China Doll the new chapters

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China Doll the new chapters

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27 Sep 2021, 16:08

Starting a new topic on China Doll (after all it has been 5 years) as they might not be found if I put them under the original old 48 chapters. Is there anyway I can find out if anyone is actually reading them please?
Anyway here we go:

Chapter 49

After what seemed like an eternity Elaine came out carrying her overnight bag and tapped on the car window.

'Go straight in, the door's unlocked and she's waiting for you. Enjoy yourself!'

With that she waved and walked over to her boyfriend’s car

I was getting used to Louise’s ‘surprises’ by now but what I saw at the end of the hallway as I opened the front door was the most sensational yet.

Louise was standing in the doorway to the kitchen on a pair of black elbow crutches dressed in a black lace-up corset edged in red with a black stocking and suspender on her single shapely leg which was clad in a long black knee length leather high heeled boot. On her stump she was wearing what I now know was an elasticated stump shrinker in black. Elaine has obviously been helping her to get ready as the corset was laced up so tightly accentuating Louise’s already slim waist and pushing up her beautiful breasts so they threatened to pop out over the top of the dark red edging.

‘I take it you like it?’ Louise smiled and started to swing slowly between the crutches down the hall towards me. ‘I’ll take it as a yes from your face. Close your mouth!’

I just nodded as she came up to me and lifted her stump while slightly moving it out to the left allowing me to see she wasn’t wearing pants. My erection grew even harder and I was afraid I was going to orgasm there and then.

‘Well what do you think?’

‘Wow, just wow! Louise that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.’

‘Thank Elaine she saw it and bought it for me, we had a trial run last night. I’m glad you like it.’ She looked at the bulge in my trousers and rubbed it with the tip of her stump. ‘We’d better get into the bedroom quickly the.’ She giggled again.

She lay on the bed, leg and stump wide apart still wearing the corset and long s*exy boot as I struggled to get undressed and I could see she was already wet in anticipation.

‘Hurry Matt I want you deep inside me now.’

As I thrust myself inside her she threw her beautiful leg across my back so that I felt the leather of the boot and brought up her stump against the right side of my pelvis.’

We lay, exhausted, after our lovemaking. She in her usual position on her right side with her stump laid across my abdomen.

‘Louise that was wonderful.’

‘Who says being an amputee can’t be s*exy?’

‘Definitely not me, you know that.’

‘I meant your sister Pat. She’s not at all sure she finds amputees s*exy.’

I suddenly remembered the long chat Louise and Pat had while we were visiting my parents that Louise had refused to tell me about

For a moment I had visions of my sister having ‘a thing’ about amputees too, ‘Pat? What on earth has she got to do with amputees?’

‘She wanted to ask me about it, she noticed how you touched my stump and how I pushed it into your groin while we were in your mother’s kitchen, remember?’

‘You didn’t tell her about how I feel about you being one legged did you?’

‘No, but you’re not ashamed of it are you?’

‘Well no, but I don’t think my sister is quite ready for it do you? Anyway I love you for more than just your amputation you know that.’

‘’It’s OK I know.’ She kissed me on the cheek and moved her stump gently over my pe nis. ‘No she was asking about one legged men actually.’

I was suddenly seized with a panic, ‘You didn’t tell her about my pretending did you? Please say you didn’t.’

‘Of course not that’s something just between us, and Elaine,’ she added with a laugh.

‘Elaine doesn’t know does she?’

Louise laughed again, ‘We have to talk about something on our girls night. She knows I pretend she’s seem me and she knows I like one legged men, well one particular man of course.’

‘So what did she want to know?’

‘OK, well she and a young man had a very close relationship a few years ago, they lost touch but she met him again a couple of weeks ago and he still likes her and she still likes him too.’

‘So where’s the problem and where do one legged men come into it?’

‘Well since they last met he lost a leg in a car accident and she doesn’t know how to deal with it, if she can be attracted to a man with only one leg, what it looks like.’

‘What did she ask you?’

‘Well, don’t be shocked, but she wanted to see and touch my stump. She wanted to know what it was like if she sees him naked I suppose.’

I hardly knew what to say, ‘My sister asked to touch your stump?’

