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Post: # 63391Unread post Kana
16 Apr 2022, 16:00

My name is Kana (that's a nickname, i honestly dont feel safe sharing my real name on the internet), I am 27, and i am a double below knee amputee. I have to admit that this is my first time joining a devotee forum or group. I haven't met many devotees, and i only know few things about the whole devotee situation. the little i know i saw on amputee groups, and most of them are negative things. I don't wanna seem rude but i admit i am curious as to how it really feels like to be a devotee, because the more i think about it, the more i can't seem to understand why it is perceived as a negative thing in the amputee community. I hope that by joining this community, i can understand devotees better.

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Post: # 63410Unread post Ikana
17 Apr 2022, 18:42

I hope you feel welcome many devotees can become insistent or morbid but not all are like that

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Post: # 63420Unread post Dragonhunter
19 Apr 2022, 02:49

Hi Kana,
welcome to this group and hopefully you can find here the answers to your questions. :-)

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Post: # 63422Unread post CNLexi
19 Apr 2022, 09:25

Kana, With all my best regards, I join in welcome greetings a long with fellow mates above. Don't be a stranger, and make yourself a drink :)

"Ruina el acuerdo. Hasta el fuego"

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Post: # 68210Unread post Dirt_Shoddy
18 Feb 2023, 01:09

Kana, Hello, 21-year-old devotee here. I know I'm a bit late to reply, but I would like to share my experience as a devotee. It is quite refreshing to hear about an amputee that isn't negative about us. There are many of us who are not very kind or discrete, which is one reason for our bad name in the amputee community.

There are a few ways to answer how it feels to be a devotee: in the attraction part, it means that I am attracted to stumps. For some people, the attraction includes prosthetics or the movement or crutches etc, but for me it's just the stumps. As to what I like about a stump, this is pretty hard to describe: firstly, I like the look. I don't know why, but its roundness and its short(er) length are attractive to me. Also, I like seeing a stump move, including flexing its muscles. Another thing I like is the scar. One of my favourite things is when the owner of the stump touches its end. It's basically like the attraction people have for boobs, but for stumps.

The other part of how it feels to be a devotee is the inside part. On that I am a bit mixed. On one hand, it is a body part and I am attracted to it. On the other hand, this body part may be related to a traumatic experience and my attraction may be hurtful to some people. But it is who I am and I can't change it.

On a more practical level, this attraction hasn't had a big impact on my life. I have only known one girl my age who is an amputee (two missing fingers) and I was seriously attracted to her, but this is the end of it.

When it comes to the why of the attraction, again I can answer in two ways: First, how I got into it/discovered it. It was when I first met that amputee girl I was talking about. We were both in primary school at the time and I was instantly attracted to her and her amputations. Her stumps are also the only stumps that I have ever had the luck of touching, as we were friends.

The other way of answering is what makes me interested. For that, I don't know. Maybe the subconscious belief in the resilience of someone who has been through an amputation. Or maybe the curiosity that amputations cause in me. Basically a curiosity of how it feels: how it feels to touch the stump, or when you try to move it and all that.

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Post: # 68309Unread post toeamp
05 Mar 2023, 14:50


Je suis amputé d'orteil et je suis devenu wanabee. Je recherche une relation sérieuse avec une femme wannabee, pour faire des amputations à 2.
Contactez moi. Je vis en France.

0033 7 51 50 37 14

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