually looking like a stump sock.

Next Louise had helped me into the first elasticated panty girdle, a long-
legged one designed to reduce or hold in a woman's thighs. It was several
sizes too small and I really struggled to pull it up over my hips and the
bulky folded up leg and foot. I had to stand on my one remaining leg to get
into it and Louise had to support me. Once that struggle was over the
folded up leg felt tight and secure and the foot was much flatter against
by buttock.

Then followed a high-wasted equally tight elastic panty-girdle designed
with strong elastic panels to hold in a ladies stomach and bottom. This was
just as small but easier to get on as it slid over the first girdle. In
both girdles and bandage my foot was not only virtually flat, showing, if
at all as a slightly larger buttock than on the right, but it was totally
rock solid and immovable as Louise had said it would be. I really felt. but
for the weight. that I had lost a leg, I couldn't even wiggle my toes.

The trousers, which were loosely cut, went on easily, unlike the jeans I
had spent many frustrating and sweaty hours trying to wriggle my folded leg
into when pretending at home, in fact when I stood up the trousers hung
free of the stump and I could move it about inside the trousers despite
it's extra bulk. Louise had then taken the two safety pins and pinned up
the empty left leg of the trousers but of course as I was a "through knee
amputee" rather than an above knee like her, there was insufficient length
of empty pants leg to pin it higher than halfway up my "stump."

I stood up after putting on the shoe and the bathrobe and took the crutches
from Louise. She had already reminded me that underarm crutches were not
literally that and that the crutch was not supposed to touch under the
armpit and certainly should not take the weight which should be on the

I tentatively put the crutches forward and swung my now one legged body
through. I must have looked unsteady as Louise said, "Smaller steps, take
smaller steps especially on the crutch step, don't try for such a long
stride until you are used to it."

Slowly but with my confidence increasing at every stride I crutched the
length of the hall to the kitchen. It felt fantastic. As Louise had said it
would my "stump" tended to swing up and out at the front so I tried to lift
it using my hip joint so it hung more or less vertically but it was
difficult to maintain that position and eventually I collapsed tired and
sweating onto the settee.

Louise sat next to me, "Well what's it like?"

"Unbelievable, God I feel so turned on, I actually feel like a one legged
man and having you here watching me. How did it look"?

"Sexy and very convincing. It will look even better with a little foam
padding on the right of your bottom. You need loads of practice on the
crutches though. Real amputees are great movers on crutches and it's second
nature to us. Plus of course you don't want to fall especially when we're

"Outside?" I must have sounded absolutely panic-stricken.

"Not yet, not now, I mean in the winter when it's dark and you can wear a
long coat". Somehow I didn't feel very reassured but the thought of "going
public" and being seen by others strangely added to the excitement.

"Is it feeling painful yet? You can't stay like this too long to begin

"It is now I'm sitting down but I couldn't feel anything when I was walking
and standing."

"It is worse sitting on your foot but you will be able to do it for longer
as you get more used to it. Come on let's get you out of that, but you have
to walk for me again."

We must have looked an unusual sight swinging down the hallway, both on
crutches and both apparently missing a left leg. By the time we reached the
bedroom door I felt quite confident on the crutches and turned on as I
swing my leg and "stump" between them.

In the bedroom, with help from Louise, I extricated myself from the girdles
and bandage and became two legged again. I was very aroused by the whole
experience and clearly seeing me as a one legged man had affected Louise in
the same way as she quickly sat astride me and sank down allowing my erect
pe nis to deeply penetrate her.

"That's nice," she said pressing her buttocks down even harder onto my lap,
"I must do something with those girdles though so I can have s*ex with you
while you have one leg, the mature ladies" panty-girdle manufacturers just
don't think how a man can have s*ex wearing one never mind two!."

Louise giggled uncontrollably at her own joke while I lay back exhausted on
the bed, my hands on her right knee and stump tip as she continued to
straddle me and dreamed of the adventures I would have being a one-legged
to my one-legged China Doll.

One thing was for sure life really would never be the same again.

Chapter 28.

I was woken by Louise at seven thirty the next morning. She was already
showered, dressed for work and wearing her artificial leg.

"Morning sexy," she said leaning over to kiss me and to put a cup of tea on
the bedside unit.

"Hi," I replied my head pounding following the third bottle of wine we had
consumed the previous evening at about midnight when Elaine had returned
home. It was one of those situations where the happenings of the previous
night are suddenly remembered with a dreadful "I didn't really do that did
I?" realization.

Had I really pretended to be a leg amputee in front of Louise and had I
actually allowed her to show me how to fake an amputation? Had I walked on
crutches and one leg around the flat? Had I therefore finally fulfilled a
lifelong fantasy in front of a beautiful one-legged woman? The suit
trousers hanging on the wardrobe door with the trouser leg still pinned up
confirmed that I had.

"I feel terrible," I said.

"Serves you right, you drank too much."

"I... I didn't say too much did I?" I asked.

"To Elaine you mean?" she laughed and her eyes sparkled teasing me, "No
it's OK she doesn't know about you... yet."

"Yet? What do you mean yet?"

Louise giggled again and tossed her beautiful hair which hung loose and
still damp on her shoulders, "Come on you - up. I have to be at work by
eight thirty and I have to drop you first. You don't fancy going home on
one leg I suppose?" she teased me again.

"I really liked it you know - it felt fantastic."

She reached under the duvet and touched me, "It looked fantastic too."

I reciprocated and put my hand between her legs feeling the hardness of the
leg socket.

I showered and dressed and took the trousers from the wardrobe door just in
time as Elaine walked past the open door on her way out to work.

"Hi Matt," she called, "headache?"

I drank a cup of coffee and we left in Louis's car. Louise gave me the
spare elbow crutches she had used from my house the previous night so I
could practice on them at home.

"Would you rather have the underarms?" she asked.

"Well actually yes but I prefer you on them so I'll use these."

"I can see we are going to need another pair of underarms soon," she

Just as we had left my house the night before Louise went ahead and I
followed this time carrying crutches instead of her false leg.

She dropped me off and asked if we could meet for lunch.

"Louise darling I'm sorry I would love to see you but I just must get on
with the artwork for the Dutch bank job, our trip depends on it."

"OK, I ought to do some shopping anyway but call me about tonight, I feel
like a trip to the coast."

She kissed me and I got out of the car passing Bob in his garden on my way
up to the house. He stared at the crutches and at the car as it turned the
corner at the end of the road.

"Is your lady moving in then Matt?" he asked.

I looked at the crutches "Oh these? Good gracious no. These are for me". I
left him open-mouthed and went inside.

I intended to put in a full day on the designs but it was already very hot
so I went upstairs to change into something cooler before going down to the
studio. I took the crutches and the overnight bag up to my bedroom and
started to unpack the bag. Towards the bottom I found the two panty
girdles, the elastic support and the bandage. I was either expected to
practice at home or else Louise knew exactly what I would want to do as
soon as I got home. Hard as it was resisted and went down to the studio in
the basement opening the window which gave the ground level view of the
back garden and switching on the air conditioning unit.

Try as I might to concentrate on work all I could think of was the previous
night. As with so many evenings with Louise it left so many questions
unanswered and posed so many more new ones. For my part pretending to be an
amputee with crutches and a reasonably believable bound-up leg was
fantastic and added to that the fact that I had pretended in front of a
beautiful woman herself one legged, it was the stuff dreams were made of
and the thought of actually going out in public on one leg excited me
enormously. If I could do that with Louise on crutches beside me all my
dreams would come true. But what did she get out of it, she seemed
amazingly into the whole devotee and pretender thing considering she was a
real amputee.

Whatever Louise said I knew the pretending needed some work to further
disguise the folded leg and to make the "stump" more realistic. She had
already said I needed to slightly pad out my right buttock and I was
determined to buy some even looser fitting trousers to give as much room in
the thighs and bottom as possible. If the waist was too large I could
always use a belt. Louise also suggested that I buy trousers with a 35 inch
inside leg instead of the 31 inch which was my correct measurement. She
said she would take up the right leg to fit but leave the left leg four
inches longer to give more to pin up over my "stump". Also of course I
needed to work on using crutches.

Although I hadn't told Louise, the activities of the last few hours had
renewed the feelings of actually wanting to be a real amputee which
although not strong I had had on and off since I was a boy.

The need to pretend suddenly became overwhelming, just as I suspected
Louise had expected it would and I quickly fetched the crutches and girdles
from upstairs down to the studio where with some effort I managed to become
an amputee again using Louis's method but without bandaging my foot to my
buttock as I found this difficult without assistance. I put on a pair of
very loose fitting jogging pants and pinned up the empty leg and crutched
around the studio before trying to work on the designs.

I was able to sit in the chair with my laptop for about half an hour thanks
to a cushion I placed on the "non-amputated" side under my right buttock
before the discomfort became too much.

I decided to practice further by trying to go up the stairs to the hall and
then to the bedroom on the crutches. I thought I could do it going up but
doubted I would ever master such steep stars coming down as even Louise,
with her total mastery of crutches, had found it difficult.

I reached the bedroom safely but sweating profusely and lay down to cool
off and to get the circulation back into my leg.

Louise called me at about two.

"And how much work have you got done?" she asked.

"Well not too much but I have all afternoon yet," I answered lamely.

"Let me guess what you have been doing," she said. I detected one of her
giggles and it was clear she knew exactly without my admitting it, that I
had been pretending.

She confirmed it at the end of the call by adding, "don't let the old boy
next door see you, he'll have a heart attack. See you about eight. Bye."

At exactly eight o'clock Louise answered the door of her flat taking my
breath away yet again. She was on under-arm crutches and was wearing a
white calf length flared gypsy-style skirt, a high wedge-heeled green
sandal on her bare foot and a matching green sleeveless skin tight top
which showed her nipples. She had a fine gold chain on her ankle and
another gold chain around her neck. Her hair was done in soft golden curls
and she had a white linen jacket draped across her shoulders.

I took the jacket as she walked, gracefully as always, on the crutches
ahead of me to the car. The long skirt swirled around her single beautiful
calf as she swung through the crutches giving no hint of the height of her
amputation. I found this even sexier than the tight trousers and knee
length skirts.

My China Doll was surely the most desirable woman on the planet, could life
get better or more exciting than this?

Chapter 29.

As we drove to the coast Louise kept asking me about my pretending during
the day. She wanted to know how well I had managed when actually creating
my amputation and then how I felt using the crutches.

"I bet you really enjoyed it," she said.

"You know I did, I was really turned on, I actually tried to do normal
stuff as a one-legged man, I even tried to do some work on the designs."

"We'll have you out on one leg in no time," she giggled.

"I don't know about that," I replied a little worried that she might be

For my part I just kept looking across at her stump which was now clearly
outlined where the long skirt lay flat on the car seat. She occasionally
put her hand on it and I wished she was driving so I could touch it. She
looked more beautiful than ever if that were possible with the long skirt
hiding her stump.

We arrived at the coast at about nine and found it much busier than I had
expected for a Thursday evening. I found a parking space someway from the
pub we were going to and as I liked to do, I got her crutches from the back
seat while Louise stood on her single leg holding onto the car door. She
then gave a small hop as she adjusted her position and slipped the crutches
under her bare arms before swinging out from behind the door and across the
road. After locking the car I was a few strides behind her and as usual got
a huge erection watching her from the rear walking on the crutches.

We found a seat outside the bar and Louise sat with her crutches propped
against my chair while I fetched the drinks. As usual all eyes both male
and female were on us generally and Louise in particular, I imagined a lot
of the men were wondering what it was like to have s*ex with a one-legged
woman and what her stump looked and felt like while the women probably felt
sorry for Louise and were pleased they had both their legs.

I put the drinks down and sat on Louis's left.

"You look absolutely beautiful tonight and the skirt is really very sexy."

"I'm glad you like it I was afraid you might not as it covers up my
stump," she said.

"Absolutely not, in fact it's really sexy just seeing one leg below the
skirt and not being able to see where the amputation is, you don't think
that's over the top do you?" I replied.

She smiled and touched my thigh, "I think you know the answer to that by
now, I dress to excite you and I get a kick out of it too, the sooner you
can do the same for me the better."

We sat and talked oblivious as usual to everything going on around us. I
was in heaven sitting next to the woman of my dreams, her hand on my thigh
(and occasionally my crotch) and my hand on her stump.

Before either of us realized it was eleven o'clock and the pub was closing.
I went to fetch the car while Louise waited in the pub garden. I had to
park across from the pub and as Louise started to swing across to me she
was caught in the headlights of a car in the pub car park and I saw, as did
dozens of other people, her lovely single leg and stump perfectly
silhouetted by the lights through the thin cotton skirt. A girl nudged her
friend and pointed to Louise who by now had reached the car. I took the
crutches and she dropped into the passenger seat.

"I don't know if you realized or whether I should tell you but that skirt
is see-through with a bright light behind it."

She giggled, "Really? And did you like what you saw?" she said guessing
what I was about to say.

"What do you think?" I replied.

"Well in that case let's do it again," she said mischievously.

I drove along the coast to a quiet car park overlooking the sea and we
walked along the cliff top for a while before returning to the car. Louise
stood on her crutches between me and the car headlights and slowly raised
and lowered her stump and then parted her stump and thigh all of which was
beautifully visible through the skirt. Then she crutched over to me and put
her hand on my crotch then unfastened my trousers and held by erect pe nis.

"You really are turned on aren't you?" she whispered.

"God Louise I can't explain it but you being one-legged is just so sexy."

We made frantic love standing against the back of the car, Louise stood
with just one crutch under her left arm and her stump lifted and rested up
on the handgrip, her skirt was up around her waist and her panties down
around her single ankle.

On the way back to her flat Louise asked if I would stay the night.

"Darling I'd just love to but I really have to get on top of the hard copy
designs tomorrow, I don't want to work this weekend and anyway we're going
to my parents on Sunday."

"OK then but can we meet tomorrow for lunch, I'm still a bit worried about
Sunday and there's something else I want to mention," she replied.

"That sounds very mysterious, what's it all about?" I asked.

"You'll see, just meet me please."

I stopped outside the doors to the flats and Louise leaned across to kiss
me, her hand going instinctively to my crotch and mine to the tip of her
stump. Soon she had my pe nis first in her hand and then leaning over and
down, in her mouth. I could no longer reach her stump or crotch and I
frantically pushed my hands into her bra to hold her beautiful breasts.

Afterwards I lay back in the seat exhausted as Louise lay against my left


"Mhmm wonderful" I replied.

"You know I'd love to do that to you when you had only one leg," she said
clearly keen to turn the subject back to my pretending, "or even with you
as a double amputee."

"Hold on," I said a little worried at how fast things appeared to be going,
"I can hardly crutch along as a single leg amputee yet."

"Ah yes but if you were legless you could use the wheelchair," she replied

"Go on you kinky devil, get to bed," I said jokingly opening, and pushing
her towards the door.

"Sure you won't stay?" she teased, standing on her single leg and slowly
drawing up the skirt to reveal her beautiful stump in a white stump sock,
"can't I persuade you?"

"Louise I really have to go and anyway you start early tomorrow don't you?"

"OK, call me about eleven," she said, reaching into the back for her
crutches. She swung away from the car towards the door of the building,
flashing me a smile as she went.

I slowly turned the car deliberately catching her in the headlights and as
I did so, she raised her stump up under the skirt to remind me what I was
missing. I drove slowly, my mind in turmoil, as often happened after seeing
my China Doll, pondering my possible conversion to a double, as well as
single pretend amputee.

Chapter 30.

I called Louise at about 1030 and arranged to see her for lunch at one. I
was tempted to pretend again all morning as the urge was really strong and
also of course Louise was obviously expecting a rapid improvement in my
crutch walking skills, but I managed to resist and got on well with the
designs for the Dutch contract. That said I was as usual unable to get the
image of Louise on crutches out of my mind and lunchtime could not come
quickly enough.

I was waiting outside the staff entrance, as she came out in her usual
works outfit of white T-shirt and black trousers wearing her prosthesis.
She walked towards me and I realized just how sexy her gait really was. She
now used crutches as often as possible which of course I thought was
fantastic but the way she kicked out the false leg as she took a step then
slightly rocked forward on the artificial foot looked wonderful too.