‘Yes but if you remember I was wearing trousers instead of a skirt so I couldn’t show her or let her touch it so I just let her feel it.’


‘Well she touched it and squeezed the tip, that little soft pad but, you know, the soft bit you like.. I think she was expecting it to be bony or something.’

‘Where’s his amputation?’

‘Mid thigh like me I think, he’s not a hip amputee or anything but I told her his stump might be mis-shapen and scarred if it was amputated after an accident. I said mine was smooth because it was cancer.’

‘So she might not feel able to go back with him because he’s lost a leg? Is she ashamed of him or embarrassed or what?’

‘Embarrassed I think but she asked about me using crutches, apparently he only ever wears his prosthesis so that shouldn’t embarrass her.’

‘You didn’t tell her why you were on crutches I hope?’

‘Because it turns you on you mean?’

‘No of course not I just said if she really likes him the fact that he has only one leg shouldn’t matter. I know I’d have him like a shot.’ Before he could say anything she continued, ’Only joking, I love you and I like my man to be one legged by choice and two legged to do things for me when I need help. What I meant to tell her was that his being an amputee was not something that should not affect their relationship.’

‘So how did you leave it with her.’

‘Don’t be shocked but she’s coming to see me to look at my stump, to feel it, and out how I put on and wear my prosthesis and stuff.’

I was shocked the thought of my sister feeling my girlfriend’s leg stump was too much to take in. ‘Well I think it’s all a bit odd, are you sure she’s not attracted to you? What if the amputee fetish runs in the family?’ I was only half joking.

‘I think she likes the man very much but it’s a lot for her to take in. My guess is they’ll end up together.’

I tried to imagine my parents’ faces when their other child turned up with a leg amputee in tow. Life with my lovely China Doll was getting more complicated by the day.

Chapter 50

We finally fell asleep at about 2am after more frantic lovemaking. Louise slept naked but for the stump shrinker with its narrow waist belt. I found having her stump encased in the tight fitting elasticated sock was yet another thing that turned me on.

I didn’t wake until about 10am, it was Louise’s day off, Elaine was away and I had no work to do. Well actually I did but I could put it off for yet another day to be with Louise, couldn’t I? The bed next to me was empty and I could hear Louise in the kitchen and I smelled that wonderful morning smell of bacon.

I heard her crutching down the hallway towards the bedroom, the magic click of aluminium elbow crutches heralding her approach. She stood in the doorway wearing just a white bathrobe with the tip of her stump still in the black shrinker just showing below the robe.

‘Get some clothes on and come and help me in the kitchen, I can’t carry food and use crutches as well.’

I opened the wardrobe to get the dressing gown, intended for her ex-boyfriend, that Louise had given me. As usual my eyes went straight to the magnificent crude leather and aluminium peg leg I was dying for Louise to wear.

‘Oh I forget, there’s another present in there for you. We can’t keep sharing the underarm crutches so I got you a pair of your own, I know you are pretending to be one legged on your own at home as well as for me so now we don’t have to keep swapping the underarm crutches between us.’

I took the crutches out delighted to see they were wooden ones and immediately tried them for size.

‘They’ll need adjusting silly, oh, and there are a couple of extra pantie girdles too, some bandages, tubigrip and a pair of loose fitting trousers which I will keep here so you can be my leg amputee lover here and at your place and when we go out of course.’ Then almost as an afterthought, smiling, she added, ‘I’ll get you a stump shrinker too if you want, it obviously turns you on, black like mine or flesh coloured?’

She had already pinned up the left leg of the trousers ready to receive my ‘stump’ and I felt myself starting to get aroused just thinking about pretending and having a tight fitting shrinker then I remembered her comment the previous night.

‘You said Elaine knows about me pretending. How much did you tell her, not everything surely?’

Louse giggled then looked a little guilty, ‘I’m afraid so it just sort of slipped out. She knows I pretend to be a double amputee and that I like one legged men so, well, I told her that time I was altering trousers for you. Then I couldn’t help telling her about our trips out and that overnight stay with you as an amputee.’

‘She knows I have pretended in public not just in private for you? What must she think, it’s a bit embarrassing.’

‘Don’t worry please. She’s is fine about me pretending and she’ll love it when she sees you on one leg too. There are things about Elaine you don’t know yet darling.’

