The future is now

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The future is now

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25 Jun 2021, 07:50

hello guys, my name is michael and im from germany. hope you, your friends andy family are healthy :)

now, what i want to share with you.

i am not wannabe but i love pretending. maybe lbk would be ok :D

i build many prosthetic, before i got the final solution.

first, i bandaged my hands or my ellbows to be sae or sbe.

than i experimented with pvc pipes with an 45 degree peace for my ellbow. it was cool and i could even wear 2, so i had 2 "prosthetic arms or leg". but this hurts after maybe 40 min.

so i need something new.

i weldet a brace to my own hand. i can put it on with bandages, and this was the first prototype for my hand prsthetic.

i had a 3d printer before but never thought about it. i searched for humand hand models and scaled it to my hand. after print i had to cut the last 1 or 2 cm of, so i can put my hand in it. i just printed a hand, so i can still move my wrist. so i wrapped a wooden stick on it.
to take the prosthetic hand on, i put my hand in it, wrap the wooden stick on my arm an put socks on it so it looks cleaner.

i can wear it for hours and i fckn love it!
after maybe one hour i realy can forget my hand and it feels so real

i even printed a second one for my right hand, just mirrored the modell.
its a little bit hand to put it on, when the hand that should put on the bandage already is a prosthetic :D
but its amazing. last night, i need 10 minutes to take a beer from the fridge and open it. and maybe 5 more minutes to grab it carefully and drink it.

i wish i could print prosthetic for you all, but one hand needs 7 hours to print. there are Websites, where you can upload a model and they print it for you. you even can order 3d printed metal!

so, thats it, i just wanted to share this with you.

damn, its hard to type this on a phone with one hand :D

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