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Re: PegLeg

Post: # 29435Post fakeamp
11 Jun 2018, 17:14

Tommy wrote:
08 Nov 2017, 09:37
CrazyCactus wrote:
07 Nov 2017, 22:46
Wrong/ I use it everyday. And I found it more usefull then usual proth.
Really? This is interesting! But then your pegleg does have a knee joint which you can bend when you sit down? Otherwise the stiff leg would be more of a burden then a help, right?

My girlfriend who is a LAK uses a peg leg (or crutches) all the time It is a simple aluminium pole made from a crutch (adjustable so she can change shoes) with no knee joint so it sticks out when she sits but its so sexy when she walks
She often wears the peg when we make love, it really turns me on feeling the plastic socket against my thigh and bottom

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