Also wonderful was her fabulous smile as she saw me and waved.

We kissed and she said, "I only have half an hour as I want to finish early
as it's my weekend off, I hope that's OK?"

"Of course, what do you want to do?"

"Let's walk and get a sandwich on the way."

We walked down towards the town center holding hands with me on her
amputated side so I could also feel her artificial gait as she walked.

"What did you want to talk about, you said last night you had something to
ask me."

"Oh yes, well first I wanted to ask about your parents."

"But I told you it's OK and I thought you were alright with it too."

"I know they know about my amputation and I'm sure they'll be lovely but
I'm still worried well, nervous anyway". She sounded upset. "I mean exactly
what are they expecting."

We stopped walking and sat down on a bench, as usual I made sure I sat on
her amputated side.

"What they are going to get - a beautiful woman who their son likes very
much," I replied.

"No I mean, about my amputation, will they expect a limping disabled girl
or crutches even, or a fit athletic thing on a C-leg?"

"They are expecting what they are going to get - a beautiful girl."

"A beautiful one legged girl," she corrected me.

"OK, but they already know, so what's the problem? You're not going there
for their approval or seeking permission to marry me, you know we only met
two weeks ago. It's their anniversary and they wanted me there for lunch
with my current girlfriend who just happens to be the world's most
attractive one-legged woman. Really, there's nothing to be nervous about."

"I don't know - but I am nervous I suppose, perhaps I should arrive on
crutches in a mini skirt showing the end of my stump," she giggled.

"Mmm, maybe not - I'll have an erection all day," I replied laying my hand
on her stump and feeling the hardness of the artificial limb socket through
her trousers.

"Well I will if you will," she giggled again.

For the second time I felt total panic surely she wasn't expecting... "But
I can't not in front of my parents and sister for God's sake."

"No I'm only joking, you idiot, although it would really turn me on, but I
really meant, will you be my one-legged man for the weekend, before we go
to your mother's of course."

"What do you mean? I'm still not very good at it and I can't go out and be
seen by anyone I know."

"Not here Matt, I mean can we go away for a couple of nights before we go
to your parents?"

"And I have to pretend to be one-legged?"

"Well for part of the time, I'll be on crutches too, and we could take the
wheelchair if you like, so I could be a double amputee."

I was getting very aroused but I soon realized I wasn't the only one, as
Louise pushed her artificial leg against me and surreptitiously squeezed my

"Lets go up to the coast North of your parents tonight and stay till Sunday
morning, then drive down to their place for lunch."

"Sounds good to me, but only if I can get some work done this afternoon" I

"Book one of those Travel Inn places, they usually have somewhere to eat
next to them and lots of ground floor rooms. We can both be out one legged
together, it'll be fantastic."

"What me too you mean? Outside on crutches as an amputee in public?"

She giggled and put her hand on my thigh, "Yes why not? No one will know us
after all, but only if you really want to. I just want to spend the weekend
with you away from here."

"What time shall I collect you?"

"Can we take my car, that way I can drive and you can be one-legged, That's
not possible if you're driving."

"OK, suits me" I replied with a smile. If I sat on Louis's left as the
passenger I could touch her stump as she drove.

"I'll pick you up at about seven, be sure to bring the crutches from your
place and the other bits and pieces so we can "amputate" your leg, oh, and
a longish jacket or coat if we are going out. Now get home and work, I
should have been back ten minutes ago."

With that she kissed me and walked away in the direction of the store,
slightly lifting then kicking forward her sexy false left leg as she went.

As soon as I got home I called a motel near the coast about sixty miles
north of my parent's house. I don't know why, but when the girl answered
the phone I asked if we could have a ground floor room and although she
immediately said that was no problem, I added quite needlessly that my
girlfriend had only got one leg and used crutches. For some reason it
excited me to tell a girl I didn't know and I could imagine her telling the
rest of the staff that a one-legged woman was booked in that night.

Then, despite the work lying in front of me on the desk, I sat for a while
thinking about Louise on one leg, on crutches, in the wheelchair, in
trousers, in a skirt, legless or even possibly with that fantastic pegleg
and wondering what exactly my China Doll had planned for me for the
weekend, a weekend that promised to be the most exciting of my life.

Chapter 31.

I was ready and waiting for Louise by six-forty five. I had packed a
weekend bag complete with the two girdles, elastic bandage and two pairs of
the very loose fitting trousers needed by Louise to transform me into a
one-legged man. I also had the crutches she had loaned to me to practice on
and a longish jacket which I presumed would help to cover any bulge of my

The weather had fortunately cooled off a lot, but I still didn't fancy
wearing a jacket whilst struggling along on one leg and crutches. Not for
the first time what Louise and other leg amputees, had to go through was
brought home to me.

Louise arrived on the dot at seven, and when I saw the car I went to the
door to meet her. If it were possible, she looked sexier than ever. She was
on the wooden underarm crutches with a high-heeled blue sandal on her right
foot. She was wearing a blue and white linen skirt which reached to just
above the knee. Her single beautiful leg was bare and her slightly muscular
calf looked tanned. The skirt looked sufficiently short as to show the tip
of her stump, when she sat down. She wore a plain white short sleeved lace
top, through which her bra-less nipples were easily seen, and which also
showed off her slim yet powerful from crutch-use arms. Her golden hair fell
loose on her shoulders and she had a simple gold chain around her neck.

"God you look wonderful. Come in."

She smiled and swung forward on the crutches to kiss me and as usual she
pushed the tip of her stump up between my legs.

"Mhmm, you smell nice too," I said kissing her neck and my hand went down
to her crotch.

"Not now Matt, let's get to the hotel then we have almost two days

"Well I'm ready to go," I said indicating my bag and the crutches.

"You're not setting off on one leg then?" she asked with her usual impish

"Err no, Nosey Bob next door would have a real shock if he saw me like

"But what if you really were a leg amputee, everyone who you know would see
you then, take it from me, it's not possible to hide away however
embarrassed you are."

"Ah yes, but that's different surely," I replied, "when someone has lost a
leg for real."

"But wouldn't you like to be a leg amputee for real? I thought you said you
had felt like that since you were a boy?" Louise asked.

"No I wouldn't if I'm honest. Sometimes I do have feelings like that, but
it's nice to go back to two legs again. You see for me being one-legged is
purely a fantastic sexual turn on, it excites me, and I can't wait to act
as and be seen as a one-legged man in public, but not by anyone who knows
me of course."

She looked disappointed and upset, "So pretending is OK, but not for real
like me?"

"Don't be silly, you know I think you are the most beautiful sexiest thing
I have ever seen, but given the choice, which you were not, then no I
wouldn't choose to lose a leg, it's just a thought when I am aroused by
pretending or thinking about amputees. I'm not one of those men who feel
they shouldn't have two legs and who spends his whole life wishing he could
have an amputation. I just like pretending, I like the look and feel of it,
especially now you have helped me - it just feels so sexy - is that stupid
or has that spoiled it for you?"

She smiled, "Of course not, I wouldn't wish a leg amputation on anyone, and
anyway how would you do it even if you wanted to. I'd much rather have both
my legs but I haven't, so I make the most of it, I make it as sexy as I
can, I have fun pretending too and accentuating it, plus of course I have
found you, and you like it too, so its Ok with me, but you would make a
very, very sexy one-legged man you know."

She giggled and kissed me again, "Come on let's go, I have some real
surprises for you and I want to get to that hotel room as soon as

She turned on her single foot and crutched out into the hall. As always I
watched her lovely flowing single-legged walk from behind, as she made her
way to the front door. I collected my bag and the elbow crutches and
followed her outside...

She was talking over the hedge to Bob who was clearly fascinated by her
missing leg.

"Eyes off, Bob mate, she's mine!" I joked.

"I didn't I mean I wasn't... " he gabbled.

Louise smiled and poked me with a crutch, "Take no notice of him Bob, a
one-legged girl is flattered by any attention."

Whether she said it to ease his embarrassment or to make it worse, I don't
know, but she had that evil twinkle in her eye and at the mention of 'a
one-legged girl' my nosey neighbour made his excuses and left.

I opened the boot to load my bag into the car and saw in addition to
Louise's bag, the folded wheelchair, the 'C' leg, her old suction limb and
the other pair of elbow crutches. She was clearly planning an interesting
weekend. Or had still not decided what to do about the visit to my parents,
the only thing missing sadly was the peg leg.

Louise stood by the driver's door and I took her underarm crutches and
placed them on the back seat. She gave a little hop on her single limb and
slipped easily down into the driver's seat. As I got into the passenger
side I saw her skirt had ridden up and the tip of her stump was visible
clad in a white elasticated stump sock.

She started the engine, I placed my hand on her stump which she then pushed
against me and we dove away. "There's a present for you behind my seat, "
she said.

I reached behind her and found a carrier bag from her store. "What is it?"

"Look for yourself," she grinned. "With those you will look even more

I pulled out a pair of dark gray slacks and asked her, "They're nice, but
you shouldn't have."

"But you don't understand, they're specially altered to help your fake
amputation. I promised I would. The waist is at least a couple of inches
too large so I hope you have a belt, it makes for more room in the backside
and the thigh, remember tight is no good as it shows the foot bulge. Oh and
the left side is a 35 extra long inside leg, so there is more to pin up
over your stump but I've altered the right back to a 31 inch that is right
I hope."

"Well yes but when did you do all that?"

"This afternoon of course, I told you I was finishing work early. It was no
problem I have become quite an accomplished seamstress altering my own
trousers to fit my stump. Anyway Elaine was there waiting for Paul."

"Elaine? You mean Elaine knows? You told her? She helped you do this?"

"Don't sound so shocked, she knows you aren't really one-legged so she
would have realized you were a pretender as soon as she saw you anyway, "
she giggled again. "You never know she might like if there's more to her
than you realize, and I reckon being one-legged in front of her will turn
you on."

"Saw me? Exactly when do you plan for her to see me on one leg?" I must
have sounded panic-stricken.

She hooked her thumb up under her skirt and peeled off the stump sock,
"Touch my stump Matt," she whispered.

My mind was reeling, I was on the way to spend a weekend in a hotel with
the most beautiful one legged girl, but what plans did she have for me?

Chapter 32.

Despite not leaving until a quarter to seven, the traffic was still heavy
as we drove North and turned towards the coast and by eight fifteen we were
still forty miles from the hotel. I was on cloud nine as usual having spent
an hour and a half next to the world's most beautiful one-legged woman with
my hand caressing the end of her stump which showed below the hem of her
skirt which had ridden up as she drove. Louise however was clearly tired
and needed a break from driving, .

"Can we stop and eat now Matt?" she asked, then with a giggle she added,
"then we wouldn't have to go out again when we get to the hotel."

"OK that sounds great to me, what would you like? I know a few nice pubs if
we stop now as we are only ten miles or so past my parents place."

"It's a bit close, what if someone you know sees you?" she asked.

"What if they do I don't care, I want to show you off to anyone and
everyone in fact I was rather hoping we might go to the local pub when we
are at my parents on Sunday."

"I didn't mean that silly, I meant what if someone you know sees you on one
leg, ten miles is a bit close to home... "

"What! You mean you want me to pretend now, tonight, in a restaurant? I
really didn't expect... " I must have sounded panic stricken.

She giggled again, "No, OK, I'll let you off this time but I really can't
wait to have you by my side as a one legged man in public, it's going to
happen soon you know, this weekend in fact."

In truth I really couldn't wait to be one legged and to be seen in public
and I was getting turned on just thinking about it, but the thought of
actually doing it for the first time still terrified me.

Louie clearly guessed my thoughts and she stretched out her left hand and
rubbed what was almost a constant erection when I was with her. "You are
excited by it too aren't you?" she asked.

"You know, I am and I want to do it especially, if it's what you want, but
then I'm always excited just being with you anyway, just to be seen with
you is a fantastic turn on. I love it when people stare at us, the men all
wondering what is it like to make love to you and so jealous because it's
me not them and you are so beautiful and sexy."

"Wow that was some speech," she laughed as we pulled into a small pub just
off the main road. The car park was quite full and clearly others had the
same idea as us.

"I'll go in first and see how busy it is," I said.

"No no wait for me, we'll go in together it doesn't look that crowded and
anyway it doesn't bother me so long as we can get a seat."

She got out of the car, hopped to the rear door on her beautiful leg, her
bra-less breasts bouncing and took the underarm crutches from the back
seat. Slipping them under her arms she raised her stump and, lifting her
skirt, she pulled the white elasticated stump sock on, just as a large
camper van pulled into the car park. It was dusk and she was caught in the
van's lights. The look on the driver's face was amazing! As usual she
dissolved into bubbly laughter as she crutched round to me, and we walked
to the pub door together.

It transpired the pub had a caravan and campsite behind it which accounted
for many of the vehicles and the bar and restaurant were not as busy as we
feared. Louise sat in a deep easy chair while I got the drinks and I sat
opposite her as usual so I could look at and admire her one-leggedness.
When sitting, her skirt was a little too short and the end of the stump
sock became visible (a fact she later admitted she was well aware of) and
she took great delight in watching the effect it had on me.

A waitress arrived with two menus, so we could order before going through
to the restaurant. The menu was lengthy and as usual I had difficulty
making up my mind and for a few moments I was totally unaware the waitress
had returned to take the order.

"Matt, what do you want? The waitress needs to know."

I looked up, "Sorry I'll have a steak medium rare please."

As the waitress left Louise whispered, "Did you see that?"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I thought you had inbuilt radar, didn't you notice?"

"Notice what?"

"The girl, the waitress, she's only got one arm!"

I looked up to see the girl passing our order through to the kitchen. She
was small and dark and very pretty. She was about 17 or 18 years old and
her left arm was missing below the elbow. The stump was poking out from the
end of the sleeve of her tight black top which was pulled up to elbow
height. I couldn't tell if she was an amputee or if it was congenital.

"What do you think to her?" Louise asked.

"She's quite nice," I replied.

"No fool, I mean her missing arm," Louise said.

"Well actually I have to say that arm amputees do nothing for me at all. I
told you before I'm a leg amputee man."

"Well I think it's quite sexy, I wonder what it's like to have just one
arm? Perhaps I'll ask her."

"Louise, for God's sake... "

"Well she was giving my missing leg a lot of attention while you had your
head buried in the menu," she giggled again, I never knew when she was
joking and when she was serious.

The one-armed girl not surprisingly didn't wait on table and we ate a nice
meal served by a young spotty male student type whose eyes were out on
stalks as Louise swung between her crutches into the restaurant...

The girl brought the bill at the end of the meal and took great pains to
reach Louise's crutches from behind the chair for her and stayed close by
as Louise stood and did that little hop she always did to get her balance
before putting the crutches under her arms.

I tipped her generously and was aware of her watching closely (together
with a family I am sure came from the camper van and at least ten other
men) as Louise crutched across the bar and out of the door. I walked behind
totally captivated and sexually excited as usual by the one legged beauty
in front of me.

As we got into the car, Louise suddenly grabbed me and pulled me towards
her, her tongue was in my mouth and her hand was on my crotch. She was
breathing quickly and when I put my hand up her skirt, she was soaking wet
between her leg and stump.

"What's this all about," I gasped as she fumbled to unzip my trousers.

"Just touch me, put your fingers inside me, I wanted you so much in there,
all those men watching me really got me horny and then the one armed
girl... I just wish you had been one-legged too."

She lowered her head onto my lap and, brushing her golden blonde hair aside
she took me in her mouth, I stretched to keep my hand between her leg and
stump and she moaned as I first touched her and then rubbed the wetness
down her stump.

Afterwards we drove on to towards the hotel in silence, as usual I was both
turned on and totally confused. Was Louise attracted to the one-armed girl
or was it the thought of me, soon to be acting out both our fantasies as a
leg amputee, or maybe she was sexually excited by her own one leggedness...

Whatever the truth my beautiful amputated China Doll was clearly in the
mood to satisfy me and herself with a weekend adventure which grew more
intense by the minute.