I only half heard her last remark as I was more concerned about having to pretend for Elaine, ‘You want me to pretend in front of her?’

Louise smiled that mischievous smile, ‘Yes, why not, you must come to one of our girlie evenings.’

She opened the robe showing she was totally naked and lifted her stump. I moved towards her but she smiled and turned away.

‘Later tiger, later. That’s just to show what’s waiting after you get to the kitchen and get the breakfast I’ve prepared for you.’ With that she turned and crutched away towards the kitchen giving me that amazing view of her swinging on one shapely leg between her crutches.

Breakfast was wonderful. I chose to sit on the settee opposite Louise so I could look at her stump. She realised of course and kept moving it slightly and rubbing the tip with her hand so by the time we had eaten I was desperate to touch her and have s*ex with her again. She initially had other ideas.

‘Come on we need to shower, you can help me, let’s get in together’.

She balanced on her one leg while I soaped and massaged her stump and breasts. She rubbed soap across my abdomen and took my by now rock hard pe nis in her hand.

‘Do it now Matt, make love to me standing up.’

I slid my soapy fingers up between her leg and stump and holding onto the support handles in the shower, fitted I guessed to help her showering on one leg, she lifted her stump wide apart from her leg and I thrust my pe nis up into her soapy vagina. I massaged the soft tip of her raised stump before she shuddered with orgasm.

‘Oh Matt that was amazing if only you were one legged too and I could wash your stump.’

She sat and dried her blonde hair. Then, gently patting her stump dry before applying cream to the tender skin surrounding the delicate scar, she hopped to the bedroom, her stump wildly swinging for balance and her breasts moving up and down.

‘So what do you want to do today?’ She asked with a knowing smile guessing my thoughts, ‘No, not just that, let’s go out somewhere.’

‘Anything you want. It’s going to be a nice day.’

‘Well I’d like to look around the shops, I don’t get much chance in my lunch hour.’

I must confess that looking around shops rated just above going to the dentist on the pleasure chart but the thought of accompanying a beautiful one legged woman on crutches (I hoped) around a crowded shopping centre on a busy Saturday morning made it an easy choice.

‘That’s fine I’ll go home and change and come back for you when you’re ready.’

‘No, I’ll collect you, there’s no point in you coming back here, I’ll see you in half an hour.’ Louise laughed ‘Don’t forget your crutches.’

As soon as I got home I adjusted the crutches and I was tempted for a moment to pretend so I could answer the door to Louise as an amputee but I knew she would want me to stay on one leg and pretend out in the town and I was afraid we would meet someone who knew me. Knowing her Louise would find it amusing but the idea terrified me.

Louise arrived about forty minutes later. I saw her car draw up and would have gone out to meet her but she quickly got out of the car, collected the black elbow crutches from the seat next to her and crutched towards the door.

As I opened the door I was once again amazed at the beauty of my China Doll. She was wearing a pair of the tightest denim jeans I had ever seen. How she got into them I will never know. Her wonderful right leg looked longer than ever in a black spike-heeled ankle boot while the left leg of the jeans was cut off and beautifully tailored outlining the length and every contour of her stump. A white cotton blouse and short black leather jacket completed her outfit.

‘Wow, you look gorgeous! Good enough to eat!’

‘Mmmm, we could try that later if you like,’ she joked, ‘Come on let’s go.’

The next two hours were a marvellous blur. I was pleased my jeans weren’t as tight as Louise’s or half the population would have seen my erection as she swung along on her single leg beside me around the shopping area. Lots of people stared, some in pity, some in amazement and some of the men were simply jealous. Whatever the reason Louise obviously enjoyed the attention lifting her stump up so it was more noticeable and it excited me that I was clearly with such a s*exy woman

On occasions I fell behind as she crutched so quickly and expertly leaving me with the amazing rear view of her one-leggedness that turns me on so much. We used the escalator in the main store and I stood three steps below her in case she needed slipped or support. Instead I was treated to a close up of her lovely bottom and stump level with my eyes just feet above me. Somehow I resisted the urge to reach up and touch her stump. I made up for it when we stopped for coffee much to the interest of a middle aged lady who, seeing me stroking Louise’s stump, nudged her friend and indicated towards us.

