A story that often feels unreal

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A story that often feels unreal

Post: # 50200Unread post smpsnt
01 Apr 2020, 19:53

So yeah, I had a girlfriend for about three years (2015-2018). She was my first girlfriend.

This is a rather short version of the story, but I can also write a detailed one.
I'm from Greece, she was from Taiwan. When we started talking I was 19 and she was 17. She had childhood bone cancer and lost her right arm at the shoulder when she was 15. We met online and started as long-distance. A couple of months later I went to Taiwan, I spent the 12 most amazing days of my life with her, and then came back. For the next 10 months, we were on an open skype call every day, pretty much the whole time we were at home. Then she came to me and we spent the next summer in Greece. There were some hard times and things were not as perfect as we anticipated, but it was still a very beautiful time. Next year (Feb 2017), I went back to Taiwan and spent another month with her. Just as soon as I returned, she started having pain at her shoulder and within a few weeks she had developed a new tumor, after 4 years of remission. She had a new surgery to remove the remaining collar bone completely. I went there again in May to support her during the chemotherapy. As she was doing better, I went back after two months in order to complete my studies and graduate from university. From September she was getting increasingly depressed and distanced. The pain was too much for her to handle. In early January 2018 they found a huge tumor on her heart. She had a major surgery to remove it, which was a success, but there was cancer in her blood vains which could not be removed. I proposed to her and on March 2 we had a ceremony in the hospital. Four days later, we lost her. She was 20. I miss her very much and I still love her more than anything.
I'm even afraid of getting over her because she is the best thing I ever had. Without her, I feel clueless.
Her name was Phoebe (柯菲比) and there are some chinese articles on her story online.

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Re: A story that often feels unreal

Post: # 50274Unread post Bbwampadmirer
08 Apr 2020, 20:18

Oh wow man I am so sorry for your loss. To find love and then loose it has to be the worst pain

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