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Chapters 33-39

Chapter 33.

The heavy traffic had died down by the time we left the pub and we reached
the hotel just before ten-thirty. I had asked Louise if she wanted me to
drive, but she was obviously still very aroused and said she wanted me to
touch her stump as she drove, a request I was happy to fulfill..

I had a strong erection and was desperate to get to the room where I could
watch her undress and crutch naked in front of me before kissing and
caressing her beautiful stump and making love to her.

Louise however, despite being as turned on as I was, clearly saw things
panning out a little differently and as we approached the turning to the
hotel car park, she stopped the car at the side of the road. She turned in
her seat and touched my crotch, pushing the heel of her hand against my
bulging pe nis, .

"What about both of us arriving in the hotel on one leg and crutches?" she
giggled, "I just want to see their faces."

"What, now you mean?" I must have sounded panic stricken...

"Please Matt, I can't wait much longer to walk with you as a one legged man
on crutches, let's make our entrance together."

"But I can't get into the girdles and bandage my leg up in the car, I want
it to look and feel right, like when you helped me."

I was frantically making excuses and putting it off but deep down I was so
turned on and excited at the thought of swinging through the hotel in
public as an amputee and the knowledge that my public debut was close.

"Oh Matt, not even for me?" she whispered, pushing her stump into the side
of my right thigh. "OK then you are excused again but as soon as we are
checked in... " she left the sentence unfinished but I knew I was minutes
away from achieving a lifelong fantasy.

We drove into the car park. The hotel was modern, just two stories high
with a number of ground floor rooms with external doors leading out to
patios and car parking spaces and Louise parked in the disabled bay nearest
to the reception entrance...

"Matt when we go in, pretend you're wearing a false leg, you know how to
walk, a bit stiffly and kick your leg forward as you take a step. I'm sure
you know just how it looks, you've watched me often enough, then when they
see you on crutches and one leg it will all look right."

Even this idea excited me, after all over the years I had walked miles
following amputees of both sexes watching their sexy gait and I was sure I
could do it convincingly.

I reached over into the back for the underarm crutches but Louise stopped
me. "No not those, I want you to use those, get one of the other pairs out
of the boot but not the ones you have been using, they'll be too long for
me, and they'll need shortening... "

I collected the crutches and walked round to the driver's door. Louise had
turned in the seat and was sitting with her beautiful single slender leg
out of the car. She had pulled her skirt up and was putting the white stump
sock back on.

"Hurry up Matt it's turned cold," she said standing and holding the roof of
the car for support. I handed her the crutches and she gave a little hop on
her single foot to balance herself as she slipped her strong forearms into
the cuffs of the crutches. She then swung as beautifully as always to the
rear of the car.

"I can't carry a bag like this Matt, I'm sorry."

"That's OK, I realize that, I don't mind in fact you know how I love having
a wonderful one-legged girl to help. I'll take both the bags and come back
for the rest."

"Leave the wheelchair and the elbow crutches until tomorrow but you'll need
to get the underarms and one of my legs." We can't shift all the equipment
in on the first night, they'll think we're setting up a surgical appliance
business!" she laughed and crutched away towards the brightly lit reception
door, surely the world's most beautiful woman on one long slender leg and
crutches with her golden hair shining in the lights...

Reaching the door she stopped and turned waiting for me, and with the light
behind her the long rounded stump of her left leg and her shapely right
limb were perfectly outlined through the thin linen skirt.

We made our way across reception to the desk. I was frantically trying to
remember to walk like I was wearing a prosthesis while carrying two
overnight bags. At one point Louise stopped and looked back at me and I
thought she was going to burst out laughing as that wonderful smile turned
to a stifled giggle.

The bar area was small as the motel was next door to a large modern pub
/restaurant complex, but there were two couples sitting at a table and four
young men standing at the bar. All eyes as usual were on Louise's single
leg and crutches.

At the desk I gave my name and apologized for our late arrival, the pretty
receptionist who, like the guests, had stared at Louise as we crossed the
room, smiled and said somewhat embarrassed, "No problem sir, now it was a
double ground floor room for err, suitable for err, a disabled person?"

Louise smiled and leaned forward, I thought to put the girl at ease, but as
usual she appeared she wanted to shock, "That's correct, my boyfriend and
I, we have both lost legs you see."

The girl blushed even more and I swear she looked down at my legs as if to
try to work out which one was missing and where from.

I filled in the registration card and handed the receptionist my credit
card to swipe.

"Thank you that's fine, you are in room 107 that's on the ground floor down
the corridor and turn right at the end. It's got patio doors and you can
park your car right outside the room and it's no smoking. Breakfast is next
door from seven until ten... "

I followed Louise down the corridor, mesmerized as usual by her sexy one
legged figure swinging between the crutches, nearly bursting out of my
trousers in anticipation of our lovemaking to come. I swear I quite forgot
the 'artificial leg walk' but I was sure I had convinced those in
reception, aided by Louise's comment, that I too was an amputee.

The room was nice and spacious with a king-size double bed and two nice
armchairs. The doorways to the room and bathroom were wide to accommodate a
wheelchair and the bathroom was well equipped for the disabled. I drew the
curtains and Louise sat down on the bed and pulled the sock off her stump.
I stood for a moment and looked at the tip of her stump showing from
beneath her skirt before sitting next to her.

"What was all that 'we've both lost legs' business back there?"

She smiled and pushed me backwards down onto the bed, "Well, we will have
very soon and for the rest of the weekend won't we?" she grinned and,
throwing her leg across me, sat astride my chest, her stump under my right
arm and the wet triangle of her pants just inches from my face.

I reached up her blouse and pushed up her bra releasing her breasts. "Lets
make love Louise - I want you so much, arriving with you back there was
fantastic - did you see everyone looking at us?"

"You didn't mind being with a one-legged girl then?" she asked.

"You know I don't mind, I've told you so many times before, I adore you, I
love you, you are so beautiful, you are my China Doll and I would not have
you any other way."

"Well I want you another way," she said climbing off me and hopping with
her stump thrashing about, to the bathroom, "Move the car to outside the
room and get your crutches in here, it's time you become the amputee I told
everyone about before they all leave the bar."

I could hardly contain myself, I was to be one-legged, not just in front of
Louise, but in public at last, what a weekend it promised to be.

Chapter 34.

By the time I returned to the room having moved the car and collected the
underarm crutches and C-leg, Louise was finishing up in the bathroom. I had
left the hotel via reception, once again under the stares of the pretty
receptionist and the two couples in the bar, but I returned via the patio
doors having moved the car to the parking space outside the room. I
initially toyed with the idea of bringing the crutches and leg in via
reception to see the reaction but I also had to carry the bag with the
"adapted' trousers (courtesy of Louise), my long jacket and pretend I was
walking with a prosthesis so I thought better of it.

Louise had unpacked her bag and I saw her tight jeans with the specially
tailored leg and a chunky sweater laid out on the bed with the elbow
crutches and the spike heeled ankle boots nearby on the floor. Also on the
bed were the elastic bandage and the elasticated 'tubigrip' thigh support
from my bag together with what appeared to be two brand new panty girdles I
hadn't seen before.

"Matt? Is that you?" she called.

"Who else are you expecting?" I replied. Dropping the crutches, C-leg,
jacket and trousers on the bed I went into the bathroom. Louise was
standing on her single leg at the handbasin doing her makeup wearing just a
black bra and pants and the white stump sock.

"Wow you look amazing," I said pressing myself up behind her and pushing my
hand round her belly and into her pants.

She turned on her heel and pushed her stump up between my legs while
gripping my wrists. "Not so fast there, young man, I want you minus a leg
before the bar closes and the pub closes. We're going for a walk."

Louise hopped back into the bedroom where she sat on the bed. "Matt, you
can't put it off any longer, you promised, and I know you want to really.
I'm dying to see you walk down the corridor as an amputee."

I was shaking with excitement at the thought of it too, but seeing her one
her single leg with that lovely rounded sexy stump had not surprisingly
diverted my attention.

"And I can't wait either but I'll need your help you know to make it look
right... "

"You can adjust your crutches while I get dressed, I've been using them, so
they will be too short for you and don't forget to change the height of the
handgrip as well as the length, it's important that you have them right, so
you take the weight on your hands properly... "

While I altered the crutches, finding the bolts and wing nuts so much more
complicated than the stud system on the elbow crutches, Louise put on the
tailored jeans and boot. The jeans were skin-tight and accentuated her
shapely right leg while the tailored left side was tight but perfect fit
for her stump. She then stood to fasten the jeans and to do up the zip,
hopping slightly on the spike heel to keep her balance.

She then put on the sweater shaking her hair free and turned to me. "Right,
your turn, come on get undressed."

I obeyed and as before, sat naked on my left leg, so Louise could bind it,
conscious of the huge erection I seemed to have permanently when in her
presence. After bandaging my ankle to my upper thigh as close to my groin
as possible I rolled over on the edge of the bed with the tip of my
"stump' touching the floor while she passed the bandage over my foot and
ankle and around my abdomen. Then followed the squeeze to get the tubigrip
support over my 'stump' but when I finally got it on, just like before, as
well as compressing my calf muscle and thigh it looked like Louise's own
stump sock.

"Put this one on first," she said handing me the long legged panty girdle.

"It's a new one, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes I bought two new ones in the store yesterday, the ones you used
earlier were a bit stretched so these will be tighter in fact they're a
slightly smaller size so that foot bulge will show even less. Oh and I made
a vital adjustment to each one," she giggled.

The girdle was very tight but eventually I managed to pull it on, the long
legs compressing both my good thigh and folded leg 'stump." In doing so I
found Louise's adjustment and the reason for her amusement - the crotch has
a nicely cut and beautifully stitched hole.

"Well come on - you know what its for," by now she was laughing, "you'll be
able to make love to me as a one-legged man."

I pulled up the girdle with my still erect pe nis through the hole.

"Now the other one," she said passing me the second girdle which was also
new and was of the firm hold high-waisted variety. Fortunately although a
tight fit it went on easily sliding over the first girdle. Once again a
strategic hole allowed my pe nis to protrude.

"Great idea Louise, but these holes are a bit tight! I'm not boasting but
it feels like those ring things you can wear to keep an erection."

"Well I'm not complaining." She replied giggling once again.

"I don't need any help in that department when you're around."

"Shut up let me put this pad in the girdle and then get some underpants on,
I want to see how the trousers fit."

As before the bandage, sports support and two layers of girdle had not only
locked my foot solid against my buttock but had reduced the bulge to just a
small bump which Louise further disguised by putting a foam pad between the
girdles on my right buttock.

"Right put these on," she said handing me the trousers.

I put my single leg into the trousers and stood up to pull them up. "Louise
they're huge."

"I told you the waist would be big but look how spacious they are for your
folded leg and the leg length is perfect on the right while there is the
extra length to pinup on the left, let me get that belt from your bag."

I put on the belt pulling it two holes tighter than usual. The waist of the
trousers looked untidy but as Louise pointed out I would be wearing a long
jacket or sweater anyway. Sitting back on the bed I quickly loosened the
trousers to put on a shirt, then after putting on a shoe and sock, stood
again to refasten them and to allow Louise to pin up the empty left leg.

She took the trouser leg and folded it up at the side and slightly to the
back of my 'stump'. The extra length allowed it to be pinned much higher up
than before while still allowing some loose material to help disguise the
width of the 'stump' (or so I hoped).

"That feels fantastic Louise, you know I like this bit best of all. I think
pinning up an empty trouser leg is a great turn-on and now it's happening
to me. How does it look?"

"Wonderful Matt, the trousers are so roomy and I can't see a foot bulge at
all even before you put the coat on. Here go look for yourself.".

She handed me the crutches and I walked surprisingly easily and smoothly
over to the long mirror near the door. My folded leg, although still bulky,
and with the weight of a full leg, was so tightly held that to me for the
first time it felt like a real stump, I actually felt one legged.

"Don't you think the stump looks too wide from the side though?"

"How does it feel, can you move your stump around in the trousers?"

"Yes it's great they are very loose."

"Well that's OK then, the material will move as you walk. Don't try to hold
your folded leg back, it will swing forward, let it. It will help reduce
any foot bulge at the back and although your stump will stick out a bit at
the front, it will be more noticeable which is what you want isn't it?"

"Yes but what about the side, how does it look from the side? Isn't it too
wide, too fat?"

"Your jacket is going to hide a lot of your stump from the side, they'll
only see the bottom half of it and the folded trouser leg will disguise
that, believe me, you look fantastic and realistic - the sexiest thing I've
ever seen on one leg! Anyway the bulge at the front of your trousers is
bigger than the one at the back," she giggled again standing and picking up
her elbow crutches, "now come on, get that jacket on, it's eleven already,
there won't be anyone about soon if you don't hurry... "

"Will you walk behind me in the corridor and reception just in case it

"Matt stop worrying, you look just like a through knee amputee, no one is
going to notice anything, they'll just see you as a very handsome and sexy
young man with one leg. That's how I see you and I can't wait to walk
behind you and ogle you on those crutches - after all you've done it to me
often enough. Now get going, but be careful, don't try to go too fast or to
take too big steps... "

She swung over, a vision in the tight jeans with a beautiful real stump and
long slim leg accentuated by the boot and opened the door allowing me to
pass and I swung out into the carpeted corridor. Louise followed me and
closed the door. We set off towards reception, my wooden crutches creaking
and hers behind me giving out that characteristic metallic 'chink chi she

It was almost surreal, I was out in public as a one l
walking with a pinned up trouser leg covering the 'stump' of my left leg
and with my beautiful one legged China Doll crutching behind me.

But how would I feel when we met someone or when someone saw us? I was
thankful it was after eleven o'clock and the hotel was quiet, maybe we
wouldn't see anyone and we could just have a wonderful walk together, just
being on crutches and one leg was enough for me...

Just then the doors at the reception / bar end opened, and the two couples
from the bar were coming down the corridor towards us.

Chapter 35.

I almost froze as I saw the two couples coming towards us. This was it,
four people were going to see me as a one legged man on crutches. Would
they realize I was pretending or would they, like everyone else, just have
eyes for my beautiful genuine leg amputee China Doll Louise?

I must have hesitated as I heard Louise behind me saying, "Go on Matt keep
walking, it's OK."

I was already aware that Louise was having to crutch much slower than usual
behind me as I was so slow. Normally she crutched along with a long stride
and moved faster on her one leg than I walked on two.

The two ladies were in front with their husbands bringing up the rear. As
we crutched towards them, one of the women, I estimate in her late 40s saw
us and touching her older friend on the wrist she indicated towards us with
a 'look at this' type nod. The second woman, a tall attractive brunette
about 50 years old turned and spoke to her husband.

"Hold the door open can you dear to let this couple through."

I swung past the two women who had politely stood aside and was immediately
aware of both of them staring at my 'stump' and old fashioned wooden
crutches. The men smiled and held the doors, but had eyes only for Louise
in her sexy tight jeans and single spike heeled boot...

I stopped just inside reception and waited for Louise to join me and for
the doors to close.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it?" she smiled.

"Oh wow, Louise, it was fantastic, what a turn on. I couldn't stop shaking,
the women were both looking at me as a one-legged man - it's like a dream,
I just loved it."

"You loved it? Let me tell you watching you from behind walking one legged
down that corridor was out of this world for me. I have wanted to be out
with my one-legged man ever since we met and I realized you wanted to
pretend." She was almost breathless and I knew her panties would be wet
with excitement.

"Do you think they noticed I'm not really an amputee?" I asked.

"I know they didn't, I heard one of the women say how sad it was to see
such a young couple so disabled so they obviously thought you were really
one legged."

"Louise it's fantastic, I know I am only pretending and can go back to
being two legged again while you are really an amputee but God it's so
exciting what a turn on, I've never known anything like it, apart from you
of course."

"OK, OK, don't overdo it. Come on or the pub will be empty," she said.

"The pub? You mean we're going next door?"

"Yes of course I want as many people as possible to see us and I'm sure you
do to," she looked at me knowingly and grinned, "you seem to like it and
anyway I want to see where we take breakfast."

