Mandy Horvath - 24yo DAK

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Mandy Horvath - 24yo DAK

Post: # 33073Unread post Taffdev
10 Sep 2018, 22:49

Yet another young girl who found out the hard way that arguing with a train seldom ends well.

Lost her legs 4 years ago on a night out with friends and has now found a keen following after posting a comedic profile - sending up her disability - on tinder. Image

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Re: Mandy Horvath - 24yo DAK

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11 Sep 2018, 12:27

Double-amputee’s funny Tinder profile scores attention and dates.
There was nothing funny about what happened to Mandy Horvath that night in July 2014 when, she believes, someone spiked her drink with a date-rape drug at a bar and dumped her on train tracks in a small Nebraska town.
A coal train rolling along at 50 miles an hour ran over her, cutting off both of her legs above the knees.
The anger hasn’t gone away.
But that night did not steal her sense of humor, which lately has been on blast in her Tinder profile as the 24-year-old woman — originally from Smithville, Mo., but now living in Colorado — jumps back into the dating game.

Если нечего сказать по теме лучше промолчи @

.....бывают дни хорошие...

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