Louise wanted to try on some shoes, or rather a shoe, and as she had only one leg she was forced to sit down to do so. It was a traditional shop with assistants to advise and bring shoes to the customer and it fell to a young male trainee to help her.

The poor man didn’t know where to look as he knelt in front of Louise, his eyes level with her knee and stump as he helped her to put shoes on her single foot. He’d obviously never seen a woman with a leg amputation on crutches before but then I knew from my own experience that most wore prosthetics and were therefore not as obvious. He tried to pass Louise her crutches so she could stand and actually walk on one of the shoes but he got hopelessly tangled in the cuffs and hand grips.

Louise put him at ease. Smiling sweetly she slipped her forearms into the cuffs, ‘Here let me show you how it’s done. See?’

Then she lifted her stump and rested it up on the handle of the left crutch, a move she knew I loved. I remembered how she felt uncomfortable when a young Saturday girl, who had seen her bare stump that day in the supermarket when she was in a skirt and she tried on trousers, was shocked and upset, but it seemed because it was covered it didn’t bother her to much about the young lad seeing it.

The assistant just nodded, not knowing what to say I suspect, as she looked down at the shoe on her foot. She turned to me, ‘What do you think Matt?’

The shoe was what my mother would have called ‘sensible’. Not the high heel I would have preferred to see on her beautiful single foot rather it was plain black with a small wedge heel. She had obviously chosen it to wear at work with her artificial leg.

She turned to the young assistant and couldn’t resist a typical Louise joke, ‘I suppose I have to buy the pair, you don’t sell them singly?’

He didn’t see the funny side at all and, highly embarrassed, and almost lost for words, mumbled an apology.

She then made it worse with another remark, ‘Never mind I’ll take them, perhaps I’ll find a girl who’s missing her right leg. Do let me know if one ever comes in the shop won’t you?’

Mercifully she paid and we left the shop leaving the young man with an experience I felt sure he’d never forget. I just wish it had happened to me when I was his age.
‘Louise you are awful. That boy didn’t know what to say or where to look.’

‘I’m sorry, I was actually trying to put him at ease. He probably hasn’t ever seen a one legged woman, well not on crutches at any rate. He was flustered and I just wanted him to realise it’s natural for me and there was nothing for him to be worried or embarrassed about.’

It was my turn for a funny line, ‘He’ll probably turn into a devotee and spend his life looking for leg amputee women after that.’ Bit like me, I thought.

We had lunch in a pub out of town and immediately ran into Louise’s work colleague whose mother knew my mother. She was the one who led to my mother finding out I was going out with an amputee. I was just relieved that we hadn’t met her while I was pretending. She looked a bit shocked to see how Louise was dressed as she was obviously used to seeing her with her prosthesis or occasionally on crutches but in her work uniform trousers. The skin tight sewn up pants leg covering her stump caused others to look wide eyed too, much to Louise’s amusement I guessed.

Louise changed out of the jeans and blouse into a pair of jogging pants with the empty leg ticked into the waistband and spent the afternoon doing household tasks. Crutching and occasionally hopping, which caused the empty leg to fall loose and dangle, she fussed around the kitchen and lounge totally distracting me from the sport on TV. As she was standing at the kitchen sink with her stump raised and propped on the edge I came up behind her and held her breasts desperately wanting, after the thrill and sexual arousal of watching her all crutching morning, to make love to her again.

‘Not now Matt. I want to finish all this so we can enjoy the evening and tomorrow together. Unless you want to help of course,’ she joked.

Elaine wasn’t due back until Sunday afternoon so I still had a full day to enjoy my beautiful one-legged beauty. Little did I realise that within hours things would go badly wrong.

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

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28 Sep 2021, 01:33

Thank you very much for writing again. :)
It's been a long time but definitely worth the wait.
And hey, the pegleg once again makes a teasing appearance. :D

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Re: China Doll the new chapters 49 onwards

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28 Sep 2021, 17:19

Back into it now Here is chapter 51

China Doll

Chapter 51

‘Finished at last, I hate housework.’ Louise sighed, hopped across the room and dropped down onto the settee beside me putting her leg and stump across my knees. My hand automatically went to the tip of her stump which she pushed firmly against me.