She turned on her single foot and began to crutch across reception towards
the door. I started to follow when the attractive receptionist and another
blonde girl who I took to be her relief, came out of the back office and
stood at the desk. The blonde who was not unlike Louise just stared at
Louise on her crutches near the door. Her eyes really were out on stalks.
She couldn't see me below the waist because of the reception desk but her
colleague who had booked us in saw my crutches and came round to speak to
me. Like her friend with Louise, she took in my single leg, stump and
crutches before she looked me in the face.

"Is the room alright for you both sir? Any problems at all, can you err
well you know can you manage OK?"

"Yes fine, thank you," I hoped my voice didn't give me away as I was
literally shaking with excitement standing one legged in front of a strange
attractive young woman.

Louise chipped in, "Is the bar still open please? We're going for a walk
but we might like a drink when we get back."

"Yes of course, you're residents and I'll be here," the blonde girl

Louise smiled at me indicating I should join her at the door. I was
concerned that both receptionists would see me from the back as I crutched
away, but I couldn't stand there all night so I swung off towards Louise
who was standing waiting with her stump resting on the hand grip of her
left crutch, another one of her traits which drives me wild with

Outside I stood for a moment getting my breath back...

"You liked that didn't you?," said Louise with a twinkle in her eye and a
smile playing around her lips.

"Did it show that much?"

"You could say that," she replied squeezing my swollen crotch.

"And did you notice the blonde staring at you too? She couldn't take her
eyes off your tight jeans and boot," I countered.

"Come on, let's look at the restaurant," said Louise crutching away down
the path.

The motel and pub / restaurant were newly built and everything was on one
level with no steps or steep slopes, an absolute boon to the disabled (and
those on one leg and crutches pretending to be). The pathway was lit every
ten feet or so by waist high lamp pillars casting a wonderful soft light on
Louise as she moved smoothly along in front of me, her hair dark gold, her
figure like a model and a leg and stump to die for.

Pretending openly in front of her, knowing it excited her too, was the most
marvelous feeling.

As we approached the door of the pub it opened and two men came out who
firstly stared at Louise and her one-leggedness before spotting my missing
limb and wandering off into the car park with total disbelief on their
faces. Inside the pub and restaurant was of course very modern with fake
flagstone floors and equally fake wooden beams. A still quite crowded bar
area was off to the left while the restaurant / breakfast room now empty
was to the right.

"Excuse me, is this where we take breakfast? We're staying next door, "
Louise asked a waitress who was setting the tables.

"That's right dear," she replied before even looking up. When she did, her
face was a picture as she found herself faced by two leg amputees.

"Do you want a drink Matt?"

"Here you mean, or back in the hotel?"

"Here if you want but fetching the drinks from the bar could be difficult
as we are both on crutches," she laughed, "why, do you fancy showing your
stump off in the bar?"

Actually I did, by now I was totally confident no one would realize I was a
pretender, in fact I really felt like an amputee and I wanted as many
people as possible to see me, so I could see their reaction and guess at
how they felt and what they said after seeing me.

"Let's have a walk around the grounds then go back for a drink in the
hotel, the armchairs look deep and soft over there, I'm not sure I could
sit for long on the hard chairs in here." I said.

"OK, how is your leg and foot by the way?"

"No problem at all so far, its alright standing, I managed two hours with
my leg strapped up at home the other day, the problems start when you sit
on your foot."

We left the bar and walked together on crutches across the car park. I was
totally at ease and I knew Louise was also fulfilling a deep held desire to
be with a man who liked herself, had only one leg.

The car park was quite busy with people leaving and on a couple of
occasions we were caught in car headlights. I wondered what the drivers
thought. A male leg amputee on crutches is rare these days, a pretty young
woman amputee even rarer and a young couple surely unique...

"Happy?" Louise asked.

"You know I am, what about you."

"Come here, I'll show you," she said stopping and leaning against the back
wall of the hotel, "kiss me Matt, touch me, push your stump into me."

We kissed and felt each other's stump, our hands frantic to touch each
other intimately but prevented from doing so in my case by her tight jeans
and in Louise's case by my long jacket.

"Let's go to bed," I whispered.

"No not yet, let's go to the hotel bar for that drink, I want to see that
young receptionist react to us."

She crutched away with me following, into the hotel, our weekend excitement
had only just begun, and already I wished I could stay on one leg and
crutches forever.

Chapter 36.

Back in the reception area the young blonde girl, Lisa according to her
name badge, was now on duty alone, Louise led the way as we crutched across
to the small bar area. As well as the four bar stools there were two large
comfortable armchairs and a two-seater settee with deep long seats so that
when we sat on the settee my 'stump' tip came just to the edge of the
cushion. I was relieved it was so comfortable and felt no pain from my
folded leg and foot as I sat in it. If anything my 'stump' looked more
realistic on the soft cushion and appeared shorter than when I was

Louise sat on my 'amputated side' so her full thigh was against my 'stump'
which I instinctively pushed against her. The reason she sat on that side
was soon apparent, as Lisa came over, smiling, to take our order Louise put
her hand on the tip of my 'stump' and gently started to massage it. The
poor girl was transfixed watching this one legged woman rubbing her
boyfriend's leg stump and I thought for a moment that she couldn't speak,
but eventually she asked what we wanted. I ordered a pint of lager and
Louise a red wine and she went to the bar to get the order.

"Louise you are awful! Can't you see what you are doing to that poor girl?"

"I know, but I can't keep my hands off you, just like you'd be if I was
sitting with my stump next to you. Anyway I'm getting as turned on by her
reaction as you appear to be."

"I bet the poor girl has never seen anyone with one leg before - remember
that young girl at the supermarket the other week."

Lisa came back with a tray stepping over my crutches which I had laid
untidily on the floor. Louise being more used to using crutches had put
hers neatly along the front of the settee behind our feet.

After serving the drinks and taking our room number the girl suddenly
asked, "Can I move the crutches for you sir?"

I was surprised and didn't know what to say but Louise cut in, "Thanks, can
you put them up against the chair please."

After the girl had gone back to the desk Louise said, "She obviously
fancies you, she was so turned on, didn't you see how she handled the

"Steady Louise, not every one is into amputees you know, the poor girl was
clearly embarrassed and uneasy."

"Embarrassed maybe but not uneasy, she was so curious what it would be like
to be with you, she couldn't take her eyes off your stump and she was just
looking for an excuse to refer to your one leggedness that's why she asked
about the crutches."

"Nonsense drink your wine," I said dismissing Louise's theory but whether
she was right or not, having the girl looking at me as a one legged man and
handling my crutches had just added to my sexual excitement...

I looked across at Louise's shapely and real stump, her crutch strong
forearms, beautiful breasts and golden hair and suddenly wanted to be back
in our room.

Louise clearly had the same idea. She finished her wine, gave my 'stump' a
final squeeze and stood up on her leg then bent athletically from the waist
and picked up her crutches. As she did so, her stump stuck out behind her
and it was all I could do not to reach out and touch it.

"Get your crutches and let's go," she whispered.

Because they were propped against the chair I could not reach them and had
to hop a couple of paces to get them. I wondered if my 'stump' moved about
like Louise's did when she hopped.

On the way back to the room we passed a man in his 60s who flashed Louise a
huge smile then saw me and looked most confused when he realized I too was

Back in the room I dropped the crutches, took off my jacket and flopped on
my back on the bed partly with exhaustion from the crutching and partly
with relief. I started to undo my trousers but Louise interrupted me.

"No Matt wait please, stay like that for a little longer."

She crutched over to the bed then, hopping on one leg, handed me the
underarm crutches again.

"Just stand up on these will you?"

Curious as to what was happening I did so. Louise hopped to the top of the
bed and took a pillow then knelt down in front of me with the pillow folded
under her stump tip for balance. Unzipping my trousers she then took out my
throbbing pe nis and holding onto my crutches she took me in her mouth
rocking gently backwards and forwards. She stopped momentarily to lift my
"stump' and put it onto her shoulder before continuing until I shook with
the most incredible orgasm. Louise sank down from her knee onto her bottom
and I fell back on the bed unable to speak.

After a few moments Louise stood up and hopped to the bed throwing herself
down beside me still without speaking. We laid there in silence for a while
before she whispered, "Make love to me now Matt, as a one -legged man, make
love to me please!"

She quickly undressed and lay back on the pillows. I undressed too, but she
stopped me as I got to the panty girdles.

"No keep those on, if it's not too painful, so it feels like you have a
stump... "

Louise parted her right leg and stump and I entered her. Immediately I felt
the difference as I had no left leg or foot and could use only my right
knee and 'stump' to push as I thrust deep into her...

"Good Matt that's so good, so deep I've wanted you to do this ever since I
first pinned up your pants leg earlier this evening. Don't stop, don't ever

Sadly it was soon all over, my excitement was just too much and we lay
together naked and 'amputated'.

"Thank you Matt, "

"What for?"

"For being one legged for me tonight."

"Thank you for being one legged for me every night my darling."

I sat up and released my leg from the girdles, elastic support and bandage.
It was a little numb and I had pins and needles but no real pain and a walk
to the bathroom returned it to normal.

Louise remained in bed and I stood over her for a few moments looking at
her perfect one legged form before getting back into the bed. She snuggled
up to me, throwing her stump over onto my belly as usual and I held it
whilst feeling her wetness against my hip.

"What are you thinking?," she asked.

"Just how lucky I am to have the girl of my dreams, and I don't just mean
because you have lost a leg, and how amazing it was to act out my fantasy
with you. What about you?"

"I just can't wait for tomorrow Matt," she murmured.

What had my China Doll got in store for me now?

Chapter 37.

I woke to find Louise already up and standing on her crutches looking out
of the patio doors wearing just a large white bath towel with her hair
still wet and plastered to her shoulders. She had obviously been up some
time as she had not only showered but the pile of clothing, crutches and
pretending aids left on the floor the previous night had already been
tidied away. The girdles and bandage lay neatly on the cabinet next to the
bed and my trousers with the leg still pinned up were folded over the back
of one of the armchairs.

Louise turned to look at me, looking stunning as ever with just a single
leg emerging from below the pure white towel.

"Oh good morning, you're with us at last then?" she joked.

"Sorry what time is it anyway?"

"I'm joking it's only seven but it's a beautiful morning and I'm starving
hungry, it must have been last nights exertions."

"Mmm yes, fancy coming back to bed by any chance?" I asked hopefully
imagining her, fresh smelling from her shower wrapping her leg and stump
around me.

"Come on, Get up and get in the shower, I want to eat and get to the

I reluctantly did as she asked and a few moments later she joined me in the
bathroom to finish drying herself. Letting the towel drop to the floor, her
beautiful stump was on full show as she stood naked in front of the mirror.
She then sat on the toilet lid and put on a pair of white pants and a bra.

"I need to dry my hair," she said leaving the crutches in the bathroom and
hopping out into the bedroom where moments later I heard a hair dryer.

I quickly finished my shower, although as usual I was once again getting an
erection just watching Louise on one leg, and joined her on the bed.

"Get the bandage I'll be ready in a moment," she said hopping back to the
bathroom to collect her crutches.

"You want me to be one-legged again? This morning?"

"Of course. Why? Don't tell me you don't want to."

"Of course I do, but in the restaurant with all those people... Anyway you
saw the wooden chairs over there I really don't think I could do it, my
folded leg and foot would be agony on those."

She smiled," OK you are excused, but I don't see how you are going to be
able to pretend later either, not if we go out anyway, look at the weather
it's going to be baking hot, the jacket is out of the question."

"Well I really don't think I could pretend unless I wore the jacket or a

"There's always the wheelchair, no one would be able to see your 'stump' in

Once again I was shocked and didn't know whether to take her seriously or
not. She must have realized as she said, "I'm only joking," she said then
made it worse with an even bigger twinkle in her eye, "we'll save the chair
for when you're a double amputee."

"It's not that I don't want to, you know I never felt like I did last
night, but not in daylight in crowds at the coast unless I can wear a coat
and anyway I just want to enjoy being with you my beautiful one-legged
lover. I want everyone to be looking at you. What are you wearing today

"Well not one of the legs that's for sure, I told you I never want to wear
my prosthesis again unless I absolutely have to, like at work or unless you
want me to of course. I'm going on my one leg and crutches, but I don't
know what to wear especially if it's going to be really hot."

She stood and swung on the crutches across to the wardrobe. She had hung
all her clothes up, and mine, earlier while I had been sleeping. I watched
her move on the crutches. Even barefoot without the addition of a shoe heel
her single leg looked long and beautiful next to her mid-thigh stump.

I joined her at the wardrobe and took out pants and a T-shirt, then I
reached for a pair of jeans, only to find the left leg pinned up like the
trousers I had used for pretending, and so too I noticed were the left legs
of the other pairs of slacks I had brought with me.

"What's this?" I exclaimed holding the jeans up in front of me.

Louise laughed and said, "Well you're supposed to be one-legged, I expect
all the staff have heard about us by now, so I thought we'd leave something
for the maid to find. She'll no doubt poke about with these too," she said
indicating the C-leg, her normal suction limb and my wooden underarm
crutches in the back of the wardrobe. I brought the other leg in earlier,
and I thought these would interest her as well." She held out two cotton
stump socks and a silicone socket liner before laying them carefully across
the socket of the C-leg.

"And what makes you think the maid is going to be interested in our little
orthopedic collection for goodness sake?"

"Everyone is Matt, whether they are devotees or not, amputees and
artificial legs fascinate everyone, how do we walk, how does the leg go on
etc, although of course they won't admit it."

I shook my head in disbelief, unpinned the jeans leg and put them on. Much
as I loved her, sexy beyond belief as she was and thrilled as I was to be a
pretender with her help, Louise really worried me at times.

Nevertheless although I moved the girdles and bandage from the bedside unit
and put them at the bottom of my bag, I left the 'pretending' trousers on
the chair with the pinned up leg visible as I have to confess the idea of a
maid seeing or even examining the pinned up leg thinking I was one legged,
secretly excited me.

"I'll go to the garage for a paper while you dress," I said moving to the
patio door.

"OK, but don't be long," she said pulling on a light green vest top, "I'm
starving to death, it must be all the s*ex!" she laughed.

I came back from the garage with the paper via reception. I suppose I was
really hoping that Lisa would be there, but there was a thin dark haired
woman about 40 behind the desk who didn't even look up as I limped past.

As I entered the room, Louise was standing out on the patio, presumably
thinking I was coming back the same way. She turned and crutched into the
room. She looked more beautiful than ever, if that were possible. Her blond
hair was held tightly in two bunches by light green hair bands, a gold
chain disappeared down into the green vest top and she wore a matching
chain on her left wrist and right ankle. She was using the wooden underarm
crutches and was wearing a matching green sandal with a three inch heel.
The jaw-dropping part of the outfit was a white mini skirt which allowed
her bare stump to protrude a good three inches showing the delicate faded
scar around its tip.

"Like it?" she said spinning round on her single foot.

"Like it? Louise it's... it's incredible, God you look so sexy but are you
sure you want to go out like that, you want people to see your stump?"

"Why not? I'm not ashamed of it or even shy about it, not since I met you
anyway. I've only got one leg, I'm not ashamed of it, you tell me I'm
pretty, and it turns you on. People will see it, if I go swimming or
sunbathing anyway, so why must I cover it? Come on, let's go and eat."

I followed Louise down the corridor towards reception, my pe nis erect and
hard as usual when she crutched near me. This time was even better than
usual if that were possible, her beautiful leg, the mini skirt, the
crutches and now her stump hanging below the hem of the skirt and moving
gently backwards and forwards with every stride.

Quite what the middle aged receptionist was going to think, I had no idea
not to mention the weekend crowds at the coast.

Chapter 38.

Surprisingly, despite Louise's provocative outfit, we passed through
reception with little more than a 'how awful you poor girl' look from the
woman on the desk. Things were a little different when we entered the
restaurant for breakfast. I couldn't see any of the people from the hotel
bar the previous evening but the restaurant was still very busy with
motorists stopping off for breakfast or just coffee presumably on their way
to the coast.

