Just an intro

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Just an intro

Post: # 37231Post bilf
27 Dec 2018, 08:32

Hello all,

I'm a devotee for as long as I can remember and, like many of you older ones I have a similar youth story. BI(Before internet) I thought I was the only one in the world with this "crazy" idea in my head so I grew up as a shy introverted guy scared of what people might think of me. When I was 21 and internet started to become accessible, I discovered that I'm not the only one and that triggered a very different attitude for me. I've had many girlfriends over the years, been married and divorced and now married again but all my girlfriends and my wives knew about it ever since the early beginning of our relationships and it turned out to be healthy to some point. Some tried to understand my fetish, others ignored it and some told me never to mention it again. One thing I have never did all these years was to search for an amputee girlfriend. Why? Because the chances of finding an sbk (my favorite amputation) that looks good overall (and I have really high standards for women) intelligent and cultivated enough to keep interested for more than 10 minutes are... 0.000000001% I think. So, I've just accepted my "fate" and I was lucky enough to have some really wonderful women in my life although none had any amputations. Off course, this "open attitude" has also led to some really bad things. My former wife mentioned in our 1st year together that she doesn't want me to be a devotee, hates the idea and finds it impossible to accept and, as a full I was, instead of confronting her, I accepted her terms thinking that maybe it will pass away... Boy I was wrong. It has consumed me silently for the rest of our marriage and, as a bonus, when we divorced she told my family and my close friends about my fetish. Imagine the chaos! But, as always, instead of denying it, I've spent countless hours explaining to whomever asked that I'm not some kind of sadist but rather a normal person like them (which they already knew) with a different conception of beauty.

So, where I am now? I have a healthy relation with the most wonderful woman I can possibly have, who does her best to please me and to understand my struggle but I'm not happy. I think it comes with age. The more we age, the more we realize it will never happen.

Would anyone would like to chat?

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Re: Just an intro

Post: # 37237Post Taffdev
27 Dec 2018, 14:44

I'd be happy to chat, but not in open forum. You need to get more posts under your belt - not sure how many exactly but it's not a massive number - so that you can send/receive PM's.

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Re: Just an intro

Post: # 39726Post Wizzy
21 Feb 2019, 13:32

Your intro sounds pretty much like my life story, although I did seek and find an amputee....

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