‘What do you want to do this evening?’

‘Well I was wondering if you still found me good enough to eat, remember your comment earlier?’

She laughed and gave me ‘that’ look only she could give, ’I think walking around with me today has got your juices flowing too,’ Standing up she hopped towards the bedroom beckoning me to follow. Slipping out of the jogging bottoms and panties she lay back on the bed, leg and stump spread wide to display her moist nakedness.

‘Hurry Matt, taste me quickly,’ she urged as I struggled to get undressed. Sitting up she reached for my erect pe nis, running her tongue around the tip before taking it fully into her mouth then, releasing my erection, she put her hands behind my head and gently pulled my face down between her leg and stump until I tasted her salty wetness. Her single leg automatically found its way across my shoulders forcing my head further down and my tongue deeper into her.

Later, both exhausted we lay back on the bed, her stump touching my thigh.

‘Wow, you watching me crutching today really did get you hot didn’t it? You obviously liked what you saw.’

‘You know I did, you are the most beautiful s*exy woman I have ever seen.’

‘How about returning the favour then? Will you be my one legged lover tonight? I want you to pretend for me please Matt.’

‘But I thought we were eating out, I’m not pretending in public this close to home I daren’t.’

She giggled, ‘Well in that case let’s stay in and you can be one legged around the flat all evening.’

‘But what about a meal and anyway I took the crutches home, remember?’

‘Don’t make excuses, we’ll order a pizza and you can use my underarms or any of my elbow crutches if you want. Everything else you need is here. Come on I’ll help you lose that leg.’

The thought of having only one leg for the whole evening with Louise aroused me again and I quickly allowed her to get to work. My left leg was soon bandaged up against my thigh and buttock, covered with tubigrip followed by the two pantie girdles carefully placed so my pe nis was accessible via the holes Louise had carefully stitched in the crotch. My folded leg was held so tight I really couldn’t move it at all and only the weight belied the fact that I wasn’t really one legged. The tubigrip and girdles were brand new and were so much tighter than those Louise had given me to use at home.

‘That feels fantastic Louise, thank you. How much is my foot showing at the back?’

‘Don’t worry about that, the girdles are so tight it’s really no more than a swelling. You’re not going outside tonight anyway. You worry about it too much. Winter will soon be here anyway so you can wear a long coat that will hide it completely. You’ll have no excuses for not going public then.’

I knew she wanted me to go out for longer walks in the street as an amputee. So far we’d just gone to restaurants by car and around a hotel. The idea excited me but I was determined it would be far from home.

‘Come on get your underpants and these trousers on! Leave your shirt loose outside the trousers if you’re worried about your foot showing but I’m the only one who will be looking and I like you best from the front anyway.’ she laughed. ‘You really do look like an amputee and a very s*exy one too.’

She passed me her wooden underarm crutches and helped me to adjust the height correctly. I slipped them under my arms and put on my shoe.

‘Crutch around for me Matt, I’m feeling s*exy just looking at you. Now what do you want me to wear tonight?’

‘You look great in anything, or nothing,’ I replied.

‘I don’t want to be all dressed up especially after those tight jeans today. Do you mind if I just laze around in loose comfy stuff?’

She settled on the pair of pyjama trousers with the leg cut off and hemmed so that it showed a good few inches of her bare stump and a plain white t-shirt with no bra, allowing me a sight of her nipples. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had removed all her makeup. How long I was going to be able to resist before wanting to have s*ex with her I didn’t know. Certainly both of us being one legged for the whole evening was already driving me to distraction.

Louise opened a bottle of wine, rang for a pizza and we settled down on the settee. Fortunately it was very soft and I managed to place my fake stump so that the folded leg was between two cushions. I had already found that pretending was fine while I was standing or crutching but soon became painful if I was sitting on a firm surface and I wanted to stay one legged for as long as possible.

Louise sat on my left, her hand stoking my ‘stump’ from its tip up to my crotch and inside the folded part of the empty trouser leg.

‘Mmmm that’s s*exy, it makes a change for me to be fondling your leg stump.’

‘It’s not the same as yours though is it? I mean it’s not real.’

‘Would you like it to be real?’

I thought for a moment, ’Part of me says yes if it excites you but I’m not sure about having one leg for ever.’

‘It’s not just for me though is it Matt. You told me you used to pretend to have only one leg before we met. You said it turned you on and I know you absolutely loved it when those women saw you in the hotel. You even went out near your house and although it scared you, seeing that group of girls when you were on one leg really excited you.’

‘I admit it, the thought and feeling of having only one leg in public, is a massive sexual turn on for me providing no one who I know ever sees me of course but then I suppose if I really lost a leg that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The greatest turn on is being one legged with you even if I’m only pretending. I know you like me as an amputee, I just don’t understand why.’

It was Louise’s turn to be thoughtful, ’I can’t explain it but the sight of a tall good looking man on just one leg looks so fantastic to me. I saw two young men with legs amputated above the knee at the limb fitting centre when I was there and I just found them attractive.’

‘But you had just lost a leg yourself, you were being fitted for your limb.’

‘I can’t explain it Matt. Perhaps I like other amputees as they were imperfect like me. I told you I got friendly with a girl who had her leg amputated at the hip.’

‘There’s a difference between friendship with someone in the same situation and actually being attracted to men with missing legs.’

‘I don’t know, I just think a handsome man on crutches with an above knee stump is s*exy, don’t keep asking me why. I could ask you why you want to look as if you are missing a leg or why you like amputee women.’

‘I’m sorry, please don’t get upset. It just gives me a thrill, a constant sexual turn on. You know I love pretending for you, it’s something I never thought I would be able to do and especially with a beautiful one-legged lady.’

Her well hidden insecurity surfaced for a moment ‘It’s great that you like my amputation, I’m very lucky but you don’t just like me because of it do you?’

‘Of course not but in my eyes it makes you even more special that’s all. Don’t let’s try to analyse it too much, let’s just enjoy it.’

‘I’m sorry Matt, you pretending to have only one leg makes you more special to me too but I love you just as much with two legs.’

She leaned over and kissed me moving her hand onto my by now erect pe nis caused simply by our conversation, As she did so she turned onto her right side bringing the naked tip of her stump over on top of mine and within my reach.

At that moment the doorbell rang.. ‘That will be the pizza, get it for me will you please Matt, while I’ll get the plates.’

‘Like this? You want me to go to the door like this?’

‘Don’t be silly, it will be old Gino or his grandson, they do all the deliveries.’

‘But on crutches with one leg?’

‘Why not, to them you’re just an amputee and you’re getting much better on crutches. They won’t know the difference. They’re used to seeing me and Elaine on one leg. Hurry up they must have other deliveries to do.’

I crutched up the hallway to the front door. The wooden crutches creaked as opposed to the metallic clinking noise made by elbow crutches and the rubber ferrules made a noise as I planted the crutches then my single foot on the wooden floor.

I leaned forward and opened the door. To my horror it wasn’t ‘old Gino’ or his grandson either or any other delivery man for that matter, but a very attractive young woman who stood offering me the pizza box.

It wasn’t just any young woman either but Liesbeth Gerrard, an old school friend and one time girlfriend.

‘Matt! Hi, how great to see you, how are …..’ She broke off mid sentence and her beaming smile turned to shock and horror as she looked down to see just a single leg and a stump between the crutches.

My leg turned to jelly, I stood speechless as she stared at my apparent one-leggedness My worst nightmare had come true.

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

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02 Oct 2021, 21:09

China Doll

Chapter 52

Neither of us spoke for what seemed an eternity although it was no more than a few seconds. Liesbeth stood transfixed just staring at my ‘amputation’ while I was panicking, my mind in absolute turmoil. There was no way back, I was standing openly on crutches and one leg in front of a local woman who knew me. I suddenly realised how much worse it would be if she somehow realised I was a pretend amputee. I was terrified that she might notice as the weight of my folded leg was causing my ‘stump’ to drop lower and stick out in front of my ‘good’ leg.

I quickly made a distinct effort to lift up the right side of my pelvis and pushed my stump backwards in an effort to make it hang vertically. I pulled the left crutch in closer to my ‘stump’, said a prayer of thanks that Louise had bought loose fitting trousers and had pinned up the empty leg loosely at the side while making sure that Liesbeth had no chance to see even slightly behind me to my buttock and possibly the bulge of my foot.

I needn’t have worried. Liesbeth was still lost for words and looked visibly shaken. Eventually she spoke, ’God Matt, when did you lose your leg?’

I was determined not to talk too long or about my leg so I didn’t answer her asking instead. ‘Liesbeth! How lovely to see you. I thought you were living abroad somewhere.’

‘I was working as a nanny in Dubai, in fact I’m only back for a few more days. My new contract starts on Wednesday with a British family in Italy. I’ve been staying with my father for a month but it was driving me crazy. I had to do something just to pass the time so I ended up doing pizza deliveries.’ She laughed, ’Not exactly what I’ve been used to.’

She looked down again and clearly wanted to ask about my ‘amputation’, ‘But what about you?’

‘I’m working for myself at the moment, designs and things, all very boring.’

Suddenly Louise called from the lounge, ‘Are you coming with that pizza Matt, it’ll be cold. Hurry up!’

I was desperate in case Louise appeared also on one leg and crutches or even worse, hopping. The thought of a one-legged woman appearing behind her apparently one-legged ex-boyfriend might just be too much for Liesbeth so I made my excuses and, taking the pizza from her, I crutched backwards and started to close the door.

‘Sorry but I have to go, it’s been lovely to see you again.’

‘Oh Matt it’s been great to see you too. There’s so much to catch up on. I’m here for another three days ring me at Ginos if you want to meet for a drink and a chat.’ She glanced again at my single leg with a look of pity and caring and turned away.

I struggled to crutch back along the hall carrying the pizza and holding onto a crutch at the same time. I was still in shock and could not stop thinking about Liesbeth telling everyone we knew that she had seen me and I only had one leg. It was the worst possible situation and something that had frightened me ever since I pretended in public.

Louise saw immediately from my face that something was wrong. ‘Matt whatever is it? What’s the matter, you’re as white as a sheet. Come and sit down. What on earth is it?’

‘It wasn’t your old friend Gino it was a young woman and …’

‘Oh, so that explains why you were chatting so long, enjoying her seeing you with one leg I suppose.’

The whole story came pouring out. ‘Far from it. We know each other, in fact I took her out a few times. She’s a local girl who went to school with me. She’s working abroad these days. She knows all my friends. How the hell am I going to explain this?’ I slapped my fake stump and gestured to the crutches.

Louise looked shocked but in her usual way immediately got to the vital question, ‘Does she know you were pretending or does she think you really are an amputee.’

‘I’m fairly sure she thinks it’s real she certainly looked shocked and upset. I made sure she didn’t see too much unless she saw how broad the stump was of course. She asked questions like she really thought I’d lost a leg.’

‘Thank goodness for that. It’s all OK then.’ Louise giggled, ‘That’s four or five women out there, the hotel staff and the two older ladies, and now your ex, who think you’ve only got one leg. Does that turn you on?’

‘It’s not funny Louise, none of the others knew me. What am I going to do when she tells everyone we know?’

Louise was still amused, ‘Well there’s nothing you can do about it now, you’re just going to have to play along with it then. You’ll have to walk with a limp or pretend more often,’ she laughed. Anyway if as you say she’s going away again what are the chances she’ll tell anyone? Don’t worry. so long as she thinks it’s for real it’s no problem.’

‘Easy for you to say, now you realise why I won’t pretend outside unless we are a long way from here. Having someone I know see me like this was my biggest fear.’

Her hand went across onto my crotch, ‘You worry too much anyway judging by what I can feel I’m sure rather enjoyed it. In fact having someone think you are an amputee obviously appeals to you. Come on, pour the wine and let’s eat.’

I was about to protest, although, in a way I had to admit that Liesbeth seeing me as an amputee did, once I had stopped panicking, give me a thrill, but as Louise slid forward on the seat to serve the pizza and the cut off leg of the pyjamas slid up to show most of her beautiful rounded stump my thoughts immediately went elsewhere.

Two bottles of wine later we made our way to bed to watch TV but of course that was not Louise’s main thought. She quickly removed her few items of clothing and stood naked in front of me holding onto my crutches, her hair loose on her shoulders and her smooth rounded stump pushing between my leg and fake stump.

‘Time to show your friend Liesbeth what she’s missing and how s*exy a man with one leg can make a girl feel.’

I knew she would want me to stay on one leg and I quickly realised what she had in mind. It drove me crazy when we did it at the hotel and this evening was no exception. Pretending to have only one leg while a beautiful real above knee amputee woman performed oral s*ex on me was just the most fantastic thing I could ever imagine or experience.

She reached up, unbuttoned my shirt and unfasted my trousers which fell to the floor around my one leg. Pulling down my underpants she eased my erect pe nis fully out of the holes in the pantie girdles holding up my folded left leg before sinking down onto her single knee. She lifted my ‘stump’ up onto her right shoulder before, taking hold of the crutches again, she pulled herself forward and took my pe nis into her mouth.

I ejaculated within seconds, my whole body shaking in orgasm. Louise stood up on her long s*exy and only leg wiping her mouth before she started rubbing the end of my wet sticky pe nis over the tip of her stump. Her mouth closed around mine with her salty tongue in my mouth.

‘How was that for you my s*exy amputee man? Would your Liesbeth have done that I wonder.’

‘There’s no one in the world who could have done that for me.’

Still trembling I sank down onto the bed, trousers and underpants around my right ankle with my left leg still bound up securely and unable to speak. It was clear Louise was either jealous or turned on by an old flame seeing me as an amputee.’

I started to feel pain so I released my folded left leg and we settled down to watch TV and started a third bottle of wine. Louise lay on her right side with her wonderful s*exy stump laid across my abdomen so I could gently stroke and fondle it. I expected we would drift off to sleep together but Louise, always full of surprises, announced she didn’t feel sleepy and wanted yet more wine.

With that she stood up and reached for one of the wooden crutches. I realised I had never seen her crutching whilst totally naked. I’d seen her hop naked from the shower and when she was dressing but she always wore at least something when on crutches. I’d certainly never seen her on just one crutch, naked or otherwise but my China Doll had yet another fantastic s*exy surprise in store for me as she put a single wooden crutch under her left arm and expertly crutched out of the room.

I instantly felt myself aroused again and wanted to see more. I went out into the hall and watched fascinated as she crutched down to the kitchen. Her gait on one crutch was amazing and very different as she set the crutch down each time not alongside her leg stump as she would do when using two crutches, but pointing slightly inwards so that the tip of the crutch mirrored the exact spot where her missing foot would have been before swinging her right leg forward. Her stump was partly pushed through the single crutch as she walked.

It was so different to when she used a pair of crutches. Gone was the smooth swing through of her stump and single leg which I loved so much to be replaced by a more basic, clearly disabled and less flowing gait which I found fascinating too. Needless to say frantic s*ex followed on her return to the bedroom.

‘When did you learn to do that? ‘

‘I take it you liked it? Just another of my amputee skills.’

Once again Louise showed another side to her beautiful leg amputation and my secret was out too. Yet an eventful day with my China Doll.

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 58714Unread post johndoe_dev
03 Oct 2021, 01:15

thanks for another great chapter. :)

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 58721Unread post Posailor
03 Oct 2021, 20:38

It is absolutely fantastic that the China Doll is being expanded!
As a pretender myself, I have also been "seen as an amputee" by persons I know - and that certainly is more than just exciting ....
I am looking forward to the next chapters of the China Doll, and I can hardly wait to see how Matt's pretending is coming forward.
Thanks for the great job you are doing with this wonderful story!

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 58754Unread post Posailor
06 Oct 2021, 10:19

Hi Fakeamp,
thanks a lot for your PM.
I have tried to answer, and it comes up a message "You are not authorised to send private messages".
I certainly would like to communicate with you, we just need to find a better channel.
Regards Posailor

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 58768Unread post fakeamp
06 Oct 2021, 23:49

Hi Posailor

I tried to find out why for you but the FAQ section is useless, it says PMs it might be disabled but doesn't say how to un-disable it!

Hope you continue to enjoy China Doll

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 59500Unread post ottizehn
19 Nov 2021, 14:20

Thanks for your work! I really enjoy reading it.

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Re: China Doll the new chapters

Post: # 59536Unread post Coleb
22 Nov 2021, 07:17

I really enjoy reading this. I'm looking forward for more chapters!!

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