A number of tables were reserved for hotel residents, but they were at the
far end and we had to pass through a group of people waiting for a table
and through all the tables already occupied by diners to reach our table.

Heads turned as soon as Louise crutched into the restaurant, and as usual
both men and women nudged each other and indicated towards us and stared.
Louise appeared to be loving the attention, flashing smiles all around. I
loved it too of course as the beautiful one-legged girl's partner. Quite
what it would have been like, if I had been on one leg too, I hate to

We sat at our table and looked at the menu just as a small boy about 9
years old piped up loudly, "Where's that lady's leg gone Mummy?"

Despite the boy's mother attempting to divert his attention and ignoring
his question, he repeated it while pointing at Louise...

"I'm so sorry dear," the woman was obviously highly embarrassed, "but he's
never seen anyone with... " she petered out blushing and started to gather
up her bag, the boy and a smaller child as if to leave.

"It's OK, please don't worry," Louise smiled putting the woman at her ease
then to the boy she said, "My leg was ill and they had to cut it off here,
look, so I use these crutches to walk."

The boy initially looked puzzled, "So you've only got one?"

"Yes I'm afraid so."

"OK' he replied and happily returned to his breakfast cereal bowl
apparently satisfied."

"Louise you are wonderful," I said reaching across to touch her hand, "that
was so nice."

She just smiled and went back to the menu.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful but of course when we came to leave
and the waitress brought Louise's crutches and she stood up and placed them
under her arms, all those who had arrived while we had been sitting turned
to stare at the gorgeous one-legged girl who happily crutched out between
them to the door. One man in particular was so intent on watching her stump
that I swear he poked his bacon laden fork in his ear!

As we walked back to the hotel I said, "Well you certainly created a stir
in there... "

"I'm sorry, were you ashamed of me, did it embarrass you? If I did, I'm so
sorry Matt, you know I would never want to do that."

"Embarrassed? How can you say that, I love being with you, on our own or in
packed crowds. I am proud to be with you, I love to be seen with you, when
heads turn, it's because you are the most beautiful woman they have ever
seen. That's the sort of stir I meant."

"No it's not, it's because I've only got one leg and people aren't used to
seeing young amputees and today I was stupid enough to show it blatantly."

"Well I think it's the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"Yes but I sometimes think my stump's too long, that boy said something
because he could see the stump of my leg because of the short skirt."

"No he didn't, like his mother said he'd never seen anyone with just one
leg before, he was just inquisitive about where your leg was."

"Maybe, but sometimes wish I was a hip amputee. I don't like wearing an
artificial leg anyway so a hip disarticulation wouldn't cause a problem.
There was a hip level amputee, Julie, at the limb fitting center, she was
about five feet eleven tall, anyway and she lost her leg right up at the
hip, so high they never really found a good fit for a prosthesis. She wore
a really high heel at least four inches, and a mini-skirt more like a belt
than a skirt and used crutches. Her leg seemed to go on and on forever and
whatever she wore, skirt or shorts, her stump was covered. She even had a
patch of material sewn into her swimsuit to cover her amputation. When I go
swimming I have a long stump on show."

"But I thought you didn't mind."

"I don't, now I have you, so long as you aren't embarrassed... "

"Louise I love it, you know I do," actually I had once thought how nice it
would be if Louise's stump was even longer, a knee disarticulation perhaps,
"knee hip or in between your stump is perfect for me."

"Yes, but there's a difference between me being an amputee and actually
showing my bare stump... "

"Louise listen to me, I love you, if you like it, I like it, everything
about your amputation turns me on, you know that. Look at it like this,
it's better the lad saw your stump, God knows what he would have thought if
he'd seen the C-leg!"

She laughed and turned and kissed me, "Thank you." And the old confident
witty Louise suddenly returned, "So is it OK, if I go to your parents like
this tomorrow?"

"It would kill my Dad that's for sure just seeing your leg in that skirt, I
doubt he's seen my mother's knees for twenty years."

She giggled and crutched ahead into the hotel.

Confident and relaxed about it, as she appeared to be, actually enjoying
her amputation and even flaunting it at times, this was the third of fourth
time we had had this conversation, it was clear my China Doll was more
fragile and insecure than it appeared.

Back in the room Louise sat on the edge of the bed and put on a white
elasticated stump sock. "There that's better, what do you think?"

"Very very sexy, let's go back to bed," I said squatting in front of her
and feeling the tip of her stump through the sock.

"Stop it, we're supposed to be going out."

I put my hand up her skirt between her thigh and stump pushing my fingers
inside her. She moaned and moved her stump out to the left. I gently pulled
her pants off, pushed up her skirt and tasted her salty wetness. She pushed
my head down burying my mouth further into her and pressed her stump
against the side of my head while wrapping her good leg around my back as
she climaxed.

We lay back on the bed, she exhausted and me still tasting her juices in my
mouth. My hand automatically moved to the tip of her stump which she pushed
against me.

"Matt that was fantastic, can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Can you do it to me again... with me as a double amputee? It would be
fantastic if I had no legs and could only move my stumps as I got excited."

Louise's ability to shock and to be confident and at ease with her
amputation had returned as quickly as it appeared to have waned. Was there
no end to the fantasies and games she wanted to play? That question was
left unanswered as we heard the sound of the maid's trolley coming down the

Chapter 39.

Louise drove again so I was able to look at and touch her lovely stump all
the way to the coast. Due to the extra short skirt which had ridden up as
she sat in the car, more of it was visible than normal and if anything I
found the brilliant white stump sock more exciting than when her stump was

By the time we reached the coast the car parks were already filling up and
Louise's disabled parking permit came in useful enabling us to park on the
promenade rather than in a car park up in the town.

As usual I reached onto the back seat for her crutches and walked around to
the driver's door where Louise had already swung around in the seat with
her single lovely leg on show ready to stand up. She had decided to use the
elbow crutches as she said she could walk further and longer on them. As I
got to her, her skirt was up around her hips so that her beautiful leg,
white sock clad stump and her white panties were in full view...

"Wow Louise please don't do that to me I've got to wait all day to get you
back to the hotel!"

She giggled and made a half hearted attempt to pull her skirt down before
standing and, with her usual hop to balance herself, taking the crutches
from me and slipping her strong bronzed forearms into the cuffs.

"OK so where shall we go first?" she asked flashing me a smile. I stood
transfixed and watched her swing away from me, her beautiful figure between
the clicking crutches with the white tip of her stump hanging below the
skirt. Would I ever tire of just watching this wonderful woman?

She stopped and turned, "Come on Matt it's a great morning, get going,
let's walk to the pier."

Suddenly I wished I was on one leg too. The promenade was still quite quiet
with just a few other couples walking. All the other visitors were
obviously still up in the town on top of the cliffs taking coffee perhaps.
The few that were out walking all looked as they passed us, and I could
only imagine their interest if I had been one-legged too. In fact the
desire to be seen as an amputee by just anyone was becoming greater each
time and I now felt so confident and natural after my 'debut' the previous
day. This would have been an ideal opportunity to really appear in public
as a one-legged man rather than just around the hotel.

For now I proudly walked, two-legged, alongside my China Doll. Although it
was a warm day there was a strong breeze and the seaside stall holders
struggled to hang out the hats, buckets and spades as they opened their
kiosks for the day. We reached the pier and I watched with rising sexual
excitement as Louise climbed the six steps in the entrance. Foot, crutches,
foot, crutches, her elegance and confidence on steps with just one slender
leg and two aluminum poles to support her, never ceased to amaze me.

We went into the café at the end of the pier for coffee, a typical seaside
café in early season, not yet full of sand, wet costumes and kids with the
dank feeling of the winter still hanging around it despite the recent warm
spell. The proprietor came from behind the counter to show us (Louise, I
suspect) to a table although we were the only customers.

"Well that's made his day," I said, "he nearly fainted when he saw you."

"Not everyone goes weak at the knees at the sight of a one-legged girl you

"I didn't mean that I meant that he's probably never had such a beautiful
woman in his grotty little café before."

Louise smiled and squeezed my hand across the table, "Of course you did."

After coffee we went back out onto the pier and walked slowly to the end.
The breeze was stronger and on two occasions Louise's flared white mini
skirt blew up 'Marilyn Monroe style," the difference being that in addition
to white pants a lovely rounded thigh stump in a white elastic sock was

Louise stopped at the rail and stared out to sea and I moved behind her and
put my arms around her waist. She spun around on her single foot and,
facing me, pushed her stump up between my legs.

"Hold me Matt... " Her arms were ice cold and she had goose pimples so I
drew her in as close as I could.

"You're freezing."

"The wind is colder than I expected, I don't think this top and bare arms
was such a great idea after all," she shivered and snuggled in even closer,
her crutches hanging by the cuffs from her arms...

"Let's go up into the town then, it'll be much warmer there," I suggested,

"Not yet, I want to walk along to the end of the promenade then we can take
the lift up the cliffs."

With that she kissed me on the cheek, took the tip of her stump out of my
groin, leaving me with a bulging erection as usual, and swung off back
along the pier on her crutches.

I fell in alongside her as we made our way along the promenade, now filling
with people, many if not all of whom stared at the beautiful one-legged
blonde beside me with her stump on show beneath the hem of her skirt. I was
so disappointed that it wasn't possible to hold Louise's hand when she was
using crutches as I wanted everyone to know we were together. I was also
sorry I wasn't on one leg and crutches too with so many more people to see
me, Louise I knew would have been turned on by it and my erection grew even
harder as I imagined it.

We took the cliff lift which was virtually empty. Louise sat on one of the
wooden side benches, her skirt well up over her thigh and stump sock so
much so that I thought the lift operator was going to have a heart attack!.

The main high street was busy with shoppers and tourists alike and on many
occasions we had to push trough groups on the pavements. Well I had to
push, the knots of people just seemed to part for Louise as she swung
gracefully along smiling beautifully on her shapely leg.

We had lunch in a pub and afterwards we decided to head back as the clouds
had rolled in, it was dull and it threatened to rain. I left Louise in the
pub teasing a teenage lad with glimpses of her stump and panties while I
went back down to the sea front to collect the car.

"You drive us back Matt," she said then added, "what a shame you're not one
legged at the moment, so I could feel your stump as you drive like you do
to me all the time," she giggled and touched my groin instead.

"Actually I was just thinking, well really I've been thinking about it all
morning, I really want to be one-legged again when we get back to the

"Oh yes please Matt! You go out on one leg while I have a bath and change,
then come to me and make love to me as a one-legged man."

Clearly an exciting afternoon with my one-legged China Doll awaited me.

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Chapters 40-47

Chapter 40.

On the way back to the hotel we drove through one of the many small flint-
built Norfolk villages a few miles inland from the coast. Louise spotted a
nice looking restaurant and asked me to stop the car. "It looked really
nice Matt, can we eat there tonight?" she asked.

"I don't know, it's Saturday, they might be booked up."

"Drop me here and I'll find out," she said reaching over into the back for
her crutches.

"Stay there, I'll turn round and park outside and come in with you."

"No need, I'll go, you turn round and pick me up outside," she smiled and
with that was out of the car, hopping for a moment on her single leg as she
put her arms in the crutches and was gone.

I didn't turn around straight away, instead I watched her in the rear view
mirror crutching smoothly and sexily away. As she crossed the grass verge
to the restaurant I had a side view of her fluent beautiful gait with her
long slender leg and stump peeping below her skirt. Only then from the side
did I realize how long her stride was and how quickly she swung along, no
wonder I struggled to keep up sometimes!

As I parked outside, Louise re-appeared at the door accompanied by a
waiter. She thanked him and crutched to the car leaving the waiter staring
intently as she left him.

"Great they can let us have a table at eight, it's a nice quiet one in the
corner and it's like a booth with soft seats so you'll be alright."

"What do you mean 'you'll be alright'? I asked.

"Sitting on your folded leg of course," she giggled as only my Louise could

"You mean you want me to go to a restaurant full of people for a meal on
one leg?" I was once again shocked and frightened by her suggestion
although deep down the thought excited me greatly.

"Why not? You said you wanted to be on one leg more and anyway we can't
change it now - I told them we were both amputees!"

"What... why on earth did you do that?" I spluttered.

Louise laughed again, "I just felt like it, the guy was already shaking at
the sight of me, I thought two of us on one leg would really freak him

By the time we got back to the hotel it was dull and overcast with rain in
the air. I parked outside the room and we went in via the patio doors. I
was glad not to have to walk through reception, remembering and having to
walk like I was wearing an artificial leg was harder than actually
crutching around on one leg.

When we got into the room Louise fell back on the bed. "Go on then, get the
girdles and bandages and we'll transform you into that one-legged man you
are obviously dying to be," she said.

I picked up the already pinned-up specially adapted trousers from the chair
and the other things from my bag. I went to the wardrobe for a clean shirt,
the jacket, a shoe and a sock and I noticed immediately that the socket
liner with the locking pin thing which Louise had left on the socket of her
"C' leg was on the floor.

"I knew she wouldn't resist a look," Louise smiled.

I stood holding the liner, I'd never really seen it much before as Louise
had only worn the leg once and I didn't see her put it on.

"It is a bit strange, I must admit, in fairness the young lass was probably
just inquisitive," I replied...

I actually found the thought of Louise wearing it quite a turn on, but then
that applied to everything connected to her amputation...

"I bet she had a look at the leg too," said Louise hopping over to me.

"And I bet you look really sexy in this," I said handing the liner to her.

"Well you never know... " she said feeling my erect pe nis, "Now get those
jeans off and let's make you an amputee again."

Five minutes later I was leaving the room on the underarm crutches and just
my right leg. The left was to all appearances missing from the knee with
the empty trouser leg pinned up over the 'stump'. The folded leg was held
vice-like by the bandages and double girdles and any slight bulge of the
foot was hidden by the loose fitting trousers and jacket. Louise stood on
one leg in the doorway watching as I crutched away down the carpeted
corridor, the crutches making a slight creaking sound only wooden underarm
crutch users will know.

Suddenly I felt so sexually excited, liberated and totally confident. I was
a one-legged man with a beautiful (real) one legged girlfriend getting
ready in our room for my return. I looked down at my 'stump' and single leg
swinging through between the crutches and wanted as many people as possible
to see me.

The hotel was however quite quiet, the foyer was deserted (presumably most
of the guests were out) and after a walk around the car park I went back
inside and sat down on a settee arranged with a matching armchair and a
coffee table in the corridor.

The settee was deep front to back so the tip of my 'stump' only reached the
edge of the cushion which in turn was very soft and therefore hid the bulk
of my folded leg 'stump' nicely while my left foot was buried deep in the
gap at the back where the cushion fitted into the back of the settee. It
was incredibly comfortable so much so that I could have sat there forever
and made me even more confident that I was a totally convincing leg

I placed the crutches on the floor along the front of the settee behind my
foot and started to read the courtesy newspaper just happy to sit as a one
legged man for anyone passing to see. After a few moments the door of the
room opposite opened and the attractive brunette, the older of the two
women we had seen in the corridor the previous evening, appeared.

She smiled and came across and although I still can't explain it my
excitement heightened.

"May I join you for a minute?" she asked indicating the empty chair.

"Yes please, do."

"I'm waiting for my friend, we are supposed to be going out at three, the
men have gone to the races for the day."

I smiled and nodded, noticing her surreptitious glance at my 'stump'. I was
getting more and more turned on in the presence of this stranger who
clearly saw me as a real one-legged man. I could only imagine how Louise
would have reacted. I put my hand on the end of my 'stump' and gave it a
rub as I had seen Louise do so many times. The woman watched, then looked
away when I looked at her.

"Is your girlfriend not with you?" she asked.

"Making herself beautiful for me as we speak," I replied.

"But she's beautiful already."

"Yes, I know," I smiled.

"Are you here for the whole weekend?"

"We're on our way to see my parents, it's their anniversary."

"That's nice."

At that point her younger friend came round the corner.

"There you are Jill, I was just keeping this young man company while I
waited for you."

The second woman smiled and sat down next to me. Suddenly I desperately
wished I had sat on the right of the settee so that her thigh would have
been next to my 'stump' but I had sat on the left side so the arm of the
settee also helped to hide the size of my folded leg.

"Didn't we see you and your girlfriend last night?" Jill asked.

"Yes I think so," I replied smiling, but secretly thinking how unlikely it
was that she would have seen another couple each with a leg amputated!

"You're both... well I mean you both have... "

"We are both leg amputees yes," I answered interrupting her confusion.

"I'm sorry but I've never seen a young couple before where both have lost a
leg, its, its more an older person's thing isn't it?"

The older woman cut in, "Jill for God's sake you're embarrassing the man
and anyway I thought they looked wonderful."

She smiled looking again at my 'stump' then stood to leave.

"I'd better go too" I said reaching for the crutches then standing as I
slipped them under my arms.

"After you," I said smiling as they walked and I crutched down the
corridor. I stopped at the door to our room and the two ladies turned and
said 'Goodbye' as I let myself in.

By now I was so turned on and I couldn't wait to see my one-legged China
Doll fresh from the shower and no doubt in something sexy and showing her
stump and to tell her about my pretending adventure. What greeted me when I
swung into the room was pure Louise and totally blew me away...

Chapter 41.

As I opened the door to the hotel room I half expected to see Louise lying
on the bed waiting for me, hopefully in something very sexy and certainly
showing her beautiful stump. Instead I could see the back view of her head
and shoulders in the wheelchair framed by the patio door as she sat
outside. I heard her talking to someone as I closed the door behind me. She
immediately swung the chair around to reveal she was now legless, her right
leg was under her with a white elasticated sock covering her knee-length
"stump' and her real stump was covered in the flesh coloured liner I had
admired earlier with the locking pin for the prosthesis sticking out of the
end. She was wearing the hotel-supplied white bathrobe draped strategically
across her thighs but open enough to show the tips of her 'stumps' with her
golden hair wrapped in a towel.

"Matt, there you are, come through and meet John and Liz," she smiled and
indicated towards the deck outside the next door room.

"Bit I'm... " I hesitated indicating my single leg, fake 'stump' and
crutches. The thought of meeting another couple together with Louise's
double 'amputation' had quite frankly made me shake with excitement sending
a massive sexual urge through my already erect pe nis but as usual I was
cautious about the other couple seeing me. What if they had seen me on two
legs and knew I wasn't really an amputee, more importantly what if they had
seen Louise in her skirt earlier and knew she was really only one-legged?

Louise as always knew exactly what I was thinking, "Come on, John and Liz
have only just arrived and are unwinding with a drink before they unpack."

I crutched slowly to the door watched intently by Louise, her fingers down
between her 'stumps." She was obviously as turned on by me on crutches as I

As I neared the door she swiveled the chair back around and smiled at the
new couple.

"This is my boyfriend Matt," she said as I swung one-legged out into the
late afternoon sunshine onto the patio area.

It was one of those 'wish I had a camera' moments as the couple saw the
legless woman's boyfriend was also missing a lower limb. John's mouth fell
open, Liz stared at my 'stump', I felt my erection grow even larger and
Louise, as usual, giggled enjoying the shock on their faces.

I sat down in one of the plastic chairs, taking care not to let the two see
the bulk of my stump or the bulge of my foot. The chair was hard and I knew
I wouldn't be able to sit there for long on my folded leg.

We chatted for a while, John produced a bottle of wine and Liz, so it
seemed to me, stared at our three stumps. Louise of course was enjoying
every minute but my sexual excitement at being one-legged started to wane
as the pain in my left leg increased.

"It's turning cold Louise, and you're hardly dressed for sitting outside
plus we have to get ready for tonight," I said.

Thankfully she took the hint and we excused ourselves leaving a shocked
couple to finish the bottle while talking about the amputee couple next

Back in the room Louise pulled the sock off her right leg and stood up from
the chair before falling back onto the bed helpless with laughter, "Did you
see their faces? They were totally shocked when they saw my stumps but when
you appeared... "

"Bloody hell, Louise I'll never understand you, what the hell do you get
out of all this?"

"The same as you Matt," she replied "it turns me on, come here."

I crutched to the bed and she started to touch the end of my 'stump' I
looked down, the gown had fallen open revealing her lovely body in black
bra and tiny pants with the prosthetic liner complete with pin on her sexy

She moved her hand up my 'stump' to my crotch and felt my erection.

"I take it you had a great time on your walkabout."

I started to tell her about the two women in the corridor but she
interrupted, "Come to bed and tell me there," she asked.

"Just let me get this stuff off first I can't feel my foot," I said.

"No, No, I want you to make love to me as a one legged man, I want to feel
your stump and squeeze it between my stump and thigh. Just take off the
trousers, quickly."

I dropped the crutches, took off my shirt, jacket, sock, shoe and trousers
then hopped, my long fake stump swinging wildly around the bed to the empty

Louise rolled onto her right side and pulled down my underpants before
rubbing her stump still in the liner across my pe nis as it protruded from
the girdles holding my leg.

It was the most sensual moment yet and I immediately ejaculated.

"Wow we were excited! Now tell me about how you showed your stump to the
public this afternoon... "

I told Louise about my adventure in the corridor, and she in turn told me
how she had intended to use the chair just for me when I came back, and was
sitting outside on the patio after her shower as a double amputee when the
new neighbours arrived.

"John couldn't take his eyes off my stumps and it was obvious Liz was
wondering what it was like to have no legs."

She laid as always on her right side with her stump across my abdomen and I
slipped my left hand down to her wet crotch.

"Make love to me Matt, seeing you as a one-legged man as you crutched
across the room was a massive turn on for me too you know."

She touched my pe nis which soon responded and slid across me and sat on my
erection, her stump in the sexy liner now between my right hip and right

As I penetrated her she moaned, "Oh Matt that's so deep, touch my stump."

She slowly moved her pelvis back and forward, I lay there totally unmoving
but aware that I had just one foot to push against the mattress and just
one thigh to lift and push against her buttock. My 'stump' was now totally
numb and but for its bulk could have been a real missing leg.

For a while we laid back exhausted, our stumps and good legs intertwined
then I started to remove the girdles to release my leg. The pain was
intense as the circulation returned, but Louise massaged my calf and thigh
until the feeling returned.

"It's OK, it's because you were sitting on the hard chair," she said, "we
don't want you to lose your leg for real now, do we?"

As Louise hopped to the bathroom on her one beautiful leg she looked back
and smiled. Knowing the way Louise thought anything was possible and for my
part at that moment I could think of nothing other than how fantastic life
as a one-legged man might be.

Louise called from the bathroom breaking my chain of thought, "Come on
Matt, get up and exercise that leg, don't forget you have to lose it again
in a couple of hours"

I had forgotten that a full Saturday night restaurant awaited the 'amputee

Chapter 42.

We left the hotel at about seven to drive to the restaurant. Louise looked
more stunning than ever, if that was possible, on the elbow crutches in a
tight fitting black trouser suit and crisp white linen blouse with her hair
loose on her shoulders. The empty left leg of the immaculate trousers was
pinned neatly up against her stump and she had a black shoe with a platform
sole and four inch heel on her single foot. Only I knew that underneath she
was wearing the black bra and pants and a black suspender belt that held up
a stocking on her leg and a light elasticated sock on her beautifully
rounded stump.

I swung along behind on the underarm crutches feeling distinctly poorly
dressed in comparison in the same jacket and trousers but thrilled at the
thought of our first real outing together as amputees.

Louise of course had insisted on walking through the reception area to the
car, hoping I suspected, that the bar would be busy. I for my part was
hoping to avoid the couple next door.

"What if they see you on one leg? They think you're a double amputee," I
asked as we left the room.

"Don't worry Matt, they'll think I am wearing an artificial leg on the
right side," she assured me.

"Not with a shoe like that and crutch-walking as well as you do."

"I know that but they won't. Don't worry," she giggled.

As we drove to the restaurant I laid my hand on her stump as usual.

"You look absolutely fantastic tonight Louise - so, so beautiful and I love
the outfit especially that shoe' I said.

"You should have seen me in the pair," she replied, "I had a fantastic
little black cocktail dress that I wore with them, I can't wear it now, I'd
be showing six inches of my stump."

It was the first time I had ever heard Louise speak with any sort of regret
about losing her leg and it upset me. She always gave the impression she
had come to terms with her amputation and actually appeared to be happy to
be one-legged most of the time.

"Well I'd love to see you in the dress, you must model it for me, in
private of course, I bet it's sexy," I said squeezing her stump. "By the
way you know if I'm going to spend a lot of time on one leg, I'm going to
have to get some more trousers and suits."

"Oh yes please! I'll help you get the widest fit and longer inside leg and
make the necessary alterations. I'd like you on one leg all the time you
know that but I know that's not possible but if you could be one-legged
whenever we're together that would be great."

"I'd like it too but I'm terrified we'll see someone who knows me so as far
as going out in public back home then sorry but I just daren't."

"We'll see Matt," Louise replied with that touch of threat and danger that
told me by now that she had other plans," I'll just have to have you as an
amputee at home all the time anyway Elaine will love it."

"What do you mean? That's the second time you've mentioned her - I really
don't think I could pretend in front of her, doing it in public and being
seen by people who don't realize is one thing but... "

"Don't be silly, anyway she knows I pretend to be a double amputee and is
cool with it. There's a lot more to Elaine than you realize"

We arrived at the restaurant and crutched to the door after a hilarious
moment where we both tried to retrieve our crutches from the back seat of
the car at the same time and ended in a hopeless tangle. Louise went in
first, and I followed more slowly carefully negotiating the steps up to the
door. It was the first time I had tackled steps in public and I was
terrified I would fall in a heap.

As promised we were seated in a booth which thankfully was well upholstered
and soft so that my folded leg wasn't too painful. Louise sat on my
"amputated' side and kept touching and rubbing my 'stump' all evening.

The restaurant was crowded mainly with couples, but there was a larger
group of about 10 young women at a large table who all stared as we entered
and looked again as the waiter passed their table carrying our crutches.

The woman in the booth opposite noticed Louise touching my 'stump' and
nudged her partner and whispered loudly. "Look she's feeling touching where
his leg is off."

It was a fantastic evening, I was so sexually excited as was Louise, I was
also so proud to have the world's prettiest woman, who just happened to be
one legged, on my arm.

By the time we finished the meal, my folded leg was totally numb but not
painful, and but for its weight and bulk I could really have been an
amputee as I had no feeling.

The waiter brought the bill and Louise, ever the show-woman, said in a
louder than necessary voice, "Can we have our crutches please?"

We stood and took the crutches from the waiter before swinging towards the
door. I went ahead as I didn't want too many diners to see my back in case
my folded foot should be visible. Louise was happy to bring up the rear as
she swung gracefully and exaggerated her crutching very close to the table
of the obviously interested couple.

I found negotiating the steps downwards on crutches was far more difficult
and I was rather unsteady but managed it safely. Louise joined me on the
pavement and we crutched together, two left above knee amputees, to the

As we got to the car, Louise pushed me backwards against it and started
rubbing and feeling my crotch and 'stump' while lifting her stump and
pushing it into me.

"Shit Matt, that was the most fantastic couple of hours ever. Everyone was
staring at us, the guys were undressing me and that woman was so excited
looking at you, I thought she was going to start fingering herself at the
table. I bet her husband won't know hat hit him tonight."

"I'm not sure everyone is turned on by amputees like us Louise, a lot of it
was just people staring if not actually pitying us but you know I had a
great time too I've never been so turned on, God right now I wish I was
really an amputee."

"So do I, you look great and your stump feels so good, I wish your leg was
off at the knee, it would be fantastic."

By now my hands were down her trousers touching her wetness, one of my
crutches fell to the ground and Louise was trying to unzip my trousers.

"Not here, let's get back to the hotel, quickly Louise I want to make love
to you so desperately."

She crutched around to the drivers seat and I hopped to the passenger door
which I only just closed just as she hit the accelerator. It appeared that
our first public outing as amputees had excited my China Doll as much as

Chapter 43.

I woke at about 9.30 to the sound of Louise in the shower. Crutches and
clothing including my pretending stuff and trousers with the empty leg
still pinned up littered the floor from the previous evening.

We had had wild frantic s*ex on the floor as soon as we entered the room.
Louise had thrown down her crutches and balancing on her single leg began
frantically tearing at my belt and trouser fastenings. I had remained
standing on my crutches and one leg as Louise pulled out my erect pe nis
and, holding my right crutch for support with her left hand had sunk to her
one knee in front of me taking my pe nis into her mouth and, first rubbing,
then lifting my 'stump' onto her right shoulder.

We had then made love on the floor. Me with my leg still bound up and
Louise naked with her leg and stump spread wide as I entered her. As she
climaxed, her beautiful stump lashed about and she gripped me tightly with
her single limb.

Quietly I made my way to the bathroom, Louise was sitting naked on the
disabled seat in the shower drying herself.

"Good morning, I wondered when you would surface" she giggled spreading her
leg and stump wide.

"Well after last night..." I reached into the shower and touched the tip of
her still soapy stump.

"Hands off there's no time for that, we have to be at your parents about
eleven and anyway breakfast will be here in a minute, go out and tidy up in

"Breakfast? How have you organized that? I didn't know they did room

"They don't – normally - but I put on my 'poor little Miss One-Legged' act
plus I reminded them you were an amputee as well and they agreed to bring
it to the room."

"You crafty little devil," I reached in again and squeezed her cheek.

"Never mind that get things tidied up, I shall need my crutches to answer
the door and you'll have to be one-legged too of course."

"What now? All that strapping up and stuff? I haven't time," I protested
"Just fold your leg and put your pinned up pants on then sit on the bed she
won't notice anything."

I started to feel excited again at the thought of the maid seeing me as a
one-legged man and I could feel the erection starting as I did as Louise

A minute or so later Louie crutched out of the bathroom in the white
bathrobe looking absolutely stunning. The robe opened at mid-thigh level as
she swung across the room revealing the tip of her stump in a white
elasticated stump sock.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Louise opened it to admit a
pretty teen-aged girl, obviously a part-time weekend worker who we hadn't
seen before, with the breakfast tray. Louise as nimble as ever on her
crutches moved to one side to let the girl in.

I saw the girl's eyes look down to the hem of Louise's robe and the one leg
visible below it. She walked across the room to put down the tray and I
swear her mouth fell open when she saw my 'stump' and pinned up trouser leg
on the edge of the bed.

"Thank you Emily," said Louise reading the girl's name badge and holding
the door open for her to leave.

"That will be something to talk about in the staffroom later that's for
sure. Poor kid I bet she has never seen anyone with a leg missing before at
least not without a pros on then suddenly there are two of them!" Louise
giggled again and sat down beside me on the bed.

I pushed my hand between her full thigh and stump and slipped my fingers
inside the crotch of her panties "Oh Louise, wow that really turned me on

She stood up and crutched to the table, "Come on you – eat – we have to get
ready and check out, you can be the randy leg amputee later."

We ate breakfast and I went to shower. When I came out of the bathroom
Louise was dressed ready to go and both artificial legs, the underarm
crutches and the wheelchair were by the patio doors ready to go into the

Louise looked stunning as always, she was on the elbow crutches wearing a
pair of tight black trousers with the empty leg fastened to the waistband
at the back, a red chunky sweater and a shiny black patent shoe with a
three inch heel on her foot. Her blonde hair cascaded loose over her
shoulders and she was also in tears.

"Louise whatever is the matter?"

"Look at me just look what is your mother going to think when she sees me?"

"But you look fabulous so beautiful and so sexy."

"Will you shut up about sexy? I so wanted to look normal today not to look
disabled or crippled. I have been worrying about this for weeks, what to
wear, false leg or not, I don't want your parents to be shocked or to pity

"But you look fine," I protested weakly.

"To you maybe, and you know I like crutches but I wanted to wear the c-leg
today, so I looked and walked as normally as possible."

"Then why don't you?"

"I have forgotten the cosmetic cover, without it all the workings show,
even if I wear trousers you can see it through the material, and anyway the
knee needs charging up – I forgot to do it."

Then wear the other leg..."

"I might as well go in the wheelchair for fucks sake – it looks wrong, even
in trousers it looks stupid when I sit with the knee bent its so obvious so
I may as well go like this and show them what I am right from the start."

I held her close "They will love you just like I do, you'll see, and
anyway, Mum already knows you only have one leg. Just don't wear a skirt,
if Dad sees your gorgeous leg there'll be no holding him," I joked feebly.

"If I wore a skirt everyone would see the end of my stump, at least you'd
be happy," she smiled and was suddenly my Louise again.

Louise went to pay the bill at the reception while I loaded the luggage,
legs, crutches and chair into the car. I drove and as Louise slipped into
the seat next to me she said "I shall show your parents I'm not a useless

"I bet you will," I murmured as we pulled out into the traffic.

I looked down as I felt my lovely one-legged beauty's hand slide across my
thigh, "I bet you will."

Chapter 44.

We arrived at my parents at about 11.40. My mother must have been looking
out for us as she came bustling out of the house as soon as I turned into
the drive. I parked in front of the door and to my left I could see my
father at his workbench at the back of the garage. There was no sign of my
sister Pat's car.

I reached over to the back seat to get Louise's crutches as she opened her
door and swung her leg out. I walked around the back of the car as Louise
stood with that little hop to gain her balance and slid her hands through
the cuffs of the crutches.

"Hi Mum, happy anniversary!"

"Hello dear thank you, new car?" she asked.

"No Mum it's Louise's."

My mother turned to Louise who flashed her biggest and best smile "Hello
Mrs Finlay I'm pleased to meet you."

Louise held out her hand to my mother leaving the crutch hanging by the
cuff from her forearm.

"Hello dear I'm so pleased to meet you too. My spies tell me Matthew is
crazy about you," Mum smiled, Louise laughed a little embarrassed and I
snapped, "Mum please give it a rest will you?"

"Go and get your father out of the garage while Louise and I go inside." I
watched as they turned away towards the house. My mother short and a little
fat in middle-age and beside her my beautiful Louise swinging elegantly
along on one slim leg between the crutches with that tell-tale light
metallic 'clink' as the crutches hit the ground. I will never tire of
watching her crutching especially from the back, the most fluid beautiful
movement I can ever imagine especially with the empty trouser leg loosely
pinned up behind her stump.

"Hello son," my father advanced towards me his hand outstretched.

"Hi Dad how are you?" I knew what the reply would be.

"As well as can be expected with your mother nagging me."

"30 years today isn't it Dad?"

"Yes it just feels like 50," he laughed, "is your new girlfriend here?"

"Yes she has gone inside with Mum, I think she's a bit embarrassed."

"Who by? Your Mother?"

"Yes a little bit, you know how Mum fusses, but I didn't really mean that.
I think she's worried what you might think of her you know, with her being

"Think of her? What will we think? I hear she's pretty and I'm sure she's
really nice, bright and polite so what would we think..."

"Well she's..."

"Only got one leg I understand."


"But you like her?"

"Yes Dad very much."

"Well that's all there is to it then. Come on I want to meet her!" and he
led the way into the house.

Louise and my mother were sitting in the two large cane armchairs in the
conservatory drinking coffee. My mother had obviously taken Louise's
crutches as they were propped against the wall well away from her.

"Louise this is my Dad."

My father moved towards Louise, "Please call me George, I'm pleased to meet

"Hello," Louise replied standing up, hopping slightly to keep her balance
and put out her hand. Her stump moved backwards and forwards and the empty
pants leg rippled as she balanced herself.

"Please don't get up," said my father while my mother looked anxious and
eyed the crutches obviously wondering if she should get them for Louise.

"Its OK, Matt will tell you I'm a world champion hopper," she laughed and
my father also saw the joke. It helped to ease a difficult moment and
Louise smiled at me with a look of relief. My mother however still looked

At that moment the doorbell rang and my mother leapt to answer it. "That'll
be Patricia," she said as she disappeared along the hallway.

"I shall go and get cleaned up," said my father, "or I shall be in

"Quick Matt get me my crutches please," said Louise, "I want to go to meet
your sister, I don't want her coming in here with me sitting helpless like
your Dad just did..."

We went out into the hall as my sister Pat was giving Mum the present from
her, her husband and their children, she saw us over Mum's shoulder, "Matt
hi! Hhow are you? and this must be Louise..."

"Hello Pat and yes this is Louise."

Louise swung forward on her crutches to shake hands but Pat reached out and
holding her shoulders kissed Louise on the cheek. Pat then stood back and
looked Louise up and down.

"Wow, you look fabulous my horrible little brother is a lucky man, I'm sure
he doesn't deserve you."

Louise smiled clearly embarrassed. My mother stepped in to save the day
"Come on you two girls let's go to the kitchen and check lunch."

Mum turned and Pat stepped back allowing Louise to go ahead. She then
followed apparently watching Louise's stump and crutches from behind just
as I love to do.

I went out to the car to get Mum and Dad's present and rejoined them in the
kitchen. Mum was at the cooker checking on the progress of the saucepans,
Pat and Louise were through in the dining room setting the table. Louie had
placed her crutches against one of the chairs and was hopping around the
table with the knives and forks.

I felt another erection coming just watching her and seeing her beautiful
stump in the pinned-up pants sticking out a little at the back every time
she leaned over the table. I so wanted to walk up behind her and gently cup
her stump in my hands.

"Here you are Mum, I hope you like it. It's from us both... It's the range
of porcelain you collect and is thanks to you and Dad that I got to know
Louise, she found it for me in the China department. It's how we met."

"Thank you dear," Mum replied, "and thank you too Louise," she added
calling through to the dining room.

Mum then turned to me and lowered her voice "Matthew, she's lovely, pretty
and so easy to talk to and you look so happy together, I'm so pleased for
you. Does she make you happy?"

Before I could reply, Louise came back into the kitchen on her crutches,
while Pat was dispatched to find my father. Mum was bent over the cooker
again and Louise moved closer to me and gently raising her stump, pushed it
into my crotch. "And do I make you happy?" she whispered.

I pushed my now huge erection harder against the tip of her stump and slid
my hand between her thigh and the empty folded-up part of her trouser leg.
"I think I can say yes to that my darling," I replied.

At that moment I looked up to see Pat in the doorway and it was clear she
had seen everything. Louise lowered her stump as Pat looked at me in shock,
horror or perhaps amazement, this was going to be an interesting meal.

Chapter 45.

Lunch, a traditional family roast with beef and all the trimmings, went
very smoothly and was remarkably uneventful, I sat next to my mother and
opposite Louise. Pat sat next to Louise (on her amputated side where I
would have liked to have been) and Dad sat at the head of the table. Mum
and Pat brought in the food because as Louise was on crutches she couldn't
help as she couldn't carry anything. Instead she sat at the table with my
father laughing and chatting over a glass of red wine while the food was

Mum fussed a little too much asking Louise if she had enough room to get in
and out from the table with her crutches, then offered to prop them up in
the corner but her fussing was from genuine concern and wanting to help. In
the end Louise handed her the crutches and with a wicked look at me she
said, "If I want them I shall just hop."

My mother clearly didn't know what to say, my father grinned clearly loving
Louise's sense of humor as he realized she Louise had said it on purpose to
shock and Pat remained tight-lipped.

At the end of the meal Mum and Pat started to clear the table and Louise
was as good as her word, standing on her single leg she picked up two
plates and hopped into the kitchen, her stump flailing wildly about as she
did so. Any embarrassment she had about my parents seeing her on one leg
had clearly disappeared unless of course she was doing it just to see their

My mother however was clearly horrified and implored Louise to sit down and
to leave it to her and Pat which she did returning to the table, my father
and the wine bottle. My father (who appeared to share Louise's sense of fun
or desire to shock) poured her another glass and, nodding towards my mother
said, "She's not sure how to be with you – it will be alright."

When the table was cleared Louise took her crutches and went back into the
kitchen. "Please Mrs Findlay, you sit down, Pat and I will wash up. I can
wash and Pat will dry and put away, won't you Pat?"

Pat agreed and despite my mother's protestations Louise installed herself
leaning up against the sink just as I had seen her do at home. I meanwhile
took my mother through to sit in the conservatory while my Dad disappeared
into the lounge no doubt for a doze.

"So Mum what do you think of Louise?" I asked.

"Well Matthew I think she's absolutely lovely in every way, she's very
pretty too..."


"But how on earth does she manage? Working, shopping, doing everyday things
on those crutches?"

"Mum she isn't on crutches all the time," I explained (thinking to myself
"but I wish she was') she has two different very good artificial legs both
of which she uses very well, It's just that for various reasons she
couldn't use them today."

"Oh I see, I thought she was, well you know, always like that."

"And what if she is? Do you think I shouldn't be seen with her or
something?" I felt myself getting angry I just couldn't believe my lovely
kind and usually very fair mother would try to warn me off because of
Louise's disability.

"Darling no, no, never it's not that at all, I told you she's lovely in
every way, as a person as well as beautiful to look at. I would never say
anything like that, it doesn't matter a jot to me I was just concerned for
her and you that she might not be able to do all the things a..."

"A two legged person can do?" I finished the question for her.

"Well yes." said Mum.

"Well, don't you worry on that score, in fact I can say with total
certainty that she can do lots of things two legged girls can't do" I
replied suppressing a smile as my mother looked mystified but was obviously
afraid to ask.

At that point Pat and Louise joined us. Louise swung gracefully in and sat
on the settee. My mother and I were occupying the two chairs so Pat sat
next to Louise, her thigh touching Louise's stump.

"Well you two, all done?"

"Yes Mum," said Pat, "where is Dad?"

"Sleeping off lunch, and the wine," I replied.

It was typical English Sunday afternoon, my mother made tea at 3 o'clock,
then Pat suggested to Louise that she show her my father's garden. Louise
smiled and agreed and crutched out of the conservatory doors onto the patio
and lawn.

As the two disappeared through the rose-arch my father emerged from his
post-lunch nap. "Where is Louise Matt?"

"Out in the garden with Pat, Dad," I replied.

"Oh admiring my vegetables are they?"

"Something like that I suppose. Well tell me, have you two, have you had a
nice anniversary? You really should have let Pat and me take you out, you
know instead of you cooking Mum," I said.

"Nonsense dear I have enjoyed it and I have enjoyed meeting Louise, I do so
hope we'll see her again..."

"Don't be nosy mother," said my father.

"Of course you will Mum, I like her very much, you know."

Pat and Louise came back in about twenty minutes later, and Pat left at
about five in order to avoid the traffic from the coast. We followed about
half an hour later after a long series of goodbyes aimed mainly at Louise
by my parents.

I drove in view of Louise's wine consumption with my father. After a few
moments I asked. "Well what did you think, was it really such an awful
experience – I hope not."

"No, not at all, your Mum and Dad are lovely, she fussed a bit and seemed a
bit bothered about my leg, but your Dad was great."

"Well they both liked you, and I'm glad it wasn't too dreadful after all."

"I was just a bit apprehensive, that's all Matt, but they were lovely to

"I think my mother wants to marry us off already," I said.

"You mean she wasn't the tiniest bit concerned that I was an amputee?"

"Not at all, she was just bothered about how you coped, that's all," I

"And what did you tell her?"

"That you were the sexiest thing on one leg and your stump gives me an
erection every time I see it," I joked.

"Matt you are awful."

"I told her you were a wonderful capable perfect woman and I think she saw
that I love you."

Louise's hand came across to my left thigh and then to my crotch, "Let's
get home quickly Matt – I feel very very sexy."

"What about me? I have had to watch you crutching all day and not been able
to touch you. How did you get on with Pat by the way?" I didn't mention I
thought she had seen Louise with her stump between my legs in the kitchen.

"Ah now that's another story, her take on my one-leggedness was something
of a surprise. Come on lets get home!"

I put my foot down. Life was already full of surprises with my China Doll
without my sister's contribution.

Chapter 46.

I had planned to get Louise to drop me off on her way home, but thanks to
my father plying her with red wine I had to drive and therefore I had to
drop her off and as it was her car, I then had to take a taxi home. However
we called at my house on the way, so I could drop off my bag and, at
Louise's suggestion, the underarm crutches.

"You will be pretending tomorrow I suppose after your exploits this

I glanced at her and saw that wonderful mischievous smile that I knew so
well and that I loved so much "It's a distinct possibility," I replied.

In fact I couldn't wait to be 'one-legged' again, even if it was around the
house. I would have preferred it to have been in public, but in my home
town that wasn't possible although I suspected Louise had ideas about that.

"Can't you stay with me tonight?" I asked.

"Matt I can't. I'd love to, you know that I'm sorry, but I have to work
tomorrow and so do you, if we are ever going to have that business and
pleasure trip you talked about."

We drove on in silence. As I was driving I couldn't rest my hand on
Louise's stump, but it allowed her to feel my crotch and the huge erection
I always seemed to have when I was with her.

I had tried all the way home to get Louise to expand on her comment about
my sister Pat but she had resolutely refused again with that beautiful grin
on her face.

At Louise's flat Elaine came out to meet us and to help with the
wheelchair, prosthesis and Louise's suitcase as Louise herself crutched
rather unsteadily into the lift.

"You two obviously had a great weekend-¨" Elaine observed.

I wasn't sure whether she was referring to Louise's alcoholic haze or the
assorted orthopedic appliances we had taken with us. Like Louise, she had a
wicked smile on her face.

I went inside to call a taxi and while we waited Louise changed into a knee
length white bathrobe. All too soon the taxi arrived, and I felt Louise
lift her stump and push it up between my legs as we kissed goodnight.

"Oh Matt it was a perfect weekend, and your parents were lovely. You looked
so fabulously sexy on one leg I never wanted it to end."

I felt exactly the same if not more so. Being seen on one leg and crutches
by the two women in the hotel and by all the diners in the restaurant
turned me on like never before and all the time I had the world's sexiest
woman next to me.

I looked back at Louise in her doorway, her single shapely tanned leg
between the elbow crutches and her stump outlined through the robe as she
held it up slightly. Her hair cascaded down onto her shoulders and her
strong crutch using forearms were visible below the cuffs of the bathrobe.
She was the most beautiful thing on earth. She waved and blew a kiss as the
lift doors closed.

I got back home about 11 pm already missing Louise. How I would have loved
to have spent the night with her again, her stump resting across my
abdomen. I wouldn't be seeing her again until Tuesday as the next evening
was one of her 'girl's nights in' with Elaine and she had of course been
right, if I didn't get on with the artwork our expenses paid Amsterdam trip
wouldn't happen. I resolved to call Louise the next day and try to find out
more about what my sister Pat had said to her in the garden.

Unpacking my weekend bag I came across the bandages and panty girdles, the
crutches were lying on the bed, and suddenly the urge to be one legged was
greater than ever. I sat on my left leg and started to bind it as Louise
had done for me. Slipping, or rather struggling, into the tight panty
girdles I reached for the trousers, the left leg of which was still pinned
up, pushed my foot into my shoe and stood up. Placing the crutches under my
arms I swung over to the mirror mounted inside the wardrobe door. I could
see my foot bulging out slightly at the back, but from the front I was once
again for all the world a leg amputee with a knee length stump.

Going downstairs was a major problem, even Louise had struggled and there
was no way I was going to attempt it on the crutches so I came down as
gently as possible on my backside-folded foot.

Once downstairs I settled into a comfortable armchair and watched a little
TV just enjoying the feeling of being one-legged, but what I really wanted
was to crutch outside in the street. It was a cool evening, so a
lightweight but longer coat rather than the usual jacket completely covered
any bulge from my folded foot.

I was terrified of being seen by someone who knew me or of being discovered
in some way but I was totally unable to resist, so strong was the urge. I
cautiously opened the front door and crutched down the path to the gate. I
wasn't worried about old Bob next door, it was nearly midnight and I knew
he would have been in bed for at least a couple of hours. I stood for a
while against the gate shielded by the hedge from anyone who might look out
of the window on the other side.

The thrill both of being 'one-legged' and the mixture of excitement and
fear about being out in public in my home area was fantastic. If only I had
Louise with me also on crutches and one leg. Summoning up courage I
crutched to the end of my road, the streets were deserted, but a couple of
times I was caught in car headlights. After a few minutes I decided I was
"pushing my luck' ad turned to walk home. Just then a group of five or six
teenage girls came around the corner, giggling and clearly drunk from an
evening at a nightclub.

I started to turn to walk away just in case they knew me, but realizing it
was too late I put my head down and crutched through the group. As they
parted to let me through, one of the girls observed to the others in a loud
drunken whisper, "Oh look he has only got one leg."

Then another called after me, "Where is your leg mate?"
I crutched away, intimidated, as fast as I dared, but on reaching home I
realized just how sexually exciting I had found the incident. Being seen as
a one legged man by a group of girls really turned me on, and I imagined
them talking about me and my disability as they went on their way. In
reality of course they probably thought no more about it, but I knew I was
shaking with excitement at the mere thought and couldn't wait to tell
Louise the next day.

Suddenly it seemed any ideas she might have about my public pretending near
to home might not be as frightening as I had feared – I was hooked.

Chapter 47 - Matt can't wait to pretend and to see Louise again

Needless to say I didn't get a lot of work done the next morning. I was
still excited by my late night pretending episode and I was also desperate
to know what Louise had been referring to when she mentioned her 'chat'
with my sister.

I tried hard to work but after a few minutes the desire to pretend again
was so strong that I fetched the crutches and spent the rest of the morning
crutching around the lounge and my office. I sat for a while at the desk
and checked the calendar to see just how much longer I had to complete the
work before I had to deliver and present it in Amsterdam. While I was doing
this I suddenly realized it was exactly a month since I had first seen my
lovely one-legged Louise on crutches in the china department at the store.
Just a month, but what an amazing and exciting month it had been! I had
realized very quickly that I was deeply in love with her. Our relationship
had already led me into sexual adventures I had only dreamed about to the
point where I wanted to be seen as a one-legged man in public and was
willing even to risk exposure as a pretender although I knew it would be
madness to do so. I also wanted Louise on my arm, on just her one slender
long leg proudly displaying to all her amputation, forever.

Since prevailed and clearly pretending in public in daylight in my own area
was impossible so I reluctantly decided to get down to some work so I could
earn some money and so that Louise and I could have our Dutch trip
together. Less than two minutes after I released my bound-up leg and put
the crutches in the hall ready to return to Louise, the doorbell rang. It
was a charming middle-aged lady collecting for something or other and I
cursed the missed opportunity to answer the door on my crutches and single
leg. Here was a way, providing I could ensure the caller wasn't known to
me, (unless it was Louise of course - she would just love it and get as
turned on as me) to appear one-legged. I felt an erection coming just
thinking about it.

I worked until about 2 pm then succumbed to the temptation to call Louise.
I knew she would be at lunch from 1.30 until 2.30 and, as I wasn't going to
see her that night, it was one of her and Elaine's 'girl's nights in'.

"Hi it's me!"

"Hi you, how are you?" she replied, "are you missing me already?"

"You know I am, I wish I was with you right now."

Louise giggled "You would if you could see me!"

Intrigued I asked, "Why is that?"

"Well you know how my using crutches and wearing trousers with the empty
leg pinned up turns you on? My period is due and the leg was just too tight
on my stump so I couldn't wear it this morning. Mrs Jessop wasn't happy, I
don't think she likes a one-legged woman to be seen on the shop floor."

"So Mrs Jessop, I think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever
seen," I said remembering the first time we had met and how she had swung
tantalizingly away from me on her crutches in the store with the long stump
of her left leg covered by the loosely pinned empty trouser leg.

"Why thank you kind sir," she giggled again, "goodness knows what she would
say if I ever came in wearing the peg leg and a skirt and by the way are
you one or two legged as we speak? I bet you have been pretending again
this morning, at least I hope you have, you still need to practice with
crutches you know."

At this point I confessed all about my late night pretending adventure the
previous evening and how I had encountered the group of girls as an
amputee. Louise seemed to find the whole thing as exciting as I had done
judging by her voice.

"You must come over one evening when Elaine and I are both in and give her
a demonstration, I love you on one leg so I'm biased but she will tell you
how convincing you are."

I started to protest and begged her not to even suggest it to Elaine but
somehow knowing Louise I guessed it was already too late, After all I knew
Elaine had already seen Louise adapting a pair of my trousers so I could
pretend more convincingly. Suddenly I remembered Louise's comments the
night before about the conversation she had had with my sister Pat, please
God Louise hadn't said anything to her about my liking for one-legged
ladies or worse my pretending!

Louise absolutely refused to be drawn on it, saying she would tell me all
about it 'in due course' but she did throw in that Pat had commented on how
she had seen me fondling her stump in my parents kitchen.

"Louise can I see you, just for an hour after work, I know you are staying
in with Elaine tonight but I can't wait until tomorrow?" I asked.

"I shall call round on my way home about 5.30 but only for a few minutes, I
want to collect the crutches anyway," she replied leaving me both excited
at the prospect of seeing her at my door with her one sexy leg and bemused
as to why she wanted the crutches back so urgently. As usual things were
never dull with Louise and I decided to ensure they remained that way as I
bound my leg ready to greet her on just one leg too.

The doorbell rang at exactly 5.30 and fortunately I could see through the
frosted glass that it my gorgeous amputated China Doll on the other side of
the door. I slowly crutched down the hall knowing that she would see me too
and realize immediately that I was also 'one-legged'.

I opened the door to find Louise looking more stunning than ever, her
beautiful blonde hair up in the style in which she often wore it for work.
She was wearing the store uniform of two piece blue suit, the trousers
option rather than the skirt with the empty trouser leg neatly folded and
pinned up at the back of her left leg stump. She was also wearing a crisp
powder blue blouse which accentuated her full breasts and a low heeled
court shoe on her single foot. She swung her good leg towards me through
the aluminum elbow crutches and as always pushed her stump up into my
crotch. As she lowered her stump I reciprocated with my own and she
murmured gently as she pushed herself onto me.

"Oh wow Matt you look so sexy like that!"

"I feel sexy and the sight of you only adds to it, come inside quickly!"

"Don't worry no one is looking," she replied casting a glance to my
neighbor Bob's door. Just stand right there for a minute."

With that she took her right hand from the crutch and started to rub my
trousers pressing my by now huge erection.

I took a very clumsy step back on my single leg and crutches almost
stumbling, moving backwards was not a skill Louise had got around to
teaching me.

"Not here for God's sake come inside before I explode."

Louise swung past me and I closed the door. As I turned towards her she was
sitting on the stairs her crutches propped by her side.

"Come here," she beckoned watching me intently as I crutched down the hall
towards her, "come closer, right up to me please!"

I crutched right up to her and stood in front of her so that my foot was
close to hers and her face was level with my crotch. She slowly unzipped my
trousers and, leaning forward took my pe nis in her mouth. She also lifted
my 'stump' and rested it on her right shoulder, leaning even further
forward and pressing her face closer so that my pe nis went deep into her

I stood helpless on my one leg supported only by the wooden crutches as my
entire body shuddered and shook as I came again and again in her mouth.
Releasing me she smiled, wiped herself and, standing up, crutched towards
the door.

"Bring those crutches out to the car for me would you Matt, you can hop
back," she giggled, 'and by the way, you really do make a fantastic

In a state of shock I did exactly as she asked, after all with Louise the
most outlandish amazing things happen all the time...

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

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Chapter 48 The last one for now!

Chapter 48 - Matt admires Louises stump and asks himself what have Louise
and Elaine been up to

Needless to say, courtesy of Louise's tea-time visit, I didn't get much
work done that evening but I started some serious work early the next
morning. Louise had the crutches and I didn't get the urge to pretend
without them, my folded leg is painful if I sit on it too long and hopping
around does nothing for me, (I get turned on by standing on one leg with my
'stump' hanging beside it or by swinging my one leg and 'stump' between the
crutches) so I got on with things instead.

The designs went well, there was actually less to do than I feared, and I
was able to e-mail the Dutch asking for a date when I could go over and
present them personally. They asked that I send them copies first and
follow it up with a visit within two weeks so I made a mental note to ask
Louise to arrange time off from her work.

Louise called at lunchtime, "Hi Matt, have you stopped shaking yet?" she

"Only just, you sexy woman. Last night was really naughty, you caught me
unawares or should I say unprepared."

"Hardly unprepared as far as I remember. I reckon you were only minutes
from coming in your pants when I arrived."

"Well I was pretty turned on and seeing you just added to it. You really
are beautiful you know, I never tire of seeing you on one leg."

She laughed again, "That's just as well, I can't be one-legged and then two
legged again when I choose, unlike you."

I arranged to meet her from work that evening as she had left her car at
home and then go out to eat.

"I shall need to go home to change Matt," she said.

"Into something sexy I hope." My imagination was starting to work overtime.

"Of course and crutches too I presume?"

"You bet, yes please."

Louise finished at 4.30 and I sat in the car and watched as she crutched
towards me across the road outside the store. I just loved the way the
pinned up empty trouser leg hung loose and moved about as she swung along
although as her stump was quite long the movement was minimal. I loved her
long stump but I tried to imagine how she would look in trousers if her leg
had been amputated higher or even at the hip and I knew she sometimes
wished it had so she could wear shorter skirts and dresses without showing
her stump to everyone although, knowing her, she would almost certainly let
the tip of her stump peep out just to see people's reactions...

I recalled as a teenager seeing a very pretty Chinese girl on crutches at a
London railway station. She had had a hip disarticulation (I later
realised) and like Louise she wore her trousers with the empty leg just
fastened up to the waistband with safety pins, but there was of course more
material hanging down which moved as she crutched gracefully along the
platform. I always found I was especially turned on by one-legged women in
pants after that incident.

"A penny for your thoughts," Louise opened the door and threw her crutches
onto the back seat, before giving a little hop, opening the front door and
dropping into the seat beside me, "you were miles away what were you
thinking about?"

"A very sexy woman with only one leg," I answered truthfully.

"Well stop thinking and drive. I'm sorry but I'm afraid I need to get some
things from that little supermarket on the Quays before we go to my place.
I normally have my pros on when I go shopping there so the old couple might
be shocked, they probably think I've got a sprained ankle or something, and
you'll have to push the trolley," she laughed, "unless you fancy going in
the shop as an amputee too?"

The shopping safely completed we got to Louise's flat just as Elaine was
arriving back home. There had been one difficult moment in the shop when we
entered and the elderly Asian owner looked up, smiled and shouted a cheery
greeting to Louise. He could only have seen her head and shoulders as his
expression changed noticeably when she swung fully into view. He looked
down and I swear his mouth fell open when he saw she was missing a leg. He
hurried off into the back clearly to tell his wife as they both appeared
shortly afterwards. I saw the sorrow in the woman's eyes, fortunately
Louise did not and nor did she hear the woman whisper how sad it was for
such a beautiful girl to be so crippled. Louise gave them both that huge
infectious smile as we paid for her groceries and left the store, her
crutching ahead and me walking behind with her shopping oblivious to
everything but her lovely bum and sexy gait as she swung her long leg and
trouser clad stump between the aluminium crutches which clicked every time
they hit they floor.

I was quite disappointed that Elaine was home as I was rather hoping to
help Louise 'shower and change' but I put a cheerful face on it as we went
up in the lift. Elaine knew I was attracted by Louise's one-leggedness and
teased me about it as we entered the flat.

"I bet you're pleased Lou isn't wearing her leg today Matt," she grinned,
"oh I forgot she always uses crutches when you're around."

I decided to play her at her own game, "I think the artificial legs are
quite sexy too actually."

"Really? You ought to get one!" Both girls collapsed into fits of laughter,
clearly last night's 'girls night' had involved talk of my pretending.

Inside the girl's flat it was the usual 'day after the girl's night in'
chaos. Clothes everywhere including at least three pairs of trousers and
jeans with either one leg pinned up or cut off and sown up (clearly a
number outfits had been tried on), dirty glasses and empty wine bottles, a
couple of pizza boxes (lots of food and drink had obviously been taken),
the spare elbow crutches in the lounge, the underarm crutches and
wheelchair in the hall and Louise's C-leg on the floor in her room (God
knows what she had been up to).

"Matt and I will tidy this up Lou, you get showered if you're going out.
You deal with the orthopaedic stuff Matt, you'll like that I know, and the
glasses and bottles, and I'll do the clothes."

I soon collected the crutches which I put in Louise's room and the
wheelchair which I left in the hallway. I picked up the C-leg and opened
the wardrobe door to put it away as I knew Louise wouldn't be wearing it.
As always I found I was turned on simply by handling the artificial limb
and the sight of her other suction leg and that crude peg-leg in the
wardrobe simply heightened my excitement. Louise choosing that moment to
hop into the room from the shower clad only in a large towel just made it
worse. I loved to see her hopping as her stump thrashed about wildly
helping her to balance as she did so.

"Don't stand there with your mouth open and your cock bulging," she
giggled, "pass me those crutches quickly."

I picked up one of the pairs of elbow crutches but as she was slipping her
arms into the cuffs she handed them back to me. "No not those Matt, the
other pair, these will need adjusting, I need the ones I used today."

Without thinking I changed them over and she crutched smoothly across the
room to sit at the dressing table.

"Haven't you got some more clearing up to do?" she asked mischievously
knowing very well that I just wanted to stay in the bedroom to watch her
dry herself. The tip of her stump was showing below the towel and I was
desperate to touch and hold it.

Elaine meanwhile had collected all the scattered clothing and had laid it
out on her bed. I presumed she didn't want to come into Louise's room just
in case we were in a compromising position. I scooped up the bottles and
pizza box together with the dirty glasses. After washing the glasses and
that morning's breakfast stuff I went down in the lift to the recycling
bins outside with the rubbish. I had to ring the bell to get back in and
Elaine's voice answered my call on the intercom.

"Louise says can you hang on down there for ten minutes Matt, she wants to
surprise you, she says you are going to like it!."

Surprise me? Now what? I'm not sure I liked surprises where Louise was
concerned any more. What she and my sister Pat had been chatting about was
still intriguing me and now she was planning another surprise

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

Post: # 47056Unread post fakeamp
09 Nov 2019, 22:27

I'll take that as a 'no interest' then

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

Post: # 47112Unread post Taffdev
11 Nov 2019, 13:45

fakeamp, after reading the first few chapters - before the rest of the story was posted - I was hooked and looking forward reading more. It didn't disappoint, though I must admit that, not being into pretend(ers/ing), I found the last few chapters (which focused on that aspect), somewhat took the shine off it. However, I respect the fact that you are into pretending and it's your story, so keep up the good work. I have a good idea where you're going with the whole Louise, her flatmate and Matt's sister cliffhanger, let's see if my suspicions are correct!

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Re: Here it is! Saved from destruction, China Doll all 48 chapters!

Post: # 47142Unread post fakeamp
12 Nov 2019, 17:15

Taffdev wrote:
11 Nov 2019, 13:45
fakeamp, after reading the first few chapters - before the rest of the story was posted - I was hooked and looking forward reading more. It didn't disappoint, though I must admit that, not being into pretend(ers/ing), I found the last few chapters (which focused on that aspect), somewhat took the shine off it. However, I respect the fact that you are into pretending and it's your story, so keep up the good work. I have a good idea where you're going with the whole Louise, her flatmate and Matt's sister cliffhanger, let's see if my suspicions are correct!
Thanks for your comments (at least one person has read it all!) I hope you were still hooked on it up to say Chapter 24 ish. I am aware that the story has taken a turn towrds pretending but frankly there were only so many different sexy outfits, different crutches and prostheses, sexy positions, places where people admired her for Lousie to enjoy. Hopefully the story will return to Louise's lovely one leggedness with the involvement of the other characters you mention plus another amputee lady Louise has mentioned already. Matt will continue to pretend (as may some others) of course as Louise likes it but hopefully real amputees will take centre stage again (plus of course we still have that incredible peg leg to look forward to) I just need inspiration for a plot as it is 5 years at least since Matt was asked to wait outside for his 'surprise!

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