Ampix Fan HELL YEAH! since 80s

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Ampix Fan HELL YEAH! since 80s

Post: # 40434Unread post jasoncharx
15 Mar 2019, 17:54

I was a fan of him as a person and as a founder of Ampix, popular amputee agency back in 80s. Now, I heard, he is a lecturer, Ampix is closed, but I still remember. Back then, as a teenage boy, I used to buy all the stuff he created. I adored the way the photos looked like. They were precious for me.
As I know, his name is Mike Rounds. His wife is Nancy Miller, and he had and now has a great life. I know his biography. But it still not enough. I want to know more about the guy who made my teenage years. If you were a fan of Ampix, please write back to this post I'd like to spend time together remembering the old times. And if you know more pls write back there. Thx you guys

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80's Ampix-Fascination Magazines

Post: # 42672Unread post redmist
23 May 2019, 16:08

I'm new here. I was always interested in all Ampix stuff. It was my favorite agency. I was their great fan in the very end of 80s. So many time has come...
I would like to hear that I'm not alone with that shit and there are some 88-89 Ampix lovers like me. If you'd like to speak about the old times - glad to see it!
Have a nice day!

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Re: Ampix Fan HELL YEAH! since 80s

Post: # 54295Unread post merlinm
09 Jan 2021, 11:05

Interesting to hear that. I think Ampix is definitely before my time but I did get to see some pictures. My favourite type of amputation is hemipelvectomy and I'm not sure if I saw some nice ones from Ampix or some other agency. I've been ever since trying to find more, but after Yahoo group for Hemi pics closed down there's little to find

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Re: Ampix Fan HELL YEAH! since 80s

Post: # 55181Unread post Serafim
06 Apr 2021, 12:29

For the newly realized and eager to get everything for free: The owner of the resource claims that he is the legal copyright holder of Ampix. All materials are freely available.

Всё, что мы думаем и желаем, непременно сбудется! Главное, не лениться. :not_i:

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Re: Ampix Fan HELL YEAH! since 80s

Post: # 55191Unread post skippiebg
06 Apr 2021, 21:22

In the very late 1970s and through the 1980s and early 1990s I bought all the Ampix stuff I could afford. No, not a lot -- I was young and not earning all that much then. Only photos, as the movies seemed terribly expensive. They were the only game in town.

I met Mike in 1995 in Chicago. He told me some intriguing stuff about Ampix. Like the guys who trekked all the way to Lawndale, or wherever they were based, to pry on the post office nearest their address. They'd read the catalogue bumph about Ampix being an organisation employng amputees and wanted to have a sighthing :) So, they travelled, some right across all the US of A, and hovered around the post office, only to suffer a huge disappointment :) Ampix were basically a one or two-guy band -- no amps, or rather none in the "office," at least. How sad can you get...

Ampix basically got hold of some addresses of devs back in the mid-late 1960s and early-mid 1970s. Most of these addresses were in the USA, a handful in Europe, and a vanishing few anywhere else. They wrote to them all asking them for copies of photos of girfriends and wives. The response was quite gratifying. There had been small individual collections of half a dozen or so photos ever since the 1920s or 30s, but now it all seemed to burgeon...

It was said that there would have been masses and masses and masses more photos, plus nude ones and home-po rn Super 8/Super 16 movie film, but that many of the devs were afraid to get their photos copied: they didn't trust photo shops and many feared the local police were after them for being perverts. I doubt that -- all these hidden gems would by now have come out, and they haven't... Mike didn't confirm that, and true enough I didn't exactly ask him. He did say Ampix sold no nudes, though they apparently kept a private collection which I didn't see. That also apparently included photos of dead wives and girlfriends, as well as photos or footage obtained illicitly.

One way or another, Ampix gatehred a sufficient amount of photos and film, and the rest was history. Cataloguing the mass of visul material involved inventing the nomenclature we all use today, like RAK. LAE, DAK, etc.

In case you are wondering, the market was never anywhere near big enough for either of the two guys behind Ampix to even remotely consider giving up their day jobs. By the mid-1990s they were in touch with perhaps 1500 devs worldwide. Of them maybe 250 to 300 bought material regularly. Much fewer contributed -- perhaps 20 or 30 in all, with the odd outsider. There were also one or two ladies keen to pose and sell the odd photo or movie. The internet flourished later but Ampix folded in the early Noughties, before the full promise of online contact was apparent.

Sadly, I've lost contact and Ampix has now long been history. It did much to put devoteeism "on